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Multiplayer is mostly clientside?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by FormalRiceFarmer, Jan 18, 2014.

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  1. FormalRiceFarmer Trainee Engineer

    So I just got through playing multiplayer with a friend for about four hours. Overall I'm very pleased with the addition of multiplayer, although there are obvious bugs with it being so early in development.
    We barely had any performance issues, but we also spent most of the time building or mining without any real major collisions.

    What we did have a major issue with however is the inconsistent ship statuses. If the connected player shut off generators and docked a ship, the host would not see these changes and vise versa. After testing this under multiple conditions, it seems only the host is able to actually use landing gear. We even let a carrier drift through space and both attempted to land on it while it moved and only the host was able to land without any issues or random explosions. It was hard to tell if ship generators actually were on or off. If he shut off his ship and I got in, it would appear that I was flying a dead ship.

    This is not a complaint by any means, I just want to point out a pretty significant issue with multiplayer functionality. As of right now, landing gear at the very least is unusable if you're not the host and I really hope to see this change relatively soon.
  2. Ovenmit Trainee Engineer

  3. Valdemar |FIN| Junior Engineer

    If you have read the change log, they said that some thing are client-side only, but they are working on it. Almost all of the bugs you said have been already discovered by community, in fact, you are pretty lucky that you are able to play at all (60% of the servers i try to join won't load, in 25% of the servers it will load, but i can't interact, last 15% worked fine.)

    We all know that multiplayer is bugged to hell, but they said it's ''alpha of an alpha''.

    But thank you for trying to help, we all are alpha-testers after all, and it's our duty to do so.
  4. Glide Trainee Engineer

    I had more success hosting my own server. Alas after 15 minutes... "server has quit". lul wut.

    Still, it was awesome fun flying around and shooting each other while it lasted.
  5. davesoft Apprentice Engineer

    After a few hours experimentation, the bugs are starting to make sense.

    Certain objects don't synchronise their actions and effects to other players yet, which can have some funny consequences.
    Hand drills seem to sync perfectly, but ship-mounted drills don't yet. So other players mining looks kinda strange, but when you realise what data is 'missing' it starts making sense.

    Beacons and a ships powered-status doesn't sync yet either, so if you paste an inactive ship, then activate it and fly away, other people see you as inactive. Though if a player 'activates it in their world' or just slaps a generator on the side, it'll whir into life and look normal.

    Yeah the game is currently imperfect, but the progress is awesome for an alpha. A week or two ago little rock clumps would kill my FPS even offline, last night a boat-dweller and I demolished an asteroid in the least subtle ways we could think of, and gameplay stayed pretty smooth :D
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.