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Multiplayer Servers List

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by zadkiel, Jan 22, 2014.

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  1. zadkiel

    zadkiel Trainee Engineer

    Guys, thought I would start a thread for those wanting to host public MP servers.

    You can list your server and the details here. The in game space is so limited to go into detail about your server, your intent, and general game play. Might make it easier for MP players to pick a server.

  2. Barrio575

    Barrio575 Apprentice Engineer

    (placeholder Image)
    Cosmic Coalescence
    Server Location:
    California & New Mexico (United States)
    64 bit
    Level: 16 Large asteroids & some 'moons'
    Players: 6 at any one time, until optimizations are made to support larger numbers.
    Map: Large (16 Asteroids atm) with some of the asteroids spread out to 13 km max. Some asteroid 'moons' are present.
    Settings: 1-1-1 (Realistic)
    Faction based role-play server that encourages player interactions. Start your own faction or simply join one to your liking.

    -Cosmic Coalescence uses a barter based economy, which varies on supply and demand, instead of trying to use a static currency.
    This type of economy is more realistic as markets are formed to accommodate the style of play, which will inevitably cause fluctuations in value for varied ores/ingots (as it should be).

    -Due to aspects of the game not yet implemented there are multiple rules to follow, not only performance-wise but also in faction standings (see 'rules').

    -Cosmic Coalescence uses its own form of 'blueprint' to make up for the lack of one (see 'blueprint method')

    -Cataclysms disabled, Cargo Ships enabled (some custom, including spawn ship). Cargo ship spawn time set to every 3 hours

    Joining our Server: Simply shoot a pm to me on the forum or message Diewoe or myself through Steam. From now on you will be required to 'state' your interest, failure to do so means you are not joining (so don't just friend request). No age limit, yet maturity is required.

    Time-slot: Varies, but the server is up the majority of the time. Plans to make this server 'dedicated' are in the works.

    Additional Information:

    Blueprint Method:
    This is a temporary method of bringing a ship(only) into survival, that has already been designed, my version of a 'blueprint'.
    By using Midspace's SE Toolbox, we will, at your request, 'import' your design for you. Look here if you would like to know how it is done

    Performance Rules:
    -NO spotlights on stations
    -NO excessive use of Interior Lights, be as conservative as possible (tweak light setting to accommodate for this)
    -ONLY one spotlight per small ship (it is not that dark, people)
    -TRY to keep ships docked and/or turned off when not in use
    -LIMITED use of headlamps (only as needed)
    -NO constant rotating rotors (doors and such are fine)
    Remember that these are in place to enhance playability and reduce sync/lag issues. Until optimization allows, these rules are standing
    Inspections will take place regularly, failure to follow may/will result in ban

    General Rules:

    -NO stealing (factions will/should handle this once implemented)
    -ALL factions are initially 'neutral', although weapons are enabled, attacking while unprovoked will result in ban (again, waiting for factions/automated weapons)
    -If you wish to 'tour' someone's station/base you must ask them, otherwise they have the right to kill on sight
    -NO griefing (again, waiting for factions/automated weapons)
    Once said functions are implemented it will be a whole other story, free to attack whomever you wish at your hearts content, just beware of 'peacekeepers' & defenses
  3. vmrob

    vmrob Apprentice Engineer

    Hardcore Survival/PVP
    Server Location:
    Southeast US
    64 bit, 16gb ram, 3.3ghz quad core i5
    Level: Asteroids w/ rescue ship
    Players: Between 1 and 7 depending on time of day. I have several regulars.
    Map: 16 large asteroids, 80 smaller ones, all scaled at a distance of 2.5x original
    Settings: 10-3-10, When inventory management is easier, the multipliers will go down
    Meteors: no
    Cargo ships:

    Time-slot: 24/7


    My server's map is intentionally huge and the distance between the farthest asteroids on the map is over 10km. I designed the level this way so that PvP would be slow and so that survival and hiding of ships would be easier for my players to do. I will consider adding additional smaller asteroids even farther out than those, although I'm not sure of their utility. I will also consider adding cargo ships but only if I can find a larger variety of ships and make the spawn timers extremely rare. I find the amount of material provided by those ships totally negates the need to mine and I think that mining is a core activity in the game. There are plenty of rescue ships to salvage as new players are always joining and many skirmishes occur throughout the day.

    Server Rules:

    None. I treat my server like I would a DayZ or Rust server. All in-game behavior is acceptable and I allow my players to govern themselves. I do not tolerate racism or harassment and will take action against players employing those tactics.


    None. Build anything you want, do anything you want. I do purge objects that have exceeded a prespecified range from the center of the level, however, so do keep that in mind when considering placement of ship. If requested, I will modify that rule to either exclude ships containing beacons or whitelist your particular ship. If needed, I will write other scripts to purge low volume "ships" from the map as well. In any case, however, I will make appropriate backups and if I accidentally purge a ship of yours, I'll faithfully restore it for you. I would strongly recommend putting a beacon on your ship even if you never turn it on.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.