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My Multiplayer Experience

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by cazeoj, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. cazeoj

    cazeoj Trainee Engineer

    I would first like to lay out some general things that I have come across in multiplayer

    1) Is there a way to place ores (uranium, iron etc) inside of cargo containers or piles? I have tried to do this but it seems in creative mode when I drop it it just disappears and when I try to add an amount it says has to be between 0 and 0. This has forced me to host in creative mode...we all know how that goes. A trolls dream. If this is not an option it needs to be.

    2) Lack of a user friendly multiplayer interface. I cannot permanently remove trolls from my game. They can sneak back in when I am not paying attention and continue ruining my fun. The game list in general needs work I think. It is starting to look like the endless rust interface where you have no search terms to find a game.

    3) Missiles blowing up in tubes. Do I need to even get into why that is a problem?

    4) Machine guns lag the game extremely badly. Missiles when fired in a group of more than 3 lag the game as well. I am inclined to believe it is the game engine lagging and not my computer.

    5) Player lag is unbearable. Players skip across the screen and ricochet back and forth. Missiles fly into their own ships and people rage quit. When I fly in a friends ship my character jerks back and forth like hes at a metal concert. This promptly gives me a headache

    6) Missiles destroy everything and the machine gun fire might as well be spitballs. I had a fight with a guy in another fighter for two minutes just wailing at each other with thousands of bullets...his ship was only destroyed when I switched to rockets.

    7) There should be some sort of description area where you can describe what kind of game you are trying to play so people can read it before joining. I cannot tell you how tedious it is explaining to everyone what we are going to do over and over then having a troll blow up the base with mines.

    8) A restart or reset function would be very nice

    9) Spawn points would be extremely valuable. Because currently spawning is a mystery to me.

    These are all things I discovered as I went through a 3v3-5v5 fighter battle on one of my small maps designed for fighter engagement in a halo setting. Between the lag, missile glitches, explanation of the game and trolls the experience was a 2 out of 10 at best. This is alpha and I understand that, but out of all the alpha games I have played I have never had so many fundamental issues with a game. The lag is the underlying cause for most of the problems and I am not sure why. I am not going to even attempt to host multiplayer games until it is addressed. Perhaps the blocks having so many layers is overloading the system even on the smallest scale. When each bullet hits you can watch the game skip in unison with the shots. However even a large ship with the blocks laying idle causes horrible lag. I am sure someone is working on it but I hope they are reaching a solution soon. I hope that by posting this perhaps some work steps will be taken in the right direction. I read in your last update that work was going to be done in a few weeks with multiplayer. I would be happy with just the lag being gone asap. I will look forward to logging on when this happens.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.