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My offer to KSH

Discussion in 'General' started by boromir, Mar 21, 2020.

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  1. boromir

    boromir Apprentice Engineer

    By profession I'm a software developer. I offered Marek's team the option for me to become a steward of ME and form a team from forum members willing to contribute for free. I don't want any compensation -- the benefit of enjoying ME to a greater level is enough for me. My only goal is to improve on what is there by cleaning up a few defects in a private repository, with them retaining all rights and royalties. Not to introduce enhancements, since it could easily become a bunch of attachments hanging off contorting it beyond what was intended in it's design.

    Nevertheless, they declined.

    Perhaps it was me that is the problem. If you haven't already, I encourage you to try your offer. Maybe there's a better approach. Marek left his email in that announcement for the end of development or you could email support as I did.

    For ME!!
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  2. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

  3. Tenzo

    Tenzo Apprentice Engineer

    Of course it wasn't you that was the problem.

    They did make Space Engineers open source a while back, do you remember?

    Even their money making title they didn't want to develop, they wanted people to develop it for them and they wanted to pay one lump cash of $100,000 or so to the "winner". I don't really recall all the details. Why not do the same for ME? Why just can it?

    Marek does all kinds of schemes, he is anything but a straight up developer. He is a disaster as an executive. He also misleads his customers or straight up lies about it.

    When he took ten million to start the FailAI project, I always accused him of taking profits from Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers, specifically, to do just that. Ever since then, development on the game titles crawled to a halt. Staff were laid off and there were perhaps bare bones skeleton crews working on the titles. Small trickles of updates for no real growth. And I'm talking really long periods of time where nothing happened except little crash updates like this last 7.2 update.

    After the way he lied about not abandoning ME and then calling it a completed project a year later, does anybody truly believe him when he says he took ten million of his own money to start up a new research division in Keen to develop "Skynet"?

    He is such a disaster. His "vision" is completely out of touch. He didn't even recall his own statements of "developing both ME and SE in parallel so that both titles could enjoy from each other's breakthroughs". He teased people about bringing compound blocks to SE, and then when asked about it on stream, thought it was an idea from the viewers and called it "an interesting idea". As if it wasn't his own idea. Go figure. You can't trust anything he says, and he can't even keep up with his own words.

    He is to Keen what George Lucas was to LucasArts. How can something that makes no profit NOT be a huge money sink for them? FailAI is what truly killed Medieval Engineers. And it will continue have an effect on this company as long as Marek is in charge. He is basically selling us pyramid schemes to fund various frivolous pursuits because he likes to stand in a room of other professionals and talk. It makes him feel good about himself. He likes to think he is on the cutting edge of software development. He doesn't really care about his games or the products he sells. The only real thing this man funds is his ego.
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  4. Cetric

    Cetric Junior Engineer

    I don't understand it. I try to understand KEEN but I fail to understand their attitude. People with pro background offer to work here for free, out of love for the product, and they decline. I don't get it.

    Basically this company has a player community it does not deserve. I am sure going to miss ME players, notably from this (pretty KEEN-neglected) forum, from years of commenting things together. In other times (I had another feeling when Deepflame + team were running the show here) KEEN showed appreciation for their community which is burning for their game(s). And any sane dev does so, as it is a precious asset to have a committed playerbase. After all, they make the reviews, they bring new customers, they devote themselves to making new exciting mods and maintaining existing ones... in short, they contribute not only fame, but money and potential to the game. Still, KEEN left us standing in the rain and slammed their door in front of our noses. Or, to speak in terms of ME, lifted their draw bridge in front of us humble peasants offering our work, extra tax and what else... while the castle is crumbling from neglect and the servants of the Lord are running off and deserting. Not understandable.
    Game could be rescued and catered for later times when a new vision (or a buyer) shows up. At close to zero costs. Still - they decline. It's not understandable.
    Look what I found on Steam discussion. Strange to me, but it does not find any echo:

    Citing from there:

    <<Should we start an initiative for organizing and uniting modders of ME - and try to develop game further?
    First of all let me say I am no modder at all and I cannot code.
    But I have an idea I want to hear opinion about and maybe I trigger something.

    What if we try to organize and unite modders of ME, notably people who can program, under a common banner, for following purposes:

    (1) continuation of mod updating
    (2) exchange of knowledge
    (3) form a body for possible negotiations with KEEN SWH
    (4) start their own developer studio (virtual and non-profit) for purpose no. 5-7
    (5) start crowdfunding for collecting money with whom we can buy the game from KEEN SWH
    (6) take over development of ME from KEEN SWH with crowdfunding having succeeded and by buying the core game code, brand etc
    (7) continue development of ME and adding new content as we go

    What do you think? Who could participate? Who wants? Is there a basic interest on KEEN SWH side at all to sell the product? Because if they want to keep it, and further make it suffer, this initiative would be doomed from the start and we can spare us the trouble of trying.

    Could this be the path to trot along?
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  5. boromir

    boromir Apprentice Engineer

    What's really interesting is he left his contact email address like he's waiting for the right offer to come along for ME. It seems to me that ME is a much more successful product than Miner Wars. SE is leaps and bounds more successful than Miner Wars. So there's a lot of value built up in the ME IP. I'd be surprised if it sold for less than $100mil.
  6. Tenzo

    Tenzo Apprentice Engineer

    There are a couple of problems with ME that will not have it attain that evaluation.

    You cannot build diagonal blocks. There is no "snap to edge" when you build, it's a flat, cubical algorithm which makes a diagonal orientation require an entire re-writing of all in game blocks to support a half rotation in the model's native 3D modelling application viewport.

    So... that falls rather flat. Conan Exiles has a far more robust building system, without connection limitations, with correct compounds, and without any of the issues the ME engine has... Being unable to connect to diagonal edges (they are not detected by the engine) is a really big drawback for a building game. The only thing ME has that Conan Exiles does not is the ability to save blueprints of your creations.

    Lastly, the voxel system. It was never reworked, like they promised and intended to do, before Marek gave the entire dev team the boot a year ago. The farthest they got to overhauling was carts. Terrain was next. (Landscape stakes, general landscapes does not work very well.) It never happened.

    There is no water.

    There is no weather.

    They really butchered the game they started with in the initial release stages, and as a result, all they did was re-iterate the game's internal systems, like grids and such, until they got bored with it, added parallax bump mapping to blocks, and called it done.

    There is no way in its current state, ME could ever get an offer of 100mil for the IP or even the game's systems.

    Also, vrage has issues on its own that makes it unappealing due to the over reliance on PhysX. But I'm not a tech expert, this is just stuff I've read about in the SE section. Lots of people who know better there, and/or have actually seen the code.

    I think the community will keep ME alive, but dang this was disheartening. :(

    I also wanted to say, torches are bugged. They give a bright white smoke trail that has no transparency and it's just this bright white that makes no sense. I hope they fix that... Oh, and the roofs.
  7. MorshuArtsInc

    MorshuArtsInc Apprentice Engineer

    My dearest hope is that Deepflame and maybe his old crew somehow get to work on ME again, but alas, I've learned in the past year (or even earlier) that your hopes will heartlessly get shattered here at KSH.
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