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My Steam Review of Medieval Engineers

Discussion in 'General' started by dimiMoon, Sep 10, 2018.

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  1. dimiMoon Trainee Engineer

    Hey guys!
    I want share with you my Steam review hoping Keen 's team read it too.

    Original review it's in spanish: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dimimoon/recommended/333950 I translated it for you into English, I'm sorry if there any fault in the text:

    "Yes, I recommend to buy this game but keeping in mind several important things.

    The game is under development since 2015 and still presents many stability problems in online games. The development of the game is very slow. In 3 years the game presents only few improvements from the first version. The game developer don't publish news of the project or what they have thought for the future. If you want to be informed you have to enter their communication channels like the official forum or discord and even then there is not much feedback with the community . At this time they have added features such as siege game mode and then delete it.

    Medieval Engineers offers us a lot of freedom to unleash our creativity. The world map is currently based on a spherical planet that has a night and day cycle thanks to its own sun.
    In this world we can modify the geography with pick and shovel, we can make buildings taking into account the weight and stability, they can collapse and fall down. With mechanical blocks we can build machines such as catapults, doors, traps, mills...

    We have two game modes:
    The creative mode where you can't die and you do not need to farm. Flight option to make more comfortable the action of building or we can even modify the geography with special editing tools.
    The Survival mode where we have to check the level of hunger, farm for build, fight for the life of our character, etc.
    It's very funny in multiplayer create your own faction with friends, organize the life of the castle: defenses, agriculture, constructions, and make alliances or declare wars to other players.

    The most negative point of the game is that there is no water on the map and they dont have the intention to put it in the future for now. There are no oceans, no rivers or lakes. These days it's hard to imagine a game without water. The game would gain a lot if they thought better and make an effort to implement the water. I can imagine it wont be easy to implement and programing a realistic water with omptimized physics in one game where you can modify the geography. But for me it's necessary and the effort worth it.

    The most favorable point, not counting the creative freedom, is the possibility of sharing our creations through the Steam Workshop. In the same way, the company offers many facilities for people to create their own Mods. It's a very smart move from the company, since in the development phase it allows the game to gain a lot of content and they wash their hands if the implementation of these functions does not work correctly because it's not an official content. It's a good way for grow the game and feed the project with nice ideas.

    I recommend to buy the game and I would like the Spanish-speaking community to grow, I think with more players the development will surely be faster too.

    Things that must be implemented with certain agility for the game has a decent minimum: the first and most important it's an improvement of the stability and optimization of the multiplayer mode.
    Later: water in the world, horse riding, armors to wear, more weapons (bows, battle axes, spears, handles...), more building blocks, more mechanical blocks (for example: option to create siege rams to throw down the doors), option to plant trees and the implementation of much more flora and fauna. (pigs, sheep, chickens ...) It would also be good to recover or implementan other siege game mode where we could quickly participate in the battle experience, it would be very useful to train defensive and offensive tactics as a faction. And it's a Game mode that can be more attractive for casual gamers of this type of games.

    Summarizing is a game that lacks a lot and is slow, but it is a very interesting project and with many possibilities. I believe a good future awaits.
  2. Cetric Junior Engineer

    Isn't that a bit harsh?
    When you later summarize the great changes (foremost in agriculture) and omit others (like new combat system, processing of food and metallurgy for tools and weapons over various quality levels - like stone, bronze, iron, steel)? What about the many additions in architecture? Gates, drawbridge, palisades, doors, mechanical blocks?
    A more appreciative hint at the related workshops on steam and breathtaking mods therein which give the potential typically coming along with KEEN games, would have suited your review better than this suggestion that mods only serve for taking responsibility off the developers who rely on the genuity of the community to do things they themselves won't. So it does read.
    Especially now as we find there addressed one of your biggest criticism, lack of water.
  3. dimiMoon Trainee Engineer

    I bought the game at 2015. If they need 3 years for add that stuff you writed in two lines how much time will take finish the game? 15 years? They added improvements from first version thats true. But these are few changes if we consider they needed 3 years.
    If we want have a nice gameplay experience we need to add mods.

    I didn't say the mods only serve for taking responsibility off from the developres. Read again:
    I tried to make a construcitve review showing what i like and what not. I Recomend to buy the game so at the end for me it's a positive review.

    Btw I knew before write the review about water mod, It's awesome! infinte thanks for the autor!!
    --- Automerge ---
    I just watched the video "Combat Overhaul Dev Diaries. Ep 1

    Thats what i like! We need more videos like this. I hope they continue with more videos and makes me change the review :)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.