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Need help with world modification

Discussion in 'Gameplay Help' started by OsmosXTRM, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. OsmosXTRM Trainee Engineer

    Hi there. Does anyone know if it is possible to use voxel tools and dev debug menus to easily find the location of existing ore deposits on a map? I want to modify the size of them without having to create new deposits in new locations but i am finding it difficult to find the deposits. Maybe there is an option to highlight deposits on the map or activate some sort of marker on them?
    Thank you kindly
  2. CptTwinkie ME Asst. Producer Staff

    There's nothing really in-game for it that I know of. If you got to \steamapps\common\MedievalEngineers\Content\Data\PlanetDataFiles\EarthSecond\ you'll find the planet generator maps. The _mat files have ore on them as light blue. You can match these to the kingdoms in-game (e.g. Fareon = front, Bar Hadur = back, Rintel = right, etc)
  3. OsmosXTRM Trainee Engineer

    Hi Cpt Twinkie,

    Thanks for the reply. So looking at the files, i see multiple colors. I see the light blue that you are speaking of. i also see red and white. example, on "Left" there is alot of red. What does this indicate? Also, is there a way to determine what ore spawns at the location without actually having to go dig it up to find out? If not, would it be possible to color coordinate the different ores with different colors in a next patch ? Red for iron, Green for Copper, Blue for Tin, Grey for Silver, Yellow for Gold etc...just a thought. Thanks and keep up the amazing work. By far the best game i have ever played :)
  4. CptTwinkie ME Asst. Producer Staff

    The specific colors and ores are determined by definitions in steamapps\common\MedievalEngineers\Content\Data\PlanetGeneratorDefinitions\
  5. OsmosXTRM Trainee Engineer

    Is there a way to modify these files in order to change the colors on the _map files to easily pinpoint different ore deposit locations?
    Example if i wanted Tin to show up as Hot Pink :p
    I only see some color attributions for IronOre in the .sbc files.
  6. CptTwinkie ME Asst. Producer Staff

    The maps are greyscale. They use only a single channel of texture allowing up to 4 maps per texture. It appears ore is on the blue channel. The exact shade of grey that matches ores is determined by Value settings in the sbc files. FYI, ColorInfluence and TargetColor are used for voxel discoloration by iron and aren't related to the colors used in the planet material map.

    	  <!--!INSERT ONLY IN BLUE CHANNEL on MaterialTexture -->
    	  <Ore Depth="16" Value="240" ColorInfluence="10 " TargetColor="#cb3100" Start="4" Type="IronOre_RegularYield" />
    	  <Ore Depth="6" Value="241" ColorInfluence="10 " TargetColor="#cb3100" Start="1" Type="IronOre_PoorYield" />
    	  <Ore Depth="2" Value="241" ColorInfluence="10 " TargetColor="#cb3100" Start="7" Type="IronOre_RegularYield" />
    	  <Ore Depth="7" Value="242" Start="1" Type="CopperOre" />
    	  <Ore Depth="9" Value="243" Start="4" Type="TinOre" />
    	  <Ore Depth="8" Value="244" Start="3" Type="GoldOre" />
    	  <Ore Depth="7" Value="245" Start="3" Type="SilverOre" />