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Nerdy Observations

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Calaban, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Calaban Junior Engineer

    .. Have you ever had a butterfly flutter by.. and stop to think about those words?

    They say we can never point in a 4th spacial direction. I just point up- away from the force of Gravity, whose field is a warped 3d fabric of spacetime. Out of that gravity well towards flatter space is a 4th spacial dimension.

    I suspect there is no speed of light limit. There is only the "speed of reflected light images reaching your eyes" limit. And reality is not defined by the perceived electromagnetic videotape streaming in to our eyes/sensors. The You, and the You perceived though a telescope are decoupled. One is real- the other is a videotape. Making science about a videotape seems silly.

    I think the Vegan mindset is hopelessly ignorant. If they never want to eat a living thing, then they better put that apple down. Eating that apple denies a baby apple tree an opportunity to live. That soybean wanted to live, too. Maybe have soybean babies of its own one day. you monster.

    Yes, I do have a motion activated servoed GL@DOS model mounted on my ceiling. She judges me while I sleep. And finds me worthy. no you may not visit.

    Tesla was onto something. When I have fevered insomnia I can almost grasp it. I think it has something to do with EMF back spikes from collapsing electromagnetic fields.. that stack in resonance. Note how applying momentary 9v to a coil produces a -72v back emf spike 'for x8 free' over same amount of time- as the suddenly left hanging magnetic field slams down with more force than what forced the field out. There is an engine to made with that. I'm certain. One day I'll figure it out. Flux Capacitor may not be a very accurate name, though. .. arc reactor may do...

    Tinfoil hats do the opposite of what They think. Electromagnetic radiation is reflected by the tinfoil... so... radiation hitting your face and reflecting off of the concave focusing reflector wrapped around the back of your skull means.... yep. Much, much worse.

    They should send computer gamers to space/Mars first. We have the "sit in one place for months hardly moving" thing mastered already. We already know we can survive in an unlit room eating nothing but Beef jerky and pringles. Just give us World Of MarsCraft. Please.

    Ok. Your turn. Comments? observations of your own?
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  2. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    What if all of us are just The Sims on some other life forms computers /consoles?
    Think about it, while playing The Sims haven't you made life harder for some of your Sims just because you could? Rewarded others for the same reason.... Gave others crappy jobs or just simply let them be homeless for your own entertainment?
    All the while to those Sims they feel like they are the ones making the decisions. :)

    (Ok that was a little out there, not near as good as yours. That is all I have at the moment.) :)
  3. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Oh I dig the Simulated universe Theory. I keep little nuggets of "dammit" whenever I find them- that throws up the question and uncertainty.

    Here are 2 things to make us wonder (i mentioned these elsewhere, but its good to have it grouped here):

    1) cosmic ray amplitude attenuation. The energy of cosmic rays gets weaker as the eons go on, gradually getting lower and lower energy at an inverse exponential rate- that means the energy level gets closer and closer to zero in smaller and smaller increments, but will never actually reach zero. At least, thats how it would work if our universe was real- we would have an infinite variety of lower and lower energy level cosmic rays. If this was a calculated simulation of our universe, and that inverse exponential rate was a calculated code... Well, that means a lot of computer power wasted on very very low energy rays. If our universe was a running simulation, there would be an "F-it" lower limit arbitrarily set. If a cosmic ray gets that ridiculously low, it simply gets deleted to save processing power. Well, guess what we see in our universe? an arbitrary cliff dropoff- with no really good reason for it to be there.

    2) There is a "glitch" in our simulation that most of us can experience for ourselves. If you can roll your tongue all the way over (twist it upside down), you can sense the glitch for yourself.
    - Stick out your tongue. Reach up with left hand and tap the left side of tongue. What side of your tongue did your mind say was tapped? Left, obviously.
    - Now, roll your tongue over, so now the right side of your tongue is on the left side of your mouth. Reach up left hand again and tap the same place- now the right side of your tongue... what does your mind say? LEFT still!
    Its as if the coders who programmed our minds sensory input data never thought about this trick. Maybe one day this universe will get patched, and the glitch will go away. we should keep checking.

    Think about that.. and sleep well.
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  4. Calaban Junior Engineer

    I have this nagging notion: that Dentistry is a scam- an utterly false and body eroding manipulation. Think about it- whats more damaging to the tooth enamel to let cavities form? Food and plaque deposits building up, or freakin abrasive grit paste brushed vigorously against them on a daily basis, because some guy in a white coat said so? Are we sure he isn't saying so just to guarantee more future business? "Toothpaste" is right- in super fine print between the h and p of the word is "eroding"

    Lucid dreaming is a great trick/hobby to master... but can be terrifying in ways unexpected. Its great to realize in the dream that "this is a dream" then to take it over however you want. Its like your suddenly the director of the script. The trick I learned from a book is the "Green Moon" trigger. I just tell myself frequently, and now take for granted "in my dreams the moon is always Green." I see a green tint to the moon- bingo. So long as I dont jolt awake at the realization- Im now in control. A side benefit- and drawback of "Taking over" is that I remember clearly every detail after waking up.

    BUT- one time it backfired on me- the Dream Police really pulled a number on me. I was "back in school".. walking around my old highschool, trying desperately to remember what the second period class and room was.. and how I was supposed to find out even... (the odd paradox that I realized I hadnt been there for over 20 years was thought about- but never "clicked") I walked into a classroom and realized "nope- wrong one" It was an anxiety dream, of course, and as I was standing there squirming uncomfortably, at least thankful that I was wearing clothes.. I happened to glance out the window... and saw a neon green moon in the sky. BOOM! oh thank goodness, this was a DREAM.

    I hopped up on a desk and proclaimed "HA!!! this is a DREAM! I am just dreaming all of you.... " and then it happened.

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  5. Silvrav Trainee Engineer

    No.... :woot:
  6. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    I have been able to control my dreams on occasion, but when it happens I normally wake up shortly after taking over...never thought about it till you mentioned it. It does seem strange that if I take over it doesnt take long for it to end and I am awake...lil freaky..
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  7. Mollymawk Trainee Engineer

    Lucid dreaming - I do this all the time. I can fly, I know this as fact, it is so very annoying I can never remember how to do it when i wake up.

    The thing is, if I don't lucid dream, how do I know I am really 50 or just having a nightmare and still 18 really, I don't feel 50 on the inside, I'm pretty much the same as when i was 18 but stuck in an old body.

    "does it matter? even if it matters does it matter that it matters?"
  8. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I should have taken the blue pill.
  9. Calaban Junior Engineer

    I tend to overthink things. Take this DUST short vid:

    In the comments its general dumb internet snarkyness... but you may notice a nerdy profound
    summary at the top there.

    Thats how I interpreted the whole (awesome) mini-movie. Maybe I was over nerdy. But maybe I was dead-on.

    I find it amazing how big movie franchises can stumble so badly on a "woman empowerment" movie (looking at you Catpain Marvel) [<--not a typo], yet small productions like this seem to do it effortlessly. Dang.. there I go again, overthinking things.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
  10. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    That was pretty darn awesome!

    Now take Sarah Connor...