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New Multiplayer code is impressive

Discussion in 'General' started by Two, Jun 3, 2020.

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  1. Two Apprentice Engineer

    So I build this thing on the current public server to test the new Multiplayer code:


    It of course rotates, and there is a piston, 2 turrets on top, and a drill mining some ice. I'd probably get banned for this on most public servers, but with the new code the server is handling it like a sweet summer breeze.

    Well done, Keen, well done!
  2. Roxette Senior Engineer

    No, it would have just exploded all by itself even before a server op had noticed :D
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  3. SirConnery Apprentice Engineer

    Is there anything else on the server currently? Even the current code can handle one giant mining rig very well if nothing else is happening.

    The devs posted about 5x increase to dedicated server performance (too lazy to provide sources) coming some day. Not sure if it's this update, but if even half of that is true then I'm all for it.
  4. R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    realy nothing special - sorry (you musst have bad Experience from bad servers ..... - on my server this is normal...)
    another thing would be if the long barrel was build from pistons with variable lenght ...... THEN it come interesting ..
    All maingrid<>subgrid iterations with less than at last 3 stackings work flawless on SE servers.
  5. Two Apprentice Engineer

    There are several of similar installations because everyone is trying to break the server.

    The point is that there was zero increase in server load when I activated that thing.
  6. R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    still nothing special or anything "revolutionary"
    have multiple players simultan with more complex rotor-pistons combos on server without problems ....
    it is a bare bone construct (one rotor + one piston - nearly the most simple thing you can build - and the turrets doing NOTHING here in terms of complexity) that worked for ages - if not you was on very bad configured servers - and i feel every further conversation over this pointless
  7. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    aren‘t you a cutie pie again? Always with that wonderful attitude! Tell me, have you heard of Twitter? Might be your cup of tea!
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  8. Lord Grey Apprentice Engineer

    Just joined yesterday to get an impression, and im absolutely not impressed. My start ship nearly crashed into an asteroid because the steering is lagging/not responsives and thrusters got stuck on full thrust. No, didn't feel nice like the version we have already. There where also other issues I have to test today evening.
  9. Dabombinable Trainee Engineer

    I really should join the test, and make a wall of drills. Even on a fresh server with no one on, it caused lag. 13x13...
  10. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    I did some vertical shaft drilling and even horizontal on an inexpensive server as a player. I had no relation to the people hosting it. For some minimal effort, I was able to drill down a few hundred meters and then decided to turn my efforts sideways seemed pretty okay even with a a few pistons and rotors working together. I wouldn't have attempted this a couple of years ago. The only issues I ran into were the voxels not showing up if the walls were perfectly smooth. My rig was two-three drills acting as a spoon and then one drill on the edge of a piston. I used a series of timers to lower the spoon a few centimeters and then reverse the direction of the single drill either in or out. It was simple enough to just let it run unattended with a refinery turning stone into ingots. You just have to pace your drills to stay within the limits of your refining capabilities.
  11. Two Apprentice Engineer

    You absolutely should. Break the server, show them the limits of their code, they will thank you for it.
  12. Bullet_Force Apprentice Engineer

    Try joining a server where several folks are attempting to print ships with giant welder walls. 0.1 sim speed if your lucky.
  13. Dazednconfuzed Trainee Engineer

    The public test is actually a vast improvement from the little Ive seen so far and watched on my server in my office,

    basically they are using a variety of "concealment" to stop the server processing stuff that is a certain distance away from players so that it does not use CPU/RAM etc.

    Also on your own blocks , processing grids (eg refineries) no longer update their number in inventory every so many ms ... its now updating around a second , which vastly stops server strain ... all in all impressed despite me throwing multiple 70k PCU ships against each other and running a mod set I want to run when it releases.

    Only issue Ive found is a funny one with rotating doors


    I can see in the code where the issue is in cubeblocks but any change of axis does the same or more funny things.

    (this will affect any door with rotating doors including the rotary door pack that most people use)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.