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Off-line attack

Discussion in 'General' started by Monkworks, Feb 15, 2017.

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  1. Monkworks Trainee Engineer

    One of the weakest things about this game is that you can be attacked when you're at work (offline).

    Is it the developers thinking that we will drop our jobs to play ME?

    Seriously there is no defence for someone attacking you when off line and in most cases the attacker will wait until you'er offline.

    What is keen going to do about this miscalculation?

    you work for 40 hours to get a good base and defense up. then the guy just watchs your online off line times and attacks when you're not there. You Lose 40 hours...
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  2. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    This is just a natural consequence of turning a single player game into a multiplayer PvP one.

    As far as I can see, they either need to put people into huge factions (so defenders always online), or only allow PvP under specific conditions (like mutual agreement to go to war for limited duration). Or limit impact of PvP to manageable degree of damage (you wont be defending, but you wont lose much from the attack).

    In space engineers it was easier because hiding ships naturally allowed people to avoid combat (it wasnt a very reliable method but good enough).
    Currently in medieval engineers the one thing keeping PvP under control is that you dont have much destructive capabilities for now (slow travel, difficult to build and use siege weaponry).

    The castle siege mode could be developed further if PvP is desired (so its not just attack and defense, but a long running game where people can build the castles in a sort of 'planning phase').
    The servers should be more focused on PvE (barbarians, environment, basic survival) and random PvP should be discouraged.
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  3. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    I disagree with servers being focused on PvE. I would recommend a Whitelist server with said rules if that is your desired style of play. My claim is built with one thing in mind; keep other players off my blocks.

    One does not simply walk up and start hitting my doors, walls or much else I don't care to be hit. (tbf I have some doors and structures built just for someone to smash)

    Stone. Do not bother with wood defense, read the Three Little Pigs.

    Moats, best friends forever. Make them three blocks wide and two blocks deep, standard. Make it rough and jagged down there; a tidy moat is easily navigable and can be probed, make that moat angry. If you like; place as many compounded wall frames as you can in the moat and then throw rocks on them. The resulting mess of sticks adds a beautiful level of frustration to moat visitors and slows ladder use up a bit.

    Tunnel in. Voxel is virtually indestructible on your claim, what more do you really need?

    Do Not build at the base of a hill or near growing trees. Biggest, most common mistake I have seen. How hard is it to roll stone downhill and smash everything below or chop down things onto walls?

    Claim nearby terrain, keep buildings away from claim boarders. Do not allow players to simply do as they like right next to what you are trying to protect. Extending your land means forcing them back further before making little ladders or siege machines ( which I can throw down pretty fast, under half hour is all I need to start bombarding three to four claims away).

    If you can reach it; so can they. Beyond buildings this applies to crafting stations. Did you leave a smithy where a raider can reforge that sword constantly?

    Layer defenses. You will be attacked offline. You cannot stop a player. You can only slow them down, so do your best to make breaking your things a full days work. I have no less than 5 moats, three walls and the underground complex before reaching any claim block. Its not that I cannot be attacked and damaged offline; its that to completely destroy my claim blocks may take longer than the average grief monkey is willing to commit.

    Imo the best way to attack someone is to claim something right next door, declare your intent and have have a good time chucking projectiles back and forth at each other. I was on the way to siege OP when his stuff got hit. Pissed me off because now it would be salting the wound to attack. Don't feel sorry, he had a few trebuche up on his walls, would have been an epic fight for fun. All well, Im not the one to smash everything to dust, though I will steal your bread or crops if you are blocking my fast travel. Gotta kill the cool-down time one way or another and I have claims to pay. ;)
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  4. Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    The game needs the ability to add respawning defenders to your claim. That would prevent common trolls from attacking without amassing a group of other players and/or seige equipment.
  5. Taemien Apprentice Engineer

    Server mod support is all that's needed. Not a one size fits all approach.
  6. Monkworks Trainee Engineer

    Ghostickles mades very good points. I have learned a lot about what to do.

    My new base if we ever get our server patched..sigh...

    Its totally built within the Voxel. As you say it's indestructible. No doors and on a harsh angle that no one can climb. I didn't have to trench just make it so the angle is not walkable...Obviously you need to drop your bed before you make the location inaccessible. So then you just F5 to get in...Slide down the hill when you need out. Build it all underground and on top of the 0/6 ore. I found a sharp mountaintop that will only need 2 claimstones to cover the ore and the entire slopes.
    in this case nothing to shoot at. no way to get up the hill you can't dig or build because of the claim
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.