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Open Survival Server FR/UK : Kaptain Blood Arch

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by starmindfr, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    First sorry if this is not good place for multi servers posts, isnt it ?

    This topic if for a new dedicated long time server : Kaptain Blood Arch

    Type : Survival

    IP :

    Mods : Plenty !!!
    - core will be EEM (great mod for space encounters and trades) >> We will introduce EEM in several steps, after players starts to conquer space.
    - Lots of wall / conveyors / doors mods + toiletry!!!
    - Offline protection beacon (base and ship have a basic protection)

    Idea: We will regroup all usefull things for a survival world. Life will be hard (most settings survival 1x, maybe inventory 3x)
    > Wolf and spiders ON, if possible modded for long respawn time, this seems hard to do so we will provide advices or help to new people.

    So yes it will be a big challenge, start will be long and full of death, but it's survival, long term.

    We will also enforce to keep low on PVP : You will be allowed to fight any IA threat, and all players with a PVP flag or attacking you, but will be forbiden to attack game team stations or unarmed players.

    We will also add stations neutral for help, things to discover, and review any survival mods that could help on this server (with owner agreements if apply).

    By now we are only testing custom worlds and list of mods, so server will often reset / crash / die / will be moved to other GameServer as current one seems not challenging.

    Feel free to comment / come / help : IF we have lots of people we will spend more time on this project, and keep it online for long time.

    Server Name:

    HFR 2 OPEN ALL 24/7


    EEM Arch Kaptain Blood Survival V2

    See you soon!
    Last edited: May 20, 2017
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  2. Robotnik V Apprentice Engineer

    Fair warning, the cargo ships in EEM that spawn won't always de-spawn, which can mean a lot of lag. All derelicts, I.E. ships, stations, and wrecks that spawn based on the world seed, will de-spawn if left alone and are not within any players view range.

    Trading is a bit borked, if the player tosses in too much of any material that is not limited to whole numbers the trading program will continue to add the price of what the player tossed in. This can lead to players tossing in 400 credits, waiting a few seconds, clicking abort on the trade station, and getting back several thousand trade credits. Tossing in around 350 credits will not cause this problem however. Also, trading will work fine with whole number materials like components and tools, so if you toss in 3000 thruster components, you will get credits equivalent to 3000 thruster components.

    Good luck, and have fun.
  3. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks a lot I will have a look on all that and try to clean by several methods as no players by now. The wolves are also big pain I was expecting them to provide a good challenge on ground but they tend to spawn inside base and I still try to get a script timer for them to respawn and stop.

    It seems also very few people come on server. As it's not finished its ok but I hope we will get more on game later or we will have more Servers than players :)

    Edit : Last and more important is this EEM working with several players, did it create separates money values / could we be several on same trade post ? If no, i beleive i will have to restart a new world without this, to avoid total mess with just removing the mod ?
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2017
  4. Fallen SpaceChief Trainee Engineer

    hey Can I join Server
  5. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    Hello yes of course look for name hfr on the search list.

    Few tips on this server :

    Wolves will come so build electric fences to protect areas. Larges building should resist but small roovers will die fast.

    Main respawn base is named earth. You will see quests on billboard if any.

    As its survival with bugs focus on leaving earth and don't attack others if they don't ask for.

    *** IMPORTANT *** >> Dont attack others players bases / ships without agreement!!! we will BAN players just connecting and starting to destroy things, its survival not direct PVP.

    Last this is a new server with very small group of players so its a long term works.
    Last edited: May 20, 2017
  6. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    Hell o we still need quiet players, Frenchs or UK (server is in europe), note that its more PVE than PVP as we are small communauty and theme is exploration from earth to space + quests
  7. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    Added the first (small) quest to server on Earth (look on LCD on earth respawn for GPS marker)
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  8. Chaosrex Apprentice Engineer

    Ah pity about player bases and ships not attackable...

    I'm not a griefer i don't destroy just to destroy, but i like to "visite" bases and "borrow" stuff, much faster then minning everything.

    Its kinda my hobby, searching for player bases on the server and breach them, somtimes leaving a message or prakning them with a interior turret that belongs to the pirates just infront of their medbay, ah fun times...
  9. Pharap Apprentice Engineer

    These two statements contradict each other.
    C'est contraire.
  10. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    Yes but as lots of people want to have a way to "save" their time spent on server, this protection is here.
  11. Chaosrex Apprentice Engineer

    I said i din't grief, din't say anything about booby traps ;)
  12. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    Sadly we get huge sim speed drop since few days / last fixe and hardly found why, maybe we will restore an old backup if anything fail...
  13. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    Server is Back, with a new world, ore ressources moved from earth to space > moon and mars (no gold on earth).

    Also added lots of NPC mods for bases on planets and fights in space. Removed EEM
  14. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    +1 Still working a little on this server, if someone want "long" survival from Earth > Moon > Mars here is one "quiet" server with few mods to help like security beacon and evil NPC in space
    --- Automerge ---
    And about the "protection" offline system, first its only working "offline" so when people are on base you could attack them. Second option is "no fuel" stations OR station without the protection device enabled then you could visit them (and user have a limit on devices number)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.