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| Orion Industries | Interesting RP Opportunity! | Please read for more details |

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Washington, Mar 8, 2015.

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  1. Washington Trainee Engineer

    Hey guys!

    I've decided to set up an RP group on space engineers. The reason i say it is an interesting opportunity is because of the level of RP we will be doing.

    For instance, players wishing to join Orion Industries will have a quick interview and assigned the Crewman rank. They then get a choice of which ship to work on [Currently we have only one, the S.S Harlock]. Once they spawn in, they will be shuttled to their individual ship and given a tour by either one of the crewmen or by an officer.

    The S.S Harlock will be pretty similar to this [http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=399401040] we will have escape pods, medibays, engineering rooms, armory, pilot/captain seats, game rooms, toilets etc... All to increase the level of immersion our member experience.

    The main purpose behind Orion Industries is mining, however all ships are fitted with weapons in case of attack by pirates. Anybody can realistically become a Captain on one of Orion Industries ships. We will have specialist ship builders who work to create them. Then people will be selected who show relevant leadership skills to become Captain's and command their ships.

    To give you guys an example of the kind of RP we will be doing, i've written a short scenario example to show you what can happen on our server.

    You wake up from your slumber and walk towards the door. As you look back, you see your quarters. You're only a crewman and so you share your room with 3 other people. As you walk out the door, the Captains voice comes over the PA "Message to all crew. We will be docking at Spacedock #1 in 3 minutes." You're excited by this news, it's the first shore leave you've ever had whilst in Orion Industries and you want to make it count.
    Looking out the window, you see another ship. It's the S.S Orion, flagship of the entire Orion fleet. You look closer at one of the windows, you see a familiar face. It's your friend from basic training. You can't wait to dock and meet with him. You had both been assigned to different vessels after training, so this is the first time you've met in a long time. As the two vessels dock in sync to space station #1 you step out into the vast expanse of the station.

    This block of text is an example of the kind of stories we want to create when you join Orion Industries.

    We are currently looking for:
    • Crewmen
    • Pirates*
    *Pirates will be subject to change, we will be having them. However they will be limited. Bear in mind, these pilots are NOT part of Orion Industries, but are their own individual faction within the server.

    Everyone will start out as a crewman. However, some will be promoted pretty quickly to fill some voids in the rank ladder. As a crewman you can pick a specialisation these include:
    • Engineering
    • Piloting
    • Security
    • Navigating
    • Helms
    • Communications
    We currently have a TS3 server which i will post below in the comments once i've finished editing permissions. If you are interested in joining either PM me, join our TS3 channel and talk to me or post below in the comments.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.