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Pennywise's openspace circus - New: Automated gravity cannon

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Pennywise, Oct 7, 2015.

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  1. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    Yes. The rockets will convey us to our promised land in the Far Beyond. Vision after vision has confirmed it.
    Jason Bright

    I sell recreational drugs mostly. That's why they call me Rocketman.
    Renesco Rocketman

    1. Military:

    2. Industrial:
    • Harvester4: mining robot (fully functional) [forum] [workshop]
    • Harvester9: mining robot (not updated since 07/2015) [workshop]
    • Cthulhu: Rotor mining drone (not updated since 07/2015) [workshop]
    • Planetary mining bot "Octopus".[forum][workshop]
    • "Octopus" Test World [workshop]

    3. Tools:
    • Target GPS-finder (Triangulation-based) [workshop]
    • Range-finder (GetFreeDestination()-based) [workshop]
    • Planetary coordinates and compass tool [forum] [workshop]
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  2. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    1. Guided torpedo carrier

    Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=531161469

    This is a plane, carrying 4 guided kinetic torpedoes.
    Guided torpedoes are an ideal weapon for ranged and stealth attacks on large ships.
    These things are really very powerful weapons, and can rip a large ship into pieces just in a few seconds.


    A short instruction for cockpit actions:
    Press "2" to start tracking system. Red blinking light will appear in front of you. This should be done before any torpedo launch.
    Press "3" to stop tracking computer. This should be done after attack is complete.
    Press "4" to launch torpedo in guided mode. After guided torpedo is launched, use your ship pointing to designate target for torpedo. Use your frontal camera for precize guiding (Press "1" for camera view)
    Press "5" to launch torpedo in unguided mode. It will fly forward and require no leading from pilot.
    Watch attached videos for more explaination.

    If you will test torpedo carrier in survival mode, do not forget to load 3 stacks of iron ingots in torpedo containers (i've used 3stacks, 8500 ingots each - it goes for 1x inventory mode) and add some uranium in fuel boxes.
    Use this script or its parts as you wish for your own torpedoes.

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  3. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

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  4. Mr Ixolate Apprentice Engineer

    That is awesome...
  5. ThomasTrank Trainee Engineer

    Wonderful timing! I've been messing around with the idea of a missile frigate and these would be perfect! Excellent work! :D
  6. RageMasterUK Apprentice Engineer

    Fantastic PMW. Great company name too :D

    Launchable from small-ships.
    Best guidance system I've seen.
    Spiral trajectory defeats turret defences.
    Hit = Catastrophic damage

    Possibly the best on the workshop, from the POV of practical useability and function.
  7. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    A bunch of us are in the process of reverse engineering the script and adapting it to even more effective PMWs. That script is amazing, and rather complex.
  8. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    What is PMW?
  9. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    Player Made Weapon.
  10. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    In SE it refers to "player made weapons".

    Also, i just want to make you know that when i read "pennywise" in the threads name i had to think of this ;O

    Good torpedo, keep working on them! :)
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  11. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    Interesting! what this could be! :eek:. It should be an absolute meganuke:pbjt:
  12. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    Lots of options: Containers full of explosives, scatter missiles with splitting off warheads, frag bomb that uses big ore nuggets instead of stacks of ingots, etc.
  13. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    HEHEHE.. Nice music!
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  14. Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    I'm curious, how did you manage cross-grid communication without any antenna on the projectiles?
  15. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

  16. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    2. Long-range homing missile

    Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=535178926

    This is a working prototype of long-range homing missile.
    It uses no mods, no turrets.
    Its target lock is based on GetFreeDestination function of IMyRemoteControl. This function is called from in-game script.
    Range of target lock: 1000 - 30 000 m.

    1) Press 2 to start locking (sound block is glitchy, so you probably will have to press 2 a couple of times to hear alarm when lock is ready). Aim a target till alarm sound and green blinking light is on.
    2) When you hear alarm sound and green light is blinking, missile is ready to go, press 5 for fire.
    3) Press 3, if you dont want to fire and need to stop locking script.

    Launch missiles away from asteroids, other ships and bases, all objects in 100m near you can spoil the lock.
    If you go with missile to see how it follows target, dont approach too close, it can spoil target lock.
    If there are some objects between missile and target, it can lock on this object instead of target.
    If you are trying to lock fast moving objects, make a little correction on its velocity. Missile needs 4 seconds to fly away from launcher before swithing lock on target, if in these 4 seconds target goes out of lock area, missile will not lock on him.

    You can launch 1st missile on target and then lock second missile on 1st missile. They will go like a train one after another. in 80% second missile switches its lock from 1st missile to target, when 1st missile hits. But it can also lock some of ripped off ship parts, so no guaranty.

    It is still a test object, so dont be too disappointed if smthing goes wrong, i 'll improve and debug it.
    Your reports are welcome!

    Some screens:

    About concept of target lock:

    9000m long shot of cargo ship:

    Shoting ships on a backyard of my space base with some advices on usage of these missiles:

    A single-missile dropshot of military transporter and drone carrier
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2015
  17. The Churrosaur Junior Engineer

    this is genius. using GetFreeDestination for target.
    Dumb question but how you get target vectors by pointing with crosshair in guided torpedo?
  18. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    For guided torpedo i use these two functions:

    1: This script runs in plane program block.
    It reads orientation of plane and makes inverted matrix of my pointing. This is what "PB_Track" does, when red light is blinking in front of your cockpit.

    MatrixD GetTransMatrix()
    	MatrixD mRot;
    	var pivotBlock = GridTerminalSystem.GetBlockWithName("TargetCam") as IMyTerminalBlock;
    	Vector3D V3Dcenter = pivotBlock.GetPosition();
    	Vector3D V3Dfow = pivotBlock.WorldMatrix.Forward;
    	Vector3D V3Dup = pivotBlock.WorldMatrix.Up;
    	Vector3D V3Dleft = pivotBlock.WorldMatrix.Left;
    	mRot = new MatrixD(V3Dleft.GetDim(0), V3Dleft.GetDim(1), V3Dleft.GetDim(2), 0, V3Dup.GetDim(0), V3Dup.GetDim(1), V3Dup.GetDim(2), 0, V3Dfow.GetDim(0), V3Dfow.GetDim(1), V3Dfow.GetDim(2), 0, 0, 0, 0, 1);
    	mRot = MatrixD.Invert(mRot);
    	return new MatrixD(1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, -V3Dcenter.GetDim(0), -V3Dcenter.GetDim(1), -V3Dcenter.GetDim(2), 1) * mRot;
    This script is running in each torpedo.
    It reads TransMatrix from planes beacon and transforms torpedo coordinates using this matrix. As a result, torpedo reads not its real GPS coordinates, but coordinates transformed with plane orientation. So, it "thinks", it goes along Z axis and points to target at (0, 0, Torpedo Z + 250).

    	public void getAngles(Vector3D Target, MatrixD TransMatrix, out double TargetYaw, out double TargetPitch, out double TargetRoll)
    		var pivotBlock = GridTerminalSystem.GetBlockWithName(ShipName+"Cam") as IMyTerminalBlock;
    		Vector3D V3Dcenter = pivotBlock.GetPosition();
    		Vector3D V3Dfow = pivotBlock.WorldMatrix.Forward + V3Dcenter;
    		Vector3D V3Dup = pivotBlock.WorldMatrix.Up + V3Dcenter;
    		Vector3D V3Dleft = pivotBlock.WorldMatrix.Left + V3Dcenter;
    		Vector3D GPSFake = Vector3D.Transform(V3Dcenter, TransMatrix);
    		Target += new Vector3D(0,0,GPSFake.GetDim(2));
    		V3Dfow = (Vector3D.Transform(V3Dfow, TransMatrix))- GPSFake;
    		V3Dup = (Vector3D.Transform(V3Dup, TransMatrix))- GPSFake;
    		V3Dleft = (Vector3D.Transform(V3Dleft, TransMatrix))- GPSFake;
    		Vector3D VectorToTarget = Target - GPSFake;
    		double DistanceToTarget = VectorToTarget.Length();
    		Vector3D TargetNorm = Vector3D.Normalize(VectorToTarget);
    		TargetYaw = Math.Acos(Vector3D.Dot(V3Dleft, TargetNorm)) * 180 / Math.PI - 90;
    		TargetPitch = Math.Acos(Vector3D.Dot(V3Dup, TargetNorm)) * 180 / Math.PI - 90;
    		TargetRoll = Math.Acos(V3Dup.GetDim(0) / Math.Sin(Math.Acos(V3Dfow.GetDim(0)))) * 180 / Math.PI - 90;
    		if (!(Math.Abs(TargetRoll) > 0)) { TargetRoll = 0; }
    		if (V3Dleft.GetDim(0) > 0)
    			TargetRoll = -TargetRoll;
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2015
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  19. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    3. Mining bot "Harvester4"

    This is my old mining drone Harvester4 (cause it has 4 drills). It was made in january 2015, but since then modified and upgraded to match last game updates.
    Its functionality includes:
    1. Remember base connector
    2. Autonomous mining after mining entry point set.
    3. Autonomous hauling mined ore and unloading it to memorized connector.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    How to use:

    A) Remember connector - You can set connector, you're docked to as your drone base connector, to which it will return to drop off ore. This function can be called from rear remote control.

    1. Get in drones cockpit
    2. Press "2" to activate rear control
    3. Dock to connector, using camera (pres "1") or external view ("V").
    4. Press "4" to remember this connector.
    5. Unlock and disconnect, now drone will return to this connector.

    B) Set drilling grid - It sets entry point and angles for your mining. This function can be called from front remote control.
    How to do step by step:
    1. Get in drones cockpit
    2. Press "1" to activate front control
    3. Align your ship in front of asteroid (stay approximately 50 m from asteroid surface), using camera "1" or external view.
    4. Press "2" to set drilling grid. Drone starts aligning and mining automatically after that.
    5. Get out of cockpit, drone will now do everything on its own.

    C) Pause - this function simply pauses drone auto mode and returns control to pilot.

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2015
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  20. The Churrosaur Junior Engineer

    Thank you btw. You deserve more recognition
  21. RageMasterUK Apprentice Engineer

    You got some mad skillz Pennywise... can see your stuff becoming mega popular if you get the right exposure!
  22. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    New item coming soon:
    I've implemented free vector reflection, suggested by Wellstat in my small lock on missiles, and I must say, I'm very satisfied with results:

    Torpedo can dodge still keeping it's lock on target and fly to calculated interception point.
    Also, it's much less CPU-expensive and requires less free space for launch.
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  23. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    4. 2nd gen Homing Missiles.


    Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=543982976

    This is the second generation of homing missiles.
    Using method of reflected free vector (check here: link), i've managed to make torpedoes with following capabilities:
    1. Long-range lock-On. Fire and forget in lockon mod - very nice for fast ranged attacks.
    2. Dodging. Torpedo flies in a spiral tragectory, what makes it really hard target for turrets. I've launched it on NPC ships like Argentavis or Military transporter over 100 times and it was hit by turrets only in 1-2 cases.
    3. Interception trajectory. Torpedo calculates optimal interception trajectory to catch even targets moving at max speed.
    4. Decent kinetic damage (ingots in container).
    5. Very moderate shot cost. Mostly it's ingots cost. Iron ingots can be replaced with stone tho, but torpedo will be less destructive.
    This plane carries 4 Lock-On torpedoes capable to lock and shoot down a large ship from distances over 10km.
    Despite, it looks the same way as my previous plane, it's a completely new unit with significantly increased abilities.
    Torpedoes combine 3 different fire modes:

    1. Guided and 2. unguided modes are just the same as for my previous plane: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/long-range-lock-on-concept-no-turrets.7370088/page-2#post-1286856732
    Here is a short instruction for cockpit actions for guided and unguided modes:
    • Press "2" to start tracking system. Red blinking light will appear in front of you. This should be done before any torpedo launch.
    • Press "3" to stop tracking computer. This should be done after attack is complete.
    • Press "4" to launch torpedo in guided mode. After guided torpedo is launched, use your ship pointing to designate target for torpedo. Use your frontal camera for precise guiding (Press "1" for camera view)
    • Press "5" to launch torpedo in unguided mode. It will fly forward and require no leading from pilot.

    3. Lock-On mode.
    Lock-On mode is a completely new feature. It's easy, but requires a little skills and a bit of understanding of how this thing works.

    Short instruction:
    • Press "6" to start locking target (crosshair on target)
    • Press "7" to stop locking.
    • Press "8" to launch torpedo.

    Advanced instruction:


    1. Panel Indicators:

    Right Panel
    • Lock Stable: true/false - indicates if target locked and if lock is reliable
    • Ready to Go: true/false - indicates if target velocity measurement is reliable and can be used to calculate interception course. Launch torpedo when two indicators above are true.
    • Target data:
    • X, Y, Z - gps of target
    • Signature - this value is not an exact size of target, but it is relative to targets size. (It is a distance between 2 opposite closest free points around target.)
    • Distance - distance from torpedo to target.
    • Velocity - scalar value of targets velocity.

    Left Panel

    • Can Intercept: true/false - indicates if torpedo can intercept target. It's based on current distance to target and its velocity vector. (Ship moving at 104 m/s towards you can be intercepted, ship moving at the same speed away from you can't be intercepted)
    • Status - current status of torpedo. Can display following values:
    1. Locking - trying to lock target (when you press "6").
    2. Target Locked - indicates that target is locked. If target locked successfully.
    3. Launch - torpedo is launched.
    4. Re-Locking - torpedo is trying to re-establish target lock. One of problems with launch is following: in the moment of detachment torpedo can not keep target in lock till the moment, it leaves bounding sphere of launching plane, cause otherwise plane will spoil target lock. So, there is a lag of 1-1.5 sec between rocket launch and momet it can re-lock target. Torpedo uses last data on target position and velocity to re-establish the lock. So, the more steady is measured target velocity, the less possibility, that you will see following indicator:
    5. Lock is LOST! - torpedo has lost target lock. It happens mostly with small and fast targets, targets moving with acceleration, targets that are too far. This message is not an indicator of complete failure tho. Use your "laser pointer" (press "2") to try to indicate target for torpedo again. In 80-90% torpedo catches target designated by plane easily. When you see "Lock Stable: true" on the right panel, press 3 to turn off "laser pointer".
    6. Chasing - torpedo is moving directly to target, while gathering data needed to calculate interception course.
    7. Intercepting - torpedo is moving to calculated interception point.
    8. FIXED - this indicates final 1-3 seconds before impact. Torpedo interception vector is fixed when it comes closer than 1.5*target signature. Otherwise trajectory will be spoiled.
    9. Terminated - if torpedo has not hit target in 5 min and warhead has not exploded, script turns itself off to free system resources.

    • Tang Vel - tangential component of targets velocity (it's normal to our line of sight when we look at target)
    • Orth Vet - orthagonal component of targets velocity (it's collinear to our line of sight). If It's negative, target is approaching, if it's positive - target goes away.
    • Intercept Time - Calculated time left till impact.
    • Laser Pointer - X, Y, Z coordinater of object caught by pointer. Helps to understand if you can designate target for torpedo if it lost lock.

    2. I've described almost everything in previous 2 points, there are only some tricks left.

    What you can and what you cant't do, known issues:
    a) you can't launch multiple lock-on torpedoes on stationary target, cause 1st torpedo will spoil lock of all torpedoes behind it.
    b) but you can try to lock multiple torpedoes on moving targets (with high tangential velocities). Guess why.
    c) You can launch torpedo with your laser pointer on, while crosshairing target. In case it'll lose the lock, it will find target immedeately.
    d) You can intercept ship, if it's moving at 104 m/s towards you (negative othagonal velocity).
    e) You cant intercept ship if it's moving away at full speed, but torpedo will chase him.
    f) I've not tested it with speed mods.​

    3. If Torpedoe locks the target, but don't launch when you press "8", recompile (open/save) torpedo program block.
    Don't forget, that it's still experimental unit. Bugs are possible, but now it's in condition to be published.
    Feel free to contact me if you found something malfunctioning.
    Happy shooting, guys!
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2015
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  24. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    2nd gen Homing Missiles updated.
    Added "hook" maneuver, hotkey 9.
    Torpedo will try to make a loop and go to targeted ship from frontal hemisphere. So torpedo gains additional impulse for iron cubes (target ship velocity added) and decreases time, when it's exposed to turrets fire.
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  25. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Thanks Pennywise... you've just set off an arms race in SE. :)

    I think for your next project should be a countermeasures package? It's always best to play both sides if you're an arms manufacturer. LOL
  26. Clunas Junior Engineer

    This is amazing work!

    Can the Locking script be expanded to engage multiple targets at once?
  27. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    A little annoying bug now prevents me from publishing new large torpedo and finishing my job with a "skeleton" blueprint allowing to use torpedoes with custom ships.

    Hope, it will be fixed soon.
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  28. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    I'm testing lock-on missiles on a planet.
    This one acts just like well-known Javelin. First it climbs up and than dives to target and hits from above almost vertically.
    I hope, it will become an effective weapon for hunting rovers, landed ships and bases of course.
    It can be launched from ground-attack planes as well as from rovers.
    Just imagine a small cheap guerilla van hidden in bushes.

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  29. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    I continue to test my new Javelin-like missile on moving targets. Today it will be a rover, rolling in circles on a surface of the frozen lake.
    There are some problems with lock-on func, cause wheels placed on rotors belog to different grid (than rovers body). And that spoils target lock occasionaly.
    So, lock-on func must be improved to be more reliable. And that turn, missile makes after calculating interception point, is too sharp, so trajectory leaves much to be done also.
    But my air2ground missile now can hit targets, crowling on planet surface, and that's nice.

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  30. Dante McFox Junior Engineer

    some very impressive weaponry you build there, cant wait to see what you come up with next! Good work, keep on!! ;)
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