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Physics issues update 101

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Jan.Nekvapil, Sep 26, 2015.

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  1. DS_Marine Apprentice Engineer

    I don't know if this is the 'ghosting' problem found, but when capturing a mining carriage, I found that the landing gear works ok the first time, but when you dettach there is some invisible extension of the block you were attached to, so you can lock like 4 meters away from it.
    And, everytime you lock at a distance, the lockable distance increases more (and a no lock zone appears below it)
  2. LocInt Apprentice Engineer


    We experienced that when you have small ships locked on your ship by landing gear and your ship is taking fire from missiles it will cause your ship to turn rapidly. It is like they are punching your ship.

    We managed to repeat this issue 4 times. With default missile turrets and with MWI weapon mod.

    Basically you lose control of your ship if someone is firing on it \o/
  3. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    Landing Gear placed at the end of a piston, extend piston, move ship to max speed... watch piston / landing gear..

    Maneuver the ship at max speed while the piston is extended and retracted.

    This for me is one of the big ones, I like to make small ships with extending landing legs... currently in a default max speed world it's problematic.. if I use a speed mod to make the max speed high enough that I won't hit the max speed limit it becomes less of an issue.

    From what I understand it's because when moving max speed and you turn the landing gear on the end of the piston is wanting to move faster than the speed limit, but cannot because of the speed limit.

    For testing here is a ship with retracting landing legs


    I can go to max speed then pull down and it will explode every time, and that is with them retracted..

    Flying with them extended is just asking for trouble.

    Hotkey [8] extends and retracts the landing gear.


    Another thing is locking a landing leg at the end of a piston breaks the piston, this was not present before the landing gear "fix".


    Another is the weight of the landing leg at the end of a piston altering the path of a ship as you are moving forward.
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  4. Lt. Yankee Apprentice Engineer

    Forum should be restricted to +18 only
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  5. X.ecut.R Trainee Engineer

    Heres a Physics related Bug...Dedicated Server....have to check in single player.
    Motor suspensions have been changed...if you lock your wheeled vehicle to a landing gear or with a landing gear on the vehicle and then release it, the vehicle falls through the wheels. e.g if you manage to lock it 5 meters in the air, the wheels will stay up there but the car body falls down. The wheels are still controllable. you can revert to original state by changing the Suspension Offset Height, however the car jumps high up if you touch the slider. So ....in a nutshell: locking wheeled vehicles with LG makes the wheels stay where they were when locked.
  6. Lt. Yankee Apprentice Engineer

    everything is coming from LG !
  7. Lt. Yankee Apprentice Engineer

    Yes there is.There is a video with hangar doors on the first page.REEADD
    And here is your version
  8. Jan.Nekvapil Developer Staff

    @DS_Marine @LocInt :already reported and fixed
    @KissSh0t : Long term issue with pistons, feature to "lock" them so they dont fly away in high speeds should come soon.
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  9. Jan.Nekvapil Developer Staff

    @midspace : Will check on that. Is it really drilling? Since there are heavy perf issues with thrusters now being fixed.
  10. DS_Marine Apprentice Engineer

    This also may be a physic thing:
    When you lock a small ship to a stationary big ship or a station, turn it off and see how the required thruster power jumps around. When the ship is on,I think this cause faster drain of power.
  11. X.ecut.R Trainee Engineer

    Just an Update on the wheeled vehicle issue i mentioned before.
    It seems to exist only in MP and when locking to a different size grid (e.g : small car to station)
    And BTW...i know it doesnt fit here but the new attribute of the Motor Suspension "Brake" doesnt seem to work in MP aswell.
  12. SoUlFaThEr Trainee Engineer

    @Jan.Nekvapil I have gone far past that point. I stopped drilling a deep tunnel since then and drilling only as deep as the drill is long so nothing can happen until the coast is clear and i can turn off my dampeners.

    If you want however, I can try to replicate what I did yesterday.......save before and if it happens i can send that.

    The simulation speed info is interesting. I came off a pretty far flight (about 40k km of normal flight) at full speed with my unfinished mothership with 3 large and smalls attached to it....and when i let the dampeners do their thing to stop me....i was in slowmotion until i saved, quit and reloaded. While at the control panel it seemd to stagger between normal speed and slow sim......once off it was steady in slowmotion again.
  13. noxLP Junior Engineer

    I discover this with the hinge mod but it seems that happens with rotors too, and don't see Digi have reported it so i'll just put it here.

    When one of the subgrids containing a rotor is attached to other grid via landing gear, the angle shown in the deailed info shifts 90º, so if the angle before locking the landing gears was 0º, after locking the LG the angle is 90º.
    It appears to not be a very important thing but it affects not only the scripts reading the detailed info but the limits established in the control panel, when the angle shift the rotor can easily end out of limits which leads to strange things, the worst be blowing all up instantaneously but it can simply be the rotor spinning till reaching again the limits.

    If i understood correct (see comments here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=385778606&searchtext=hinge) it seems to appears only if the LGs are on the base of the rotor, but i had no time to test it so can be the exact opposite :D , but it's fairly easy to duplicate:

    1. Place rotor (i've seen it in a small ship) and confirm it's at 0º.
    2. Place LGs above or ahead the rotor.
    3. Place a block just in top of the LGs and let gravity do the work (with a mss block f.i.), OR copy the rotor with the LGs and paste it so the LGs face other grid. Rotor angle still be 0º whatever the option you choose.
    4. Lock LGs and now the angle of the rotor is 90º instead of 0º.
  14. entspeak Senior Engineer

    @Jan.Nekvapil - I had a rotor head go mad and wildly fly around doing loopdy-loops. I was trying to attach a landing gear to a suspension wheel motor by doing the rotor trick. I had a small ship block with a rotor head placed on it. I copied it, and started to paste it. I lined up the paste image and moved slowly forward, finishing the paste with a bit of momentum so that the rotor head would slowly connect with the suspension wheel motor. Then, this happened:

  15. BrainWeasel Trainee Engineer

    @Jan.Nekvapil did my save come through okay? Were you able to reproduce?
  16. Jan.Nekvapil Developer Staff

    @BrainWeasel : I have it. Was not able to reproduce tho.
  17. rexxar Senior Engineer

    A similar problem may have already been reported, but I turned off destructible blocks on my dedicated server due to my welders being made of glass. One of the guys was building a small ship while it was stuck to a large landing gear on the platform. I went to weld an extension to the platform, but I bumped it and the front half of the welder blew off. If I had been welding armor blocks, I'm sure they would have been dented.

    It looks like any landing gear attached to a grid makes that grid and any grid that impacts it breakable. Everything has been fine since I unlocked all the landing gears.

    EctoSAGE's video on this update showed a lot of interesting bugs:

    Additionally, I discovered (painfully) that if your character gets caught in a tight spot, he'll bounce back and forth faster and faster until he dies a terrible painful death. (Again, dedicated server)
  18. Jan.Nekvapil Developer Staff

    @rexxar : destructible problem known and fixed thanks.
  19. BrainWeasel Trainee Engineer

    That is odd. I don't even have to do anything weird to get it to trigger. I can phase through the wall of the hangar as well.


    This definitely wasn't happening before 1.101. Any ideas? Is there other information I can provide which might help?
  20. Avaslash Trainee Engineer

  21. midspace Senior Engineer

    Here is the ship I've been testing with. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=526269759
    I've tried dampeners off, the sim speed still drops.
    Usually I just turn the forward thrusters off, leaving gyros and side thrusters on to keep the ship steady whilst drilling through an asteroid at 0.5 to 1.6 m/s. Sensors will turn drills on automatically.
    I tried turning the sensors off too. It's always the drills in close proximity to the asteroid surface that drop the sim rate.

    The reproducible part is taking the drill ship part way into the asteroid.
    1. Turn the thrusters on, and stop the ship.
    2. Turn the drills off.
    3. Turn everything else not of consequence off.
    4. Sim speed will be 1.0
    5. Turn the drills on.
    6. Sim speed will drop significantly.
    7. Turn the drills off.
    8. Sim speed returns to 1.0
    9. Turn the dampeners off.
    10. Sim speed will still be 1.0
    11. Turn the drills on.
    12. Sim speed will drop significantly.
  22. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    @Jan.Nekvapil Did you discover anything about the connector bug?
  23. darth_crunchus Apprentice Engineer

  24. macgeifer Apprentice Engineer

    @Jan.Nekvapil several players experienced a missing collisions detection with asteroids in V101. is that already fixed? i cannot reproduce it reliable but it occures from time to time after creating a new world.
  25. guran Trainee Engineer

    Thank you for that information, it helped me to find a workaround. Now i use gyroscopes instead of thrusters, it's not that precise and smooth as before, but it works!

    Of course i hope you can fix the physics issues soon, i really miss the "usual" game.
  26. mcasdennis Trainee Engineer

    I found that when the small ship thrusters are ON, this happens. When OFF, doesn't happen.
  27. Calaban Junior Engineer

    My recent physics related bugs, noticed since 1.01 update:

    -Getting "stuck" in space- have to shake the gyro to "wake up" the momentum, or to remind the engine "there is no friction in space vacuum"
    --- I often get this when in a small ship, trying to do things.. heavy. Like landing gear grip a chunk of large ship debris and trying to tow it somewhere, or just flying around with a full (large cargo hold x2) belly. This would make sense and feel right on a.. planetary surface, but not among drifting objects in space, please.

    - Landing gear grabbing from too far away
    --- Often when detaching a small ship from a large ship- it wont. The gear shows yellow, but when I try to back away- ugh! either I get immersion whiplash from the yank of inertia, or, if my small ship is awesome enough, I will start lugging the large ship around- obviously still gripped.
    --- while trying to resolve this bug by cycling the landing gear a few times, even turning them off outright, I will find my small ship is still stuck within an invisible room- presumably the boundary box of the large ship- oddly: when in such a state I can grip the ship from even a considerable distance away
    --- the only way to escape is to firmly regrip the large ship, and then power the gear off without unlocking them.

    - Small ship placed on large ship caused UDP freeze.
    ---Repeatable in Red Ship Crash survival, as soon as I place a small landing gear on the deck of the red ship to "start building a new ship", e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g slows down horribly. Shift-F1 shows FPS 115 (normal/typical) UDP 6(~7) (normally 60), World speed .08 (normally 1.00)
    --- destroy that gear, poof everythigns back fine. Build it again.. UGH. its back, definitely related.
    --- a work around (I like redship starts) is to build a station block under one of the reships gear, and have the redship "dock" to it- often never having to even move at all. After "fixing" the red ship in place, everythings fine.

    -Spontaneous Thuster destruction. For no reason.
    ---This is a weird one, That ive been getting since building my little worker ship (with large thrusters). A Thruster will just vanish. poof! no boom, no debris (slightly warped armor blocks around where it was though), just suddenly "uhh.. stop... stop stop STOP!!! [crunch!] as I realize too late that thruster simply isn't there anymore.
    --- very repeatable- no matter how many times I reload, reboot, change settings, or try something new, this UP thruster is doomed, as soon as It thrusts.
    --- So repeatable I was able to shadowplay the footage, video link here:
    http://vid14.photobucket.com/albums/a323/Calaban/Lg Thruster Bug.mp4

    PS: in that video you can hear the anti aliasing static bug as well. I keep hoping its "some random radio signal I'm supposed to locate and investigate- or haunting CBR [cosmic background radiation for you weekend space engineers ], but seems to just be this constant bug.. buzzing around the back of my attention subliminally"

    PPS: thought of another physics based one:

    -Steel plates falling like artificial masses- knocking large ships around with the impact.
    -- I was salvaging a large ship, and got to the point where I didn't care for any more Steel plates, so filled my inventory, and just started cutting (I wanted its engine room for my ship). I noticed the ship started to roll. It was the steel plates- falling from where they spawned, the ~3 feet to the floor, with the momentum of a freight train each, apparently.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2015
  28. Revii Trainee Engineer


    Sorry for my bad english. I don't know whether this information is useful.

    I am currently a server admin and I was able to notice that most of the problems (all), occurs only after some time. When you save the world and restart the server, for some time I'm able to play normally. But over time, I begin to lose the ability to dig, weld some blocks from projector (after restart, I can do it again :/ ) etc.

    I hope it will help to reproduce some bugs. Most of the bugs that I report, you couldn't see after starting my save world.
  29. Echillion Senior Engineer

    Playing single player today I kept getting warnings that my suit energy and oxygen were low even when they were at 100% also when docking my miner at the easy start base I got low fuel warnings even though the bases 3 reactors had over 50kg of U235 ingots in each and on the base info display wasn't displaying any weight and that it had 16 thrusters when it has none and fuel time is listed at 0

    heres a screenshot:

    Also when trying to join my DS the world is loading at 1% at a time and takes 6 mins to get to 6% when before 101.29 it used to load in seconds.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2015
  30. Jan.Nekvapil Developer Staff

    Thats not even physics...

    Thank you everyone for big help, I am closing this topic now and I will make sure issues I didnt addressed are processed by our testers.
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