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Piracy Storytime

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Patriarch, Oct 1, 2014.

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  1. Patriarch Trainee Engineer

    Yep, there are plenty of mods. I constantly grill our admin to make sure they're working, too. As for factions, that's a varied question. There are factions, but most of them are ineffective. You're better off starting one with the folks on the forums and joining. I'm on a hold on my PVPing, to help bring more folks onboard and play with us. The perfect time to join, is yesterday, second best is now.
  2. Patriarch Trainee Engineer

    Alright folks, another story! Remember how I talked about the guy who stuck around in the belts that we can't touch? I'm gonna talk about him.

    I referred to him as "The Anomaly". Among all the folks I've fought and encountered, you have folks who leave the belts and thrive, or you have folks that stay in the belts and die. Except for him. Dorkinator's the name. I remember when I first started playing on the TEST server, I was just flying a small light scout ship, when I viewed a large superstructure attached to an asteroid. Approaching the roid, I was greeted with a beacon warning me to turn back. I figured whoever they were were bluffing, so I flew at full speed to the anomaly.

    Big mistake. I was greeted with dozens of green lasers, suddenly turning red with fury. "Fuck."

    I rolled and attempted to avoid most of the gunfire, but the ship was moving too fast. I took damage to a critical section, placing me into a spin. I attempted to adjust the camera to view the superstructure, to gather a few screenshots. I managed to do so, before being blasted to bits. If I managed to die, I might as well get intel. Opening the screenshot page after respawn, I had a few grainy photos of a large tubular station, with loads of guns. The asteroid it was attached to, was missing 30-40% of it's mass, probably used to create the leviathan of a ship. I didn't know what it was, but I HAD to have it.

    I chatted up the teamspeak, asking for assistance. I managed to get a fellow factionmate to join me on a crappy little small ship bike. I was gonna try to fly the little thing inside, and attempt boarding action. Of course, ten minutes later, we got blown to bits. I told some of the higher ups at the time about what I found, and that I had to have it. To my surprise, I was told to leave him alone. Apparantly our server admin was friends with this guy, and wanted to set him up as an informal faction ally. Begrudgingly, I accepted the terms.

    For the next few weeks, I would pass the anomaly heading into the belts; it's looming shadow gaining shape, even in the distance. It's prey was newbies, just by existing. Folks would spawn in, think they could take it, and approach the ship, only to be left as hulks as their noobships were thrown into the inky void of the sector. Dust and echoes, man. It was eerie.

    A week after I created this thread, there was a large amount of lag on the server, and I saw a text appear on the screen:

    [FLYS] Dorkinator: Moving ship, stand by for lag.
    "Jesus Christ, he's moving it. I figured it was a station at this point."

    After a bit of lag, he's moved it into another sector. The point of origin, Lynx, was devoid of asteroids and resources. The only thing left was a graveyard of noobships and the occasional shard of an asteroid. He's still out there to this day, the damn thing sitting in the belts, screaming a challenge to be captured. Nobody's succeeded yet.

    I typically leave a picture of the relevant story, but I think I'll leave this one up to the imagination. Here's one of my mining Gladius variants being created.
  3. doulos05 Trainee Engineer

    I'd ask if you actually read the stories (like reading for comprehension, not letting your eyes float aimlessly across the words and picking out the "most important" ones), but I know you didn't for two reasons:
    1) You haven't a strong habit of displaying reading skills in your atmosphere threads.
    2) None of the posters here have shared a story in which the owner wasn't present to defend their creation. Except for one, who was talking about an episode involving a cargo ship in Single Player.

    People who disagree with you aren't trolls. People who attack other players on a PVP server aren't griefers. People who blow stuff up while you're not there, they're griefers. People who log onto a server for the express purpose of crashing it or destroying critical common infrastructure without investing in the server, they're griefers. Also, it's griefers. Grievers are people who grieve (to experience sadness caused by a loss), griefers are people who grief (internet slang for causing annoyance).
  4. goduranus Junior Engineer

    It sounds like Patriarch just wants to punch the dude, but you don't want your faction to notice.
    How would they know if you just went in with your antennas turned off? Better yet, build your ship in secret and set everything to being owned by Nobody so the enemy won't be able to tell who attacked them even if they managed to wreck your attack ship.
  5. Patriarch Trainee Engineer

    I'll tell you about another engagement I had with Dorkinator, where I managed to penetrate his ship...Tomorrow :)

  6. lmakeppelave Trainee Engineer

    Ohhh can I tell a story about TEST? :)
  7. Patriarch Trainee Engineer

    Sure, or about xPx, I love hearing about you guys!
  8. Patriarch Trainee Engineer

    Alright, another story for ya'll.

    Mistakes weren't common, but when they were, they were massive cockups. Case in point, last night.
    We have an Anti-TEST faction, made by a friendly rival that I know personally. The faction is called Omega. Unbeknownst to me, Omega had a lot of work done in the past few days. They managed to:
    1. Steal Dorkinator's Capital ship (See above story)
    2. Convert it to their control
    3. Boost their production to insane levels

    All within two or three days. Which I just found out about. Reaching the Corona Borealis sector, I set a classic trap. Aboard Sodom and Gomorrah, I turned on an antenna called "Small Ship 2293", boosted the range to 5k, and waited for them to take the bait. My rival told me he was coming, and I expected some light ships. Wrong. I wound up seeing large heavy armor vessels streaking across the void, multiple layers thick. Approaching fast.
    I shut off the antenna, and took cover behind an asteroid. The prowler blended in, and I settled beside the asteroid, shutting off my power to reduce sight. I knew that if I left the area, I would be followed if sighted. However, before shutting down everything, I noticed my guns locked on to something in the belt. I left my ship, hoping that whatever was inside, could give me an edge. I found a small foxhole in the asteroid, with a square black heavy armor ship, with 3 miniguns and a fighter cockpit. Grinding it open, I discovered it was called "Star Fury", and it was owned by none other than my rival himself! I quickly hatched a plan. I would use the ship, convert it quickly, and engage my rival and atttempt to either distract, disable, or learn some intel about the mysterious ships. I ground down what I could, and proceeded to activate the ship, boost the beacon, and fly to the Corona Borealis beacon to draw their attention. However, when I neared the beacon, they were gone! I left the ship there, figuring they would wind up blowing it up on accident, and jetpacked to Sodom and Gomorrah. At least, I tried to. The prowler was missing. Either I'm in the wrong parking lot, or it's gone gone. I suicided, and found the ship in the spawn options. Moving.

    Double fuck.

    Spawning in, I somehow managed to not die, only to see the grey exterior flying away from me, and gaining speed. Catching up to the rubberbanding and stuttering vessel, I saw a small hole where Omega must have grinded in and took control. In my attempt to be safe, I shut off the guns and granted them access . A grave miscalculation. I left the antennas off, so I couldn't remote in and stop the ship, and I couldn't get in normally. After about four minutes of attempts, I managed to get through the airlock and get to secondary damage control, a heavily armored section built for just this emergency, for when the primary cockpit was destroyed. I reached for the cockpit, and barely managed to gain access. I quickly slap on the inertial damps, and breathe in relief. In my adventure catching up, I managed to drift over 60 kilometers from the original spot, leaving me relatively safe, yet still vulnerable due to the attack. I switched on my guns, and checked for damage, which was minimal. As to why they decided to cause my ship to run, instead of stealing or destroying it, I can't tell you.

    At that point, I've already gotten on the horn with my faction lead and reported their boost in technology, and alarmingly fast ships, only to get this response: "Oh yeah, they stole Dorkinator's supercap. That's probably how they managed to build them." This was news to me, considering that Omega weren't much of a threat two or three days ago.

    Triple fuck.

    In my attempt to respawn aboard one of our stations to gather repairs for the S&G, I then realized that we were missing half of our health stations. Something was dreadfully wrong. I spawned in on my noobship parked a short distance away, and jetpacked to the Space Hulk. The Space Hulk was a massive construction of really bad ships, merged together into the form of a station. Since the launching of our mobile base program, we turned it into a newbie base role. As the Space Hulk granted me the beginnings of my life of piracy and industry, it would nurture those same aspects to our fledgling newbies. Of course, that can't happen when it gets shot to shit.


    Somehow, someone managed to find the base, and attempted to raid it. Structural damage, expended turret ammunition, and holes punctured among numerous defense systems I planted around the station. It was without power, looking like a true wreckage. There were some ships relatively intact, a few Gladius prototypes still operational and armed nearby, that did their job in stopping the attacker, but the price was dear. I took more screenshots, and proceeded to inform Cronyx again as to what happened. As to who attacked the base, I had no idea. One could assume it was Omega, the only faction able to fight at all. I spawned back aboard S&G, and was preparing to head back to Demogorgon for docking and repair. A hard day, but at least we only lost a few objects. As I was aligning to the base, I read from Panick: "Welp, Patriarch struck again, we just totaled Star Fury." I chuckled a little bit. Perhaps it's not so bad today.

    I load up the timer formula for gravity drive travel, and prepare to activate-NO MESSAGE RECEIVED FROM SERVER FOR 1 SECONDS, 2 SECONDS, 3 SECONDS...

    I sit there, staring at the screen, dumbfounded. Looks like I'm done for tonight.


    TL;DR Mistakes happen, deal with it.
  9. Echillion Senior Engineer

    Someone STOLE Dorkinators ship? lol that thing must be all refineries and assemblers? Bad luck on the server shutdown perhaps its Dorkies revenge on those that nicked his ship?
  10. Optiskate Trainee Engineer

    Patriarch, those are some pretty epic stories. Cant wait to hear more...
  11. nightshade221 Trainee Engineer

    As i approached the large hulking mass i realized that my small bike was absolutely no match for the ridiculous amount of green lasers that would no doubt begin to target me should i enter weapons range. my partner had decided to leave it to me to orbit what could only be Dorks massive cap ship. "well, i guess i kind of owe you don't i..." as soon as i hit 2k meters the warning beacon appeared on my hud: "do not approach, turn back now".
    "well this is it; im going in"
    i entered a slow and steady orbit around the object waiting for the moment that the 50+ turrets would begin to fire upon my light yet quick ship praying that i would accumulate agro before coming within point blank range of the turrets.
    M-"900m and closing"
    V-"careful buddy, we only need to run it out of ammo and the ship is ours"

    i slowly entered a closer orbit
    M-*thinking*"surely he hasn't set the turrets to less than 400m"
    M-"not yet. standby."

    my orbit had become danger close. should the turrets open up now my shiny new bike would be done for as would i.
    as i slowed my ship to 60m/s i noticed the starboard side of Dorks Cap ship begin firing.
    M-"well @@@@. sorry V this is it. we cant get it. its too dangerous and he must have loads of ammo. there's no way we can take this."
    V-"M, its targeting me..."
    M-"wait.. what? whats your range?!?"
    V-"900m and closing. why hasn't it targeted you?"

    a mixture of confusion and relief flooded my mind. not wanting to waste precious time i located the nearest entrance, the rear docking bay of the ship, and flew my small bike inside the massive hulk of heavy armor that was slowly running its ammo out trying to target my friend at max range. i came upon several interior turrets and made short work of them with my pulse cannons. seeing nothing that would immediately target and murder me, i began hacking the crucial parts of the ship so that we could move it away from the rest of Dorks armada and safely scrap it.

    V-"hurry up, im about to lose my fighter. these turrets are getting to close for comfort!"
    M-"chill your @@@@ bro, im working as fast as i can..."

    after several minutes of hearing the turrets fire and constantly checking with V to ensure we were still (relatively) safe i managed to build a cockpit and take control of the leviathan. a twang of regret hit me like a brick to the face. this was at least a month of someones hard work and dedication. this wasn't a ship. it was a work of art.

    i quickly stifled my emotion reminding myself that all is fair in love and (pvp)war. if you didn't want to be hacked, you wouldn't park so close to an astro belt.
    i moved the enormous hull of the ship outside of the range of Dorks weapons installations and cut the power. V and i hacked the few gyros we could find and managed to get the thing turning and flying. it took a 20 minute flight just to return it to within 2k of our base of operations.

    as we began to scrap the monster, regret returned like a long lost lover, ready to scrap my own heart.
    "how long will it be until this happens to us?"
    as before i forced myself to justify my actions and those of V.
    V-"we shall see my friend. we shall see."

    the next day, our alliance with omega began.
  12. Panick_II Trainee Engineer

    Ahh, its about time I was told about this thread! Took you long enough pat. But at any rate, if anyone wants to hop in and challenge Omega, feel free! I would love to see the kind of designs that other people come up with.

    On another note, the dialogue that me and my new faction buddies had during the jacking of the Sodom and Gomorrah was absolutely hilarious!

    Me and the above person had been discussing a merger for a few days now, and we finally agreed to it recently. As such, we were going to do a base raid to start our blossoming alliance off with a bang, but things went crazy. I had just entered Corona Borealis, and was heading towards an agreed upon rendezvous point when i noticed something off about an asteroid in Ara. I look closer and sure enough, its a ship. After another moment of scrutiny, I realize its heading straight for me! Me, M, and V were all in a skype call at the time when i noticed the ship. (for the sake of organisation, I am P)

    P-Uhh, i see a ship...

    P-oh @#$! I think its seen me already!
    ~beacon pops up: Small ship 2239~

    V-where are you?

    P-@#$! im in Corona, He's definitely seen me, he just turned his beacon on...
    ~does a 180 in the starfury~
    P-Imma try to stall him, when can you guys get here?

    M-15 minutes fastest, not that i would actually get there in time.

    V-about 5-10

    P-Crap, its gotta be pat, he's the only one on the server at the moment besides us... He's headed right for me
    ~going in the exact opposite direction of pats ship at full speed and only gaining about 1 meter per 3 seconds~

    P-I think i can hide in one of the asteroids and slip past him, hurry
    ~after a moment, I find a starfury sized hole in an asteroid, but I forgot that I had attached a passenger seat to the top~

    P-@#$% I'm dead! Totally forgot about the chair! crap...

    I respawn back at my base and weigh my options. I could bring in my unfinished, but armed, warship and scare him out, I could bring in my miner and use the respawn bay, or I could just let him have the ship. I really loved that fighter though. I simply sat, trying to figure out what to do for a bit when V notices something.

    V-I found pat.

    P-You're in Corona Borealis?

    V-yeah, I think he's out of his ship.

    M-try and steal it

    P-You sure?

    V-I just flew past him, all his turrets are off, and i dont see him anywhere

    M-grab his ship!

    P-*suppressing laugh* dude it would be absolutely hilarious if you could steal his ship right from underneath him.

    V-lemme park the ship
    ~he proceeds to go towards pats ship once finished with the park job

    V-He's definitely not here, let me see if I can hack it...

    M-Panick, you know him right? distract him. get him talking or something!

    P-already on it
    ~starts a conversation with pat about the small amount of platinum I owe him. He starts talking to me~

    V-I ran into a gravity generator, I'm almost inside.
    ~dies from turret~

    V-crap hes got interior turrets. lemme see if i can get past em

    M-Panick, keep him engaged.

    P-Shut up for a sec, cant think.
    ~strikes up a new subject and starts another conversation~

    V-YES! I got it, I'm flying away now. I still think he hasn't seen me...

    we all share a good laugh at his obliviousness

    P-Ok, I'm at delphinus if you need help. Make a beeline for me and i can protect you, but I'm not gonna show my face until i know hes gone.

    I had made a decision, and brought in one of my lightly armed ships to delphinus. Not wanting to bring his ship to his attention, I stayed out of sight, and waited.

    V-I'm still going, i don't think he's noticed yet

    I laugh my ass off at the fact that he was so clueless.

    M-C'mon, keep him engaged, just talk about anything!

    P-ok ok, shut up for a sec
    ~proceeds to respond to him talking about dorks ship being gone. Doesn't receive a response for a bit~

    P-I think he knows...

    V-Yeah he just spawned in. I'm turning dampeners off...
    ~V dies (I do not remember how exactly)~

    V-Oh, im dead. *starts laughing hard* Its got dampeners off and its almost at top speed .

    We all laugh really hard at this. Then we all proceed to badger him about his ship. After a while pat finally puts "That was low" and I proceed to respond with, "ALLS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR, @#$%!" I proceed to get a stitch in my side from laughing so damned hard. I later discover that pat took the engine and all the ammunition on the starfury and parked it on the Corona Borealis beacon, rendering the hulk of a ship practically nothing. I then proceed to post, "Welp, Patriarch struck again, we just totaled the Starfury" Immediately after, i smash what was left of the flying armor blocks (with a few thrusters) and smash it into an asteroid. Time to go home. All in all, the situation was just too hilarious once pat explained what had happened on his side to me. So many coincidences, so many laughs.

    Oh, and as for the Space Hulk, I have absolutely no clue what happened there. Its still a mystery waiting to be unraveled.
  13. Echillion Senior Engineer

    Thats Funny! :D

    Omega nick Dokies ship then Pats, while nicking Pats ship gets killed and ship flies off into the unknown with a newly spawned Pat wondering WTF is going on? and when Omega move Dorkies ship they crash the server for Pat?

    Edit: Perhaps Dorky hit the space hulk thinking Pat had nicked his beloved behemoth?

    Sorry I had to :) over this^ please keep'em coming :D
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  14. Yulemus Trainee Engineer

    Now I tell you the tale of the banter lads and their subsequent destruction by the French.

    Me and some friends logged on to some survival server with roughly 15 people on, and found a quaint asteroid to colonise and harvest material. As we were constructing our tiny corvette, lord pancake discovers a tiny base and 2 respawn ships on a neighbouring asteroid, and quickly begins hacking into one of the respawn ships. As this is happening I glance at the chat and see a conversation between two players I'm French. Using my limited knowledge of Francais and google translate on my phone I start deciphering their conversation.

    Lord pancake glides into the citadel of scaffolding that is to be our first warship, and notice the French shouting something In chat.
    Next thing the banter lads flagship is met with assault rifle fire. I rush off to the assembler to pickup a rifle and met with gunfire, I force my way into the assembly room. I notice the agitated screams of my peers through our Skype call, and am then punctured with bullets.

    I quip In the chat at these Frenchmen, asking them to surrender as a matter of national tradition. Shortly after this our medical room is gone and In the chat reads,
    'Au revoir'

    The banter lads, pirate scourge of villayers server, had been decimated by some baguette wielding Frenchmen!
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  15. High Ground Apprentice Engineer

    For those of you who keep getting you ship taken from you by pirates allow me to share some of my anti pirating tip. I've use these against Pirates and Raiders so much they now leave me alone.

    Place a warhead behind a wall (somewhere it will not be easily discovered, and some where it will not get hit by weapons fire (easier now with the armor patch)). Set the timer on the warhead to 10-30 minutes leave the timer in safe mode. Now in the event your ship comes under attack, you go straight to a control panel and activate it. This gives you time to access the threat. If they manage to take you out and prevent you from respawning on you ship at a minimum you can have your revenge, ruin their day and their prize.

    Another method I have for dealing with pirates is the booby trap. Find a ship that they are striping for parts, something they comeback to time and again. For this you will need the parts to make a Large Ship warhead, Small Ship warhead, starting a landing gear, and a small ship reactor and a small ship sensor and a small ship antenna. With this you can make a small proximity bomb which will set off the large warhead. You set the sensor to detect players and trigger the timer on the small warhead (say 1-3 minutes). you do all this via the antenna which you turn off when your are finished (got to hide your presence) or you can use that as bate and have a shorter times like 5 -10 seconds. If you are using the alter method turn the antenna ranger down a bit so it can only be seen inside the wreckage. Now when the pirates comeback they, go back to striping the ship, but unbenoste to them they tripped the sensor and sealed their fate.
  16. High Ground Apprentice Engineer

    And now for a story.

    The other day I was out and about mining when I saw a guy from one of the large fraction crash his ship into an asteroid (was going to fast and a bit too close) destroying his cockpit and killing himself. Now the fraction this guy belongs to leaves me alone (they learned the hard way why you don't screw with me, I'll tell this story later). But this guy caused me trouble the other day and when i checked his ship there was no medbay (large ship bout the size of a respawn ship, why he had no medbay I will never know) and knowing that it would take him a while to get back over here (better part of an hour), I figured what the hell its PAYBACK TIME ! ! !. So I went up to ship and looked for a nice place to leave a few presents. At first I was just going to boob trap the ship to explode when he took control of it (thruster and a warhead would do nicely), but I noticed a small room with a Sage Access door. I went in and found a nice little compartment so I filled it with few Large Warheads and a sensor. I set the sensor to activate a the timer set to blow in 2 hours. I was going to have it arm when it detects another player but I had a better idea, I set it to detect a station. So after setting up my gift I when back to mining.

    Now after about 40 minutes he shows back up in a little fighter, repairs his ship and flies home.

    3 hrs later I see chat light up with members of his fraction all collectively going WTF. Seems he had his ship parked next to their Cargo storage area (RIGHT NEXT TO IT, practically on top of it), Seems when his ship went it took out the whole cargo area plus several small fighter craft that were near by. Saying they were pissed would be an understatement. And the best part is they have no idea I did it.
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  17. gi_ty Apprentice Engineer

    Damn that is hilarious well done
  18. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    Will with High Ground's it really surprises me the number of people that don't do G and K menu scans when they leave their ship unguarded for a while. It really does save a lot of problems that can come up from pvp.

    Hey High Ground next time you trap someone ship try it with a Warhead on it piston, with the piston set to a timer to full extend in a small space and send me a screen shot of the damage of you can. I'd like to see that happens. I've had one piston do more damage to a ship then 20 warheads once.
  19. Panick_II Trainee Engineer

    So, me and V were experimenting with the stargate mod yesterday... had some interesting results. The stargate mod does actually work, to a degree. We had made a stargate connection between 2 of our bases, and we were having fun with it. V wanted to try using a ship on it. Me, having tested it in singleplayer, figured, "Meh, what the hell." So i grab an old small ship miner that i haven't used for a month and set it up. I turn on the gate, and fly into the portal, but it was too small to fit through. so I angled one of my drills into the portal and boom, teleport. Except there was something totally wrong. I was so glitched out that I could not move, was twitching all over, and I was in the middle of nowhere. I was so glitched out that I couldn't even see the XYZ beacons. So after a bit, I committed suicide and respawned back at base. Now extremely curious, me and V make a little rig that consisted of a beacon, an armor block, and a small reactor. (small ship) We try to send it though the stargate, but to no avail. Then V has the idea of strapping me to it and seeing if that will send me through. I say, "Alright, I'll bite. Lets see if this sucker will work now." He pushes me through... and im in the middle of nowhere again, glitched as shit. V, in the skype call, says, "Oh my god you're 300,000 meters away!" So now, there is a beacon in the middle of space that's really, really far away.

    We call all ships that are stargated, "in the 5th dimension"

    Here's the Mine N dash, glitched out. Look closely at the side thrusters, notice how the blue is glitched out.

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  20. Haunty Apprentice Engineer

    haha, reminds me of the movie Event Horizon. Gateway to hell
  21. Floki Apprentice Engineer

    Whatever you do, don't try to recover that ship!
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  22. goduranus Junior Engineer

    Wait a minute,High Ground, I thought warheads don't work in multiplayer. I planted some on another player's ship and did no damage.
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  23. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    Warheads work in MP it's just now they do next to no damage.
  24. goduranus Junior Engineer

    So yesterday I was terrorizing the asteroid field with my new fighter, when I noticed a yellow starter ship approaching an asteroid where my allies from another faction have built a base. The ship carefully parked in the turret's blindspot, and as I approached, I saw that two guys were jumping out.

    "Pirates," I thought. As they stood, probably planning their assault, I used the asteroid's contour to stay hidden from their sights and circled my fighter around to the rear of the yellow ship for a clear shot at the reactor.

    Woosh-Woosh-Woosh-Woosh-Woosh, I let loose a salvo of 10 rockets, and watched as the giblets fly out and the red tags of two astronauts disappear from my screen.

    "Ha, that'll teach them"

    But wait, they got two guy, so a few minutes later, the other guy spawned the yellow ship and they came at the base again. So I snuck up on them and once again pulverized their ship with rockets. This time they saw me and came at my fighter with grinders. So I opened up with my Gatling guns, but wtf my fighter can't even outfly a space suit. Luckily the allies' base was there to lend fire support, so they were quickly dispatched.

    Over the next ten minutes or so, they kept spawning in their space suits to attack the base, while I again and again sent them to the respawn screen with gatling and rocket fire. Eventually, one guy managed to get inside the base.

    "Oh well, did all I could..."

    Just at that moment, the base owner logged on, so I gave him shout "Anderson, asteroid base is being attacked by faction 123", and then the red nametag was joined by a white one. My speakers rumbled with the sound of assault rifle fire as I watched the red and white nametags dance around through the station walls, and a heated exchange of Russian texts with what I imagine are swear words scrolled up my screen.

    Eventually, between me shooting them down with my fighter, and Anderson defending from inside, we repulsed the attackers, and that was a fun day.
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  25. High Ground Apprentice Engineer

    Well time for another story.... (Names changed to cover my ass)

    This began last Thursday, I was out and about mining when I say a fighter from the "Blue Fraction" out patrolling the asteroid field I was in. I watched and laughed my ass off as he took to sharp a turn and got a cockpit full of rock killing himself. Now I know for a fact that the nearest blue fraction respawn point is at least 10 kilometer away. So I swoop in and "salvage" (steal) his ship, disabling its systems and dragging it back to by base.

    Now back at base I make the ship mine by hacking the nessary system wit the exception of the antenna. I want the antenna to broadcast the wrong I.D. Now some hours later I decide
    To take this ship on a "recon" tour of the Blue Fractions base. No while the antenna my fool any blue fraction members it won't fool any turrets so I have to be careful in my approch. After about and hour I was able to find the blind spots in their defenses and get fairly close to their base. And what I saw worried me. I say one carrier (fighter complement of maybe 20 fighters), 2 frigates, 3 corvettes, and 6 patrol ships with several more under construction. Needless to say they were planning to start a small war.

    So as I was heading back to base I was tring to figure out a way to through a wrench in Blue Fractions war plans. And that's when I had an apifineey! I remembered that from time to time the Blues would mix it up with the Red fraction in minor firefights. And from this I hatched a devilish plan.....Muha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (evil laugh seem approate). So I went home and refitted this little blue fighter with rockets up the yong-yang and then set off for the Red Fractions base.

    When I got to Red base the first thing I did was ambush a small mining rig (poor bastard didn't stand a chance) because he was out side their defense platform weapon range. Next I snipe the weapons platform somehow taking out the things reactor in only a few hits (damn lucky if you ask me). So with the platform out of the way I make a B-line their base and low and behold the turrets are off (I couldn't believe my luck) so I proceeded to take out the cockpit of every craft that was docked on the landing platform. About this time the poor guy in the mining rig I wasted on the way in was headed my way in a fighter. So I turn to engage and what has to be the luckiest few rocket shot of my life, I take out his cockpit at 700m. Now he's cursing me in chat and calling for backup (time is running out). I see an area inside this massive asteroid that Red base is built into and I spot a few large cargo containers, so I fly over and blast them. And while I'm over there I seet 7-8 refineries, 6 or so assemblers, a couple of arc furnaces and a few more containers. I fire every last rocket I had into this area (was going for maximum effect), I took out just about all of it (man they were going to be so pissed). Now about this time I notice several red blips on my screen (trouble is coming my way, and a lot of it), at least 6 enemies. So I turn tail and run. If I die here they will be able to find my body and know I was the one behind this and not the Blue Fraction (if that happens I am so screwed). So I head for deep space, the middle of know where (so when I die my body will not be found.

    They close on me pretty quickly, and you can hear the Gatling round impact on the hull, and rockets go streaming past the cockpit on the left and right. Suddenly, and rocket hits the rear of the fighter and takes out the main engine. Then (not sure if it was Gatling gunfire or a rocket) I lose my gyroscope and begin to helplessly spin out of control. And then finally a ricket hits the cockpit and I'm dead!

    I respawn at my base and wait, hoping (more like praying) they think the Blue fraction did the deed. I would wait and see what happens but I had to leave for work.
  26. goduranus Junior Engineer

    Here's a story where we captured someone's ship, but cut loose its medbay, so they'll find themselves aimlessly floating through space when they spawn.


    I'm on this usually peaceful server where most major factions are allied, and worked together to set up a trading port in the center of the map.
    Peace was disturbed when a faction of 3 Korean pirates landed on our server, and began attacking everyone with their grinders.

    Last week, the allies launched a sweep to find their base. We found their station and a carrier, discovering that they were undefended, we voted to leave then alone. Though in our zeal we hacked their medbay, and found no way of returning it to them. A week passed with us checking on their base to assess its preparedness. It appeared that they assumed their station and carrier to be lost, and never returned.

    A few days later, when we logged back to find ourport was missing some 20-odd solar panels, we immediately suspected the Korean pirates, and once again I went out into the void to search for their base.

    About 15km away from map center, I came across a small dot, which quickly grew into a ship that bore resemblance to the old Korean carrier, then I was met with a hailstorm of gatling fire.

    "Definitely hostiles", since most factions are allied, anyone whose turrets shoot are pirates.

    With a quick salvo from my rocket launchers, I open a hole in the big ship's defenses, then proceeded to board the ship without further resistance. Checking the holds, there was our 647 solar cells, damn pirates.
    This time there will be no mercy, we'll take their ship as compensation for the damage they caused.

    But it would be underwhelming if they log on and merely not find their ship present. No, we'll add insult to the injury, we'll show them without doubt that their ship was taken. So I cut away the blocks connecting medbay to the rest of the ship, built it a separate power source, so when they repawn, they'll find the bigger part of their ship strangely missing.


    But hey, we port people are decent people, who didn't want anyone to ragequit the server. So I parked the gutted hulk of their first carrier where their new ship was stolen, stocked it with enough resources for a fresh start. Though not before painting it pink and renaming all the ship components as profanities.
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  27. Echillion Senior Engineer

  28. pardusian141 Apprentice Engineer

    They might know now!
  29. goduranus Junior Engineer

    So, what happened? did they go to war?
  30. SpaceMan Trainee Engineer

    I found a bunch of stuff in an asteroid. I stole it. The end.
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