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Planetary Bombardment. What's the best way?

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by PensiveWarhorn, Jan 13, 2017.

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  1. PensiveWarhorn Trainee Engineer

    So I have a fairly sizable capital ship that is only equipped with ion thrusters and is therefore not even nearly capable of entering an atmosphere (weighing in the hundreds of thousands of tons). However I want a way for this ship to be able to engage large, static targets on a planet's surface. Does anyone have any ideas? This ship is already full of custom blocks and community made mods so a few more wouldn't hurt if anyone has any long range cannons or turrets to suggest.
  2. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    Shameless plug, works suprisingly well, even if designed before planets came out - and the concept itself is pretty cheap

    my planetary bomber is a blind drop bombing ship - i am currently thinking about raycasting camera thingy for improving the aim.


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  3. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Depending on the physics, your ship can enter the gravitational field to a certain radius. That's an unknown on this thread at this time. How low can you go?

    Most servers set maximum visual range at 10k or 15k meters. So identifying a possible target at long range might be difficult as flying that low might pull your ship into the planet.

    However, let's assume you know where the target is. You've flown a scout ship in the atmosphere and placed a GPS marker somewhere directly over the target.

    If you use the "Flight Assist" script. Your ships will always remain level with the gravity vector. So you can mark your GPS directly above the target. Just be sure that your camera is directly below your flight seat or remote block. If you have a means of directly marking the target with GPS... even better.

    Now fly your mothership slightly into the gravity well and enable "Free Glide" Once you're parked directly on top of the target, you can now begin to bombard it.

    You can drop unguided ordnance on the target. There's an entire debate over what to drop. But just remember that when disconnecting a merge block, a slight amount of lateral movement may occur. This can throw off your aim. If your ordnance has thrusters a remote, and a gyro, this will be minimized.

    I prefer to use guided munitions from closer distances. Carpet bombing isn't very accurate. If you are using warheads, you have to overwhelm the defenses with them. They have to be more than 25 meters apart else the exploded ones will detonate the others in proximity.
  4. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    1:park yourself directly above your target
    2:rise yourself just out of atmosphere
    3:create a 100×100 plate of heavy armor. Just place the block but dont weld it at all.
    4:cover this plate with gyroscope frames(place but dont weld)
    5:nudge the whole thing in natural gravity
    6: observe/enjoy
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  5. The Churrosaur Junior Engineer

    Considering large, stationary targets that you already have eyes on- optically guided missiles are probably your best bet. Whip's script autocorrects for gravitational trajectory so just point and shoot. This also allows you to fire from orbitally 'off center' position, without maneuvering directly over the target. Through extensive testing, rods of heavy armor or blast doors seem to be your best bet for payload- warheads are IMO too fragile and ineffective against hard targets to be worth it, and the effectiveness of ore bombs seems to fluctuate every patch.
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  6. Einharjar Junior Engineer

    If you're using mods, then dare I say maybe you're using Deadly Re-entry and Aerodynamics mods?
    I know I do, and the re-entry effects can hamper the use of PMWs sometimes.

    There are also some custom guns that shoot REALLY damned far. Plenty will hit 10k. The guided missile mod's torpedo launchers I believe reach out 10k. The Cruise missile launchers I think also hit 10k. Mexpex's Coil Guns have obscured range. I want to say around 15k. I believe the Klingon disruptor weapon from one of the Star Trek weapon's mods can go out 15k. If you retrofit your vessel to at least stay stable at such an altitude, you'll freely bombard targets with actual weapon systems instead of grids.
    Just my two cents, since you seem to be alright with mods.
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  7. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    I have successfully done the math to find the position ~43 km above the antenna of a Pirate Planetary HQ, then simply created a tall unwelded pillar of heavy armor blocks while hovering just inside natural gravity. This was sufficient to punch a hole through and take out the antenna.

    Raycasting and programs could simplify this for people who can't do vector math.
  8. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    My personal preference for when accuracy and stealth are priorities is to guide PMWs onto the target with laser antennae from 20 km up. They won't know anything's headed at them until about 8 seconds before it hits them, and you can weld and drop a lot of PMWs in that time. I was using this for that role, but it's getting a little long in the tooth. Working on a replacement, need to start up on that again now that timers are working once more.
  9. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    Does guided missile mod work?
    If yes which one?
  10. PensiveWarhorn Trainee Engineer

    Cheers guys, I really appreciate all the advice. The ship can hold itself to about 10ks above the earth planet, basically as long as it doesn't dip into the atmosphere and lose it's ion thrusters it SHOULD be fine. I don't have much intention of ever using this ship on a server or in pvp play (it's simply too big) so limitations of such aren't really an issue. I'll have a play around with some of your suggestions and let you know what I come up with. Thanks again!
  11. Jzuken Apprentice Engineer

    "To direct the load to it's target, we don't launch it or fire it. We drop it. The gravity does the rest"

    Make a rod with a few warheads and a space ball. Use gravity generator to launch it at the target.
  12. Idartacus [Farstar Gamer] Trainee Engineer

    take a look at our ship, in the video we show our torpedoes also on planetary targets. lock and forget, it automatically tracks the target!

  13. mhalpern Senior Engineer

    I disagree with the use of gravity drives, and one criticism i have is that your torps are using ion thrusters, (hydrogen is more expendable) and there are many times when people are effective with half a ship, so you shouldn't count them out, also your systems are too centralized, if someone knows where to hit, with their own torps, you will be dead in space
  14. Idartacus [Farstar Gamer] Trainee Engineer

    Ok here are 2 asnwers for your observations , Mhalpern:

    1) let's start by saying that the torpedo should be as compact and small as possible, this is because you theoretically need to survive turrets fire while approaching targets. hydrogen on torpedoes would be EXTREMELY unefecctive, due to the size increase and the small amount of thrust needed to reach the target and manuver. bigger torpedo would mean much more vulnerability, also would fail the main concept: the iron ingots inside the small containers. those are the real reason why the torpedo deals so much damage. test it with and without those (make sure to pack them in stacks of 10k per cargo container)

    2) grav drives add manouverability to all 6 axis with alysius script, making the ship able to avoid any sort of torpedo, and strafe around any moving target. try to believe. that is why you don't really care about other's torpedoes, at least if you are in the ship fighting. if someone targets you with gps while you'r afk, well... also we tested the torpedo also on daenerys. ship will survive one hit. will still be able to run out of danger or even warp (we have 5 jd). again you should test all the situation i'm describing right now, we did and all worked out.
  15. mhalpern Senior Engineer

    1 you use the tanks as your non deforming blocks 2 you don't thrust the whole way, 3 small amount of thrust sure, but the initial launch is where you need the acceleration that you can't get without gravity cannon, kinetic launch or hydrogen,

    Grav drives are cheaty, ludicrously over powered and defeat the purpose of having actual thrusters in space. They cost little in resources and power and they allow a ship that's a few thousand tons to move like a fighter, and that is something that they shouldn't be able to do, it's been in the game forever but it is still a cheaty exploit, especially as we now have hydrogen thrusters to do the job to an extent, in a way that it will cost something. They were cool until they became easy, then we realized that they can't fit in the balance of the game, not to mention the fact that they violate physics launching an unattached grid is one thing and only halfway violates physics to emulate a coil gun, a gravity drive drive however allows you to cheat law of diminishing returns as you scale up, because it scales exponentially. And if you do it right, you will barely have any power demand increase each time you double the size of the drive. These are NOT good things as they break competitiveness of doing things the right way.
  16. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    Gravity drives do have weaknesses too.
    1:they dont work in natural gravity. Going to 0.5g isg gravity shuts the whole thing off. So it can be outmaneuvered in space.

    2:they are expensive to create

    3: they actually somewhat follow physics by creating angular momentum. If you manage to gimp center off mass in a gravity driven ship it will have lots of controlling issues.

    4: maybe the most ridiculous thing.
    You can royally fuck up a gravity driven ship with your own gravity fields.

    Create a missile with 20 (or more does not matter endgame) spherical gravgens and notice the ship being sucked towards your missile while inside 400 m range.
    Or massively hinders enemy movement forcing either shutting the gravdrive down and use normal thrusters or jump away.

    And after all this landed hits with gravity guns pose serious threat to these ships because they might force projectules moving inside the ship.
    Also applies to broken ore containers.
    --- Automerge ---
    Wouldnt it be fun to have 100 gravgens inside an asteroid and get a surprise pull on a gravity driven ship?
    That would be a grand slam if enemy doesnt get to react in time.
  17. Ronin1973 Master Engineer


    Congrats... your ship will now be my default test bed for tearing apart ships with my torpedoes. Looks like an easy kill.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.