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Suggestion Completed Please make the search function more flexible

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions and Bugs' started by SenorZorros, Nov 8, 2015.

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  1. SenorZorros

    SenorZorros Master Engineer

    As we may know the suggestions subforum likes it when people necro old threads since it conserves ideas and keeps discussion together. a great asset to this is the search function. however, I have found that is quite inflexible.

    for example, just now someone posted a thread about renaming the oxygen generator into the "electrolysis machine". now I happened to know this has been discussed a couple days ago but the thread had already sunk to the fifth page. when I checkd how easy it would be to find I found that only the exact word "electrolyzer" would give it. the words "electrolizer", "electroliser", "elektrolyzer" and others would not give the desired result.

    now forums often do not have the most correct English and this is not the only example where I have encountered this situation. therefore I would like to ask if the search function could be improved to pick up slight misspellings and synonyms and such increase the amount of results found by a search making it easier to find threads.
  2. DrVagax

    DrVagax Administrator

    Sadly XenForo asks us to pay more money if we wish for a more advanced search feature. Try to combine google and the forum to search since Google is more powerful. Try this in google:
    site:www.forums.keenswh.com "electrolyzer"

    It will search the forums and only for the word electrolyzer.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.