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Poll 2: Minor Features

Discussion in 'General' started by opethbtbam, Oct 26, 2016.


What minor features would you most like to see in Space Engineers?

Poll closed Nov 2, 2016.
  1. Grid count and block count per grid

  2. An armor mechanic

  3. Ladders

  4. LCD screens that display camera feeds

  5. Parachutes

  6. A search bar for active mods

  7. Camera streaming to screen in cockpit

  8. A stat tracker

  9. An additional port on top of refinery (two ports facing the same direction)

  10. Steam achievements

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. opethbtbam Apprentice Engineer

    Hey everyone, we're going to post 3 different polls that we'll leave up for the next week to get some feedback from the community. I want to make clear from the beginning that these are primarily being posted to make sure we're not missing anything, and also make note of anything for the future that doesn't have a high priority right now. Our plates are quite full at the moment and we have no shortage of suggestions/ideas, so don't be worried or offended if something you have in mind isn't on the list.

    Everybody has two votes, and they cannot be changed. Choose wisely!

    EDIT: Some people have asked for clarification on what some of the choices mean. I'll expand a little.

    Grid count and block count per grid- A hover over/keybind feature that give you account of how many grids exist on a map or how many grids you've built and a hover/keybind feature that tell you how many blocks are a part of a given grid.

    An armor mechanic- I'd originally meant this as "player character armor mechanic", but since the poll was posted I see that some people have interpreted this as including ship armor, or armor for various items, which has been noted.

    Ladders- No clarification needed.

    LCD screens that display camera feeds- No clarification needed.

    Parachutes- Parachutes that function for a player and potentially for air dropping in-game items.

    A search bar for active mods- A search bar for mods you have subscribed to, and possibly an in-game search bar for mods that you're actively running in game.

    Camera streaming to screen in cockpit- This is different from the camera-to-LCD feature above in that it does not use an actual LCD screen item. This is a dedicated screen that would be programmed into the cockpit that is capable of streaming a camera (don't take this too hard, ideas are always subject to change).

    A stat tracker- Longest time without dying, how many spiders have you killed, largest grid built, etc...

    An additional port on top of refinery- What it sounds like. Simplest example: https://www.reddit.com/r/spaceengin...elartist_devs_of_se_suggesting_dual_conveyor/

    Steam achievements- No clarification needed.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2016
  2. Seff Apprentice Engineer

    Can you define what you mean by "Armor" in the poll? Is this just the new armor textures we've seen? Some kind of improvements to armor deformation? New armor/suit skins+stats?
  3. opethbtbam Apprentice Engineer

    An armor mechanic. A layer to defend you before it starts damaging your health.
  4. noxLP Junior Engineer

    What's the difference between "Camera streaming to screen in cockpit" and "LCD screens that display camera feeds"? Something like the camera streaming directly to the cockpit glass or...?
  5. Phoera Senior Engineer

    also just have LCDs in cockpits.
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  6. opethbtbam Apprentice Engineer

    An LCD screen displaying a camera feed would be the actual in-game LCD item being placed somewhere and having a camera fed to it.

    A camera streaming to a screen in the cockpit would be a newly implemented screen that would be visible from the first-person view of the cockpit that's capable of streaming a camera feed.
  7. noxLP Junior Engineer

    Ok, so the camera streaming would be a new feature for cockpits... but with the LCD option with the cockpits being like they are right now, it would be useless to small grids and large grid's cockpits, since they have no possibility to add LCDs inside them :D... right?
  8. opethbtbam Apprentice Engineer

    Mmm, with these two options, yes. The choices were selected based on things like ships we've seen where people run around inside a ship with no windows, but have LCD panels displaying what's going on outside (so far, this has been done with mods). Trying to integrate the current LCD item into a cockpit would probably be a little bit more difficult (I don't know, I'm not a programmer) than simply adding a unique screen to the inside specifically for camera streaming. Either way, all the ideas have been noted, and I can pass them along for review by others here at Keen.
  9. noxLP Junior Engineer

    Understood, tks ;)
  10. I23I7 ME Tester

    beep....beep....beep.... Sputnik....
  11. hellokeith Apprentice Engineer

    real server tools
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  12. LFCavalcanti Senior Engineer

    I would like more an Elevator block like we have in Empyrion, but ladders are enough.
  13. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    Maybe the "An armor mechanic" option should be reworded as "Player character armor" as it's stated now it sounds like an option for armor in general.
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  14. Eternal Trainee Engineer

    Wait, does the "Camera streaming to screen in cockpit" feature contain the features of "LCD screens that display camera feeds"?
    If so, then the first would imply that on top of the camera streaming you get LCD screens on the cockpit? :woot: Because kinda do want both.

    Whoops, didn't read porperly the thread! Already addressed.
  15. Taemien Apprentice Engineer

    I went with Parachutes and Ladders. I really wouldn't mind camera feeds to LCD. I saw a guy pull it off with a mod and it looked really cool. But I'd imagine that would jump up the system requirements a bit and not everyone has a beastly system.

    But one of the biggest issues with SE is verticality on planets and non-ship movement in space. You have to feather your suit's thrusters to conserve hydrogen. And to go up or down you need to use hydrogen, even inside stations or large ships. Ladders would help with this. Alot. There's a mod for it. But simply that needs to be part of the base game.

    Parachutes would be cool. I'm not talking about for the astronaut, but the ships themselves. How cool would it be to build a rocket that goes somewhere. And you return with resources like platinum and such with a lander that deploys a parachute. This way you can conserve power and hydrogen on the return trip. I'd like to see a one use type of hydrogen thruster that weighs less and cheaper to make than the current reusable hydrogen tank/thruster combo we have now. Something smaller, and cheaper that gets you up, but doesn't quite come back with you. Parachutes would mesh well with that.
  16. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Workthrough time!

    1.) Grid count and block count per grid
    Would that be like a beacon function that displays them? I'd be totally up for that. I was going to use one of my votes for this but i am going to use them for Armor Mechanic and Ladders, simply because Option 1.) strikes me as a functionality feature that will make it into the game eventually anyway.

    2.) An armor mechanic
    "An armor mechanic. A layer to defend you before it starts damaging your health."
    Soooo..... Shields. You mean Shields. This is totally Shields. Keen is asking if we want Shields
    I'm down with Shields so hard i am bouncing.

    3.) Ladders
    We need Ladderz.
    No seriously. The amount of space saved and immersion gained would be off the charts.

    4.) LCD screens that display camera feeds
    This would be lovely for my bridges but overall i find 2.) and 3.) more useful.

    5.) Parachutes
    I have a Jet Pack.

    6.) A search bar for active mods
    I'm not sure where that would be used; in the World Edits? I don't quite understand this option. Either way; i don't really use mods 99 percent of the time anyway.

    7.) Camera streaming to screen in cockpit
    Awesome for immersion but i'd rather vote for a clear Camera screen before this.

    8.) A stat tracker, 9.) An additional port on top of refinery (two ports facing the same direction) and 10.) Steam achievements

    Can i add a 9.) for Small Ship Grid versions of Doors, Windows, Flight Seats and Gravity Generators? This should be fairly "easy" to implement but it would revolutionize small ship building...
    Also: 10.) Configurable Presets for new World-Creation options, like the checkboxes or sliders and stuff. Like, for example not having to manually check Unsupported Stations for every new world.
    and 11.) A Search Bar for the Load World window.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2016
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  17. Howitz Junior Engineer

    Lol that poll us quite bad compared to the others, I would vote for more blocks and more features really but the choices are too precise...
  18. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    @Commander Rotal Does not seem to be shields sorry to rain on your parade. Looks like player character armor for the space suit. I was kind of hoping it was more armor options when I cast my vote for it. Only to be let down when I refreshed my screen and the posts came up.
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  19. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

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  20. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    @Commander Rotal As much as I would like that as well, followings Keens past development I can't see that happening. It'd be like opening up Pandora's box, it wouldn't take long for people to ask "hey we have shields here why not on our ships?"
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2016
  21. Corundum Guy Apprentice Engineer

    I took LCD screens that display camera feeds over Camera streaming to screen in cockpit because I can place an LCD screen in such a way that I can see it from my flight seat or cockpit (but I can not build a surveillance control room from dozens of cockpits).
    Edit: Of course, if one is implemented, then implementing the other as well would not be much of a stretch.

    Also: Ladders, because of planets.
  22. odizzido Junior Engineer

    I would have voted for None of these options are things I would really care about.
  23. Corundum Guy Apprentice Engineer

    Don't be shy - say what choices you would have liked. Let the devs know.
  24. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    I'm the ONLY one who wants to be able to search active mods?! Doesn't anyone else have 224 running? :)
  25. Nemesismax Trainee Engineer

    I'd take the camera feed due to reasons that I wrote below:
    • To be able to place my main ship control room inside somewhere safe within the ship, so I can use cameras to fill up monitors for view
    • An API for this can help with a variety of camera options like 180 degrees birdseye to fill multiple monitors at the same time as mods.
    • To be able to use cameras when parking, deploying ships with multiple views as well as using drones without tapping into each camera directly.
    • To be able to use them as security cameras in buildings placed in planets
    • To be able to write a mod for them to act as thermal sensory cameras or motion sensor activated security.
    • To be able to use them for heat seeking missiles if thermal mod applied and be able to watch them on screen with a camera placed on the heat seeking missile.
    I can probably find more and more possibilities. But yes pls!!!

    As for my other choice, "camera streaming within the cockpit" means that monitors will have built in the cockpit, so we don't have to use them just for cameras, we can use them as normal monitors as well!!
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2016
  26. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    If my mod list fills that list box, I have too many.

    That said, I agree we need a search box not only there, but also in the World Load screen.
    Though honestly, I think those are such useful QoL improvements, they'll get implemented eventually anyway.

    I voted for LCD cameras because it's quite a useful feature, and tyrsis made a tech demo that showed it can be implemented without being a hindrance to performance.

    I also chose armor mechanic, but I thought that applied to ships.
    If it just applies to the character, I'd rather have ladders.
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  27. Merandix Junior Engineer

    I went with ladders and camera views on LCD's.

    Grid count. Not really that useful to me.

    Body armour. Meh. Maybe. Someday.

    Ladders. Hell yeah. And proper stairs and elevators etc. Verticality in ships and stations and bases. Prime choice.

    Camera feeds on LCD's. Nice for immersion and armored ships. I like this second best of this list.

    Parachutes. Don't really fit the game in my opinion. Also: Jetpack.

    Search active mods. Meh. I don't let it clutter up that much.

    Camerafeed streaming to cockpit. Would be my third choice. Good for rearview cameras, docking cameras or landing cameras.

    Stat tracker. Not really important.

    Extra port on refinery. I can live without fine.

    Achievements. Not necessary. Also, priorities.

    Some other 'minor' suggestions:
    - animated (retractable) landing gear.
    - Hinges
    - Conveyor pipes in full armour block.
    - 1*1 stair block (with railings)
    - windows, doors, flight seats, interior lights for small ships.
    - old classic door with windows in it.
    - larger airtight hangar doors.
    - more timing options for timer block (to allow programming illiterate people slightly more options)
    - large ship timer and large ship programmable block being functionally equivalent to several small ones.
  28. midspace Senior Engineer

    What precisely is a "A search bar for active mods" ?
    A list of mods that are currently in a multiplayer game?
    Why not display the game settings along with current mods that have been added in game?
    That way player can find out what the game settings are, without looking for web pages or other things associated to the game server.

    The "stat tracker" and "Steam achievements" are almost the same thing. You can't do achievements without tracking stats.
  29. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    Currently you can search the list of mods you are subscribed to, but you cannot search the list of mods that are active in your world. So if I find out that, say, Build Vision is causing crashes with the day's patch, I have to read though the list looking for it manually to disable it instead of just typing "bui" into a search box.
  30. FatalPapercut Senior Engineer

    Voted ladders, since implementation would usher entirely new designs and layouts; and the game really is about 90% building cool stuff at this point. Secondary mechanics like survival elements should really be held off until after the core gameplay (building mechanics) is sufficiently fleshed out.

    Also camera streaming to cockpits for immersion.
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