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Poll 2: Minor Features

Discussion in 'General' started by opethbtbam, Oct 26, 2016.


What minor features would you most like to see in Space Engineers?

Poll closed Nov 2, 2016.
  1. Grid count and block count per grid

  2. An armor mechanic

  3. Ladders

  4. LCD screens that display camera feeds

  5. Parachutes

  6. A search bar for active mods

  7. Camera streaming to screen in cockpit

  8. A stat tracker

  9. An additional port on top of refinery (two ports facing the same direction)

  10. Steam achievements

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    I d
    I doubt that actually is not possible in the moment. But even some kind of static field would be good for a community creation. Even in real life tunnels get flooded by groundwater so it would not even be that unrealistic to have water filled caves.
    --- Automerge ---
    aYeah. I have understood that upkeeping especially dev mods can be quite a formidable task because updates tend to break stuff.
  2. Hellothere! Apprentice Engineer

    Wait, in which world do ladders count as a small feature and a female character as a big one? Prove me wrong if I am but adding a female model sounds like a job for one designer for like two days (especially since the head can just be grabbed from ME) while adding ladders seems like it would require quite a bit of coding and testing.

    I don't get it. :p
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  3. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    Clang acts in mysterious ways
  4. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    The block wouldn't work with the fake field scenario because with the fake field it's a atmosphere layer that is only giving the illusion of water being there.

    And that immediately brings the first issue. You don't mind it but others will. Everyone who has built an underwater base in mc raise their hand. o/. With the fake water atmosphere simulation you end up with a base of blue hue.
    So the water should be functional. But that invites physics and there's enough going on currently.

    If you head to suggestions and do a search for water, you will see dozens of these scenarios. All we will do if repeat it in a thread not meant for this discussion.
    --- Automerge ---
    1. In SE development. Development being the key phrase. Once develpment is done then so is the argument.

    2. Never had that issue, but of course I'm assuming that you mean move the ship to other servers. Yeah, mods don't work that way. You want to play with certain mods, you make the server and invite others to it. If they want a mod they request for you to put it in.

    3. Never try to balance around mods. Many mods are intentionally overpowered because that's what the user wanted.
  5. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    Efore we end this discussion i add that this might be solvable with the current pressurisation mechanic. Where water texture does not appear in pressurised enviroments. But yeah i cant really complain about absence of water if i dont try to make one myself. I just want to build a swimming metal gear ray :,(
  6. abatos Trainee Engineer

    An armour mechanic would be so helpful for marines who need to take out interior turrets. A rocket launcher and grenades would help too, but that's not on the list.
  7. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    1) The horizon for when I might get bored with SE is shorter than the horizon for when SE will exit development. The dev horizon is still one or more years away, and I've already put more time into SE than I put into most other of my "favorite" games. I will totally be more open to mods if I'm still playing a bunch when the dev cycle is over. However that isn't really relevant to discussing whether or not to use mods or why at this point.

    2) I've always had that issue. You need to get everyone to agree what mods to use, that isn't trivial. You have to make people come to you if you're using a mod that they aren't which is inconvenient. It's annoying to share ships as BPs if they use mods. The BP issue alone is a major problem for me.

    3) That is exactly my point. I want to play a balanced game. Especially with regards to weapons, thrusters, and power generating blocks. I am thus ALWAYS skeptical of mods as a result.
  8. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    1. Personal issue.

    2. I don't make anyone do anything. I offer what is on the list and if they don't like it then they don't join. If they want something added then I can run a vote with those on the game currently. Community groups are not that hard to run.
    When it comes to bp's it has been well known that for ships with mods you upload a world, not the ship. In a perfect world the game could tell you what mods the ship uses and if you would like those mods installed but we don't live in a perfect world.

    3. Then stop using a mod if you find it overpowered. That's another personal problem issue.
  9. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    Or you could not use mods at all and enjoy a perfectly functional gameplay experience. It has nothing to do with the "godly" hands of the developers or being a purist.
  10. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    That's right, you don't have to use mods. That's the beauty of them. I personally couldn't care less if you use them or not, but the developers did open up this game for modding which has opened up so many more paths that a single group may not be able to handle, which allows us to do many of the things we ask. When you tell us it should be vanilla already it isn't affecting those of us who use the mod, it only affects you.

    First world problems.
  11. dkexsul42 Trainee Engineer

    I feel like the armor mechanic, and the female engineer are intertwined. As both involve redoing how the character model behaves.
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  12. Yeoman Trainee Engineer

    I voted for ladders and parachutes. However I would love to have the ability to move without the jetpack when in zero gravity. For example, a small push based on wasd when near a wall. This would allow movement like on the ISS. Without the need for gravity generators. It could also save you when you run out of hydrogen.
  13. Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    Dear lord gib ladders plz :D
  14. Plongo Trainee Engineer

    What i want most is not on the polls!!! I miss the days where i'd wake up each week and go straight to Keens forums to see what cool block we got in the patch! I'd love some more vanilla blocks added. Workshop is great but nothing compares to them being in vanilla. I remember the day when pistons were added, way to much fun was had. All the possibilities. Who else misses those early alpha days of exploring new blocks and there endless possibilities!!?
  15. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    This could be actually pretty nice. It would feel quite anticlimatic to die inside your capital ship because you did not happen to have hydrogen and your gravgen kicked the bucket.
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  16. Meteo Trainee Engineer

    I would have liked to appear in the list the option "add mods officially elected by the community in the game" or "every week some mod officially be added in the game."

    It would be great to have our favorite mods officially in the game, forgetting about the discomforts that assumes that each server has different mods so it is difficult to find where to play and you can use your favorite blueprints.

    Forgive my English, I use google translator.
  17. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    One mod / week would be quite rapid pace and would make keeping the game intact harder. But holding a contest for adding a few mods to the game would not be impossible at all.
  18. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    I still do not agree with this sediment of popular vote. The entire idea of the mod is to tailor to your specifications, not those in general. And frankly there are several mods I can think of where I can see people trying to pop vote it that I personally would not enjoy.
    The engineers are building this game, not us. They agreed that the mods being implemented meet the feel of the game and I trust their judgement on the matter, more so than I ever would with a bipolar community.
  19. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    Well that is just your opinion. I would not mind a community favourite modder earning him/herself a bit of honor by being accepted part of the main game. It would be very kind of kswh and i would not be that surprised if they would do that. Afterall kswh seems to be quite community oriented
    Didnt some modder even get a job from them?
  20. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    I wouldn't be surprised if a modder got accepted as part of the main game either because it's happened 3 times now.

    Still doesn't make community popular voting any better though.
  21. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    What mods have gotten in?
  22. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    Darth's fighter cockpit, the corner lights, and the corner screens. The latter 2 are all the buzz right now and the reason for this discussion so I'm kind of surprised by that question.
  23. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    Oh well. I never knew we have corner lights and corner lcd s :D. Weml you always learn sometihing new.
  24. Merandix Junior Engineer

    We don't yet, Keen announced their intention to add them in the aniversary stream. I recommend reading Rotal's summary of the thing. It's a good, compact way to get up to speed!
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2016
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  25. Bad Humour Apprentice Engineer

    What is the difference between Camera feed to cockpit or camera feed to lcd's. I think anyways that the images on the screens of the cockpits need to be replaced with lcd's. Then you can kill two brids with one stone and get both.
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  26. SilentSymphony Apprentice Engineer

    Some thoughts on the options here.

    Grid count and block count per grid
    the first implementation of block limits was not done in a way that most players can easily configure it, It also had/and still has some problems such as admins do not bypass the limits set in the world, there needs to be a setting to allow specifically Administrator, Space Master to be able to bypass the limits, The configuration of the block limits needs to be made more user friendly as well, and support TypeID and SubtypeID over BLOCKPAIRNAME so that small and large grids can be limited specifically, as well as differient types of weapons instead of just the global type of that block.

    An armor mechanic

    I'm really hoping that this means Equipment such as hands/legs/boots/chest/helmet/backpack because an equipment system would allow for more variety of play, a more heavily armored suit but with no jetpack for raiding or defense, or a large backpack with no jetpack to allow players to carry more for construction jobs, maybe even a battery pack to allow a user to weld, grind, and drill for long periods of time, a glove with a built in low power hand welder, mag boots! the options are endless and i think this system would be really supported by the modding community and i can barely contain my excitement just thinking about it.


    having ladders would make vertical and horizontal travel a lot easier, could i dare say a diagnol ladder/passage block would be amazing! this would allow for some really cool ship designs.

    LCD Screens that display camera feeds

    This was done by tyrsis a ways back and i've always wanted to try it but i've heard of significant performance issues with the network when using it and i really hope you can find a way for it to not tank the network that would be one of the coolest features we've had in a long time!


    Having these for some of the planetary landers, or heck just having this as a player to use instead of building a hydrogen/atmospheric thruster setup would really help with getting people to visit planets more often, i imagine them being much more cost effective on landing on the planet over the other methods.

    Steam Achievements

    These really should wait until the game is more developed i think, Achievements and Cards would be epic for space engineers i just hope that if you make cards you make a card for each major block!
  27. Krulac=VX9= Trainee Engineer

    Ladders are ok but vanilla elevator would be better.
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