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Poll: Jetpack duration on planets

Discussion in 'General' started by miqueltozzz, Nov 29, 2015.


How long should Jetpack last on planets?

  1. No Jetpack at all!

  2. 0 - 7 seconds

  3. 7 - 15 seconds

  4. 15 - 30 seconds

  5. 30 - 60 seconds

  6. Infinite

  7. Other, please elaborate on the comments

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  1. Donziboy2 Trainee Engineer

    I think its way to soon to be changing it again, they have a lot of bug fixing to do. Its honestly not that hard to get into space, bolt a few ion thrusters to the Atmo Lander and your in space.
  2. Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    I'm in favor of the multiple suits and/or jetpack modules angle. Balancing one jetpack for both planetary and space usage seems like unnecessary work.
  3. Dreokor Senior Engineer


    If they already changed it once, they can also change it again, they have done a lot of balancing during feature and bug-fixing periods aswell.

    I'll assume you meant hydrogen in that other sentence.
  4. Zyfe Trainee Engineer

    This. They should change the jetpack to run out of of fuel regardless of where you use it.

    It's WAY too overpowered, and always has been. Especially with the jetpack speed limit being higher than a ship's - there is no motivation to use ships to get from point A to point B unless you are transporting a ton of cargo.
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  5. Memphis Apprentice Engineer

    Truth, jetpack was overpower before hydrogen, hydrogen was meant to fix that, but didn't really, now with planets they made them more powerful.....booo.
  6. Hiramas Apprentice Engineer

    I actually want to keep the 60 seconds, at least until we get some more "intuitive building" improvements, namely building across an edge.
    If you can't even build the scaffolding without either a jetpack, a building ship or some strange circus stunts, things aren't fun.
    If that problem is fixed/improved, we can go back to nerfing the jetpack.
    My suggestion would be to put at least enough fuel in the jetpack to stop a player from the max speed to zero once, so you could save yourself when you have to eject from a ship.
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  7. Saurus Trainee Engineer

    The jet pack should only work in short burst, to allow jumps in natural gravity, but no flying, and yet still useful in space with ion thrust
  8. Pfo Apprentice Engineer

    Multiple jetbpacks is the way to go. Atmo, hydro and ion jet packs. The choice of each is obvious, atmo and ion use power but are only useful in atmosphere or in space. Hydrogen works everywhere, but consumes fuel. All problems solved.
  9. Croolis Var Trainee Engineer

    60 seconds on jetpack, now you can fly to space. Most dimwitted thing I've seen go into a game for quite a while. I voted for keeping it how it was. Bah.
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  10. Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    Grab some girders, put the 2x1 window on your toolbar and plop them down staggered. You can even get creative with the various window shapes and make steep ramps. Bonus: it looks more like scaffolding than armor frames.
  11. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    How on Earth did we ever build anything without jetpacks?

    Neil Armstrong didn't need any jetpacks to get into and out of the lander. He used a ladd... oh yeah.

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  12. Tony Hughes Junior Engineer

    How about this? I know it's a ship, but only just and it's what I've been using as a more fun alternative to a jet-pack in 1x survival. It's simple, quick and extremely cheap to build. It allows you to build over edges from the cockpit, detect ore, transport items in the cockpit, breath and reach a height of about 6500m. It even lets you see where you're going at night.

    Better still, it's very fuel efficient giving you about 15 mins of full thrust flight time with just 0.1kg of uranium or about half an hour just hovering.

    It's relatively easy to control (certainly a lot easier than the planetary lander), although you may want to add a toolbar toggle to switch off the atmospheric engine when you've landed otherwise you might drift a little.


    Almost any survival start will give you the resources to build it, right at the beginning, particularly if you remove the detector, vent and light.

    With something like this so easily accessible, having jet-packs with extended times seems almost pointless to me.
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  13. Hiramas Apprentice Engineer

    I have a little ship like this, don't worry. Despite it's small frame, it won't fit in everywhere, though.

    I am not sure how that will look in the end, but it might be the right idea, I'll try that later, thanks.
  14. Marneus Apprentice Engineer

    Moreover, there should be different suits, some of them without jetpack:

    1) Normal, engineer suit, only suitable for atmospheric settings

    2) Normal, combat or tactical suit. It has armor vest and helmet

    3) Jetpack suit. Normal engineer suit with jet pack. Or even tactical suit withe jetpack (assault spacemarines!)

    4) Light duty space suit. With and without jetpack.

    5) Heavy duty space suit

    6) Tactical space suit
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  15. Donziboy2 Trainee Engineer

    No I was serious, Ion thrusters suck down low but once you get enough height they will get you into space.
  16. Two Apprentice Engineer

    The Flex-Suit concept covers all that and more.
  17. Dreokor Senior Engineer

    You cant even get platinum on planets....
  18. Bumber Senior Engineer

    Limit jetpack velocity/acceleration near planets. Because safety reasons. This allows hovering, yet diminishes the ability to achieve escape.
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  19. tharkus Junior Engineer

    i guess around 30 seconds is enought for me.
    about the suits, i would love to have a variety of them;
    -A uniform : for inside large ships or in atmospheres with oxygen.
    - the space suit : the one we currently have
    - the heavy suit : maybe with more armor.
    i would love to have at least 3 type of suits, also the jetpack should be something like the helmet, an accesory for the last two.
  20. Starforge Trainee Engineer

    You know, there is another solution to this problem I just thought about.

    So, there are a lot of people against the increased jet pack time because when hydrogen tanks are carried you can leave the planet if is really longer then 10 seconds. Before the rest of you say something, yes I know some of you just liked the shorter amount better anyways.

    But the big concern was leaving the planet it seems... So here's a possible solution. Don't let people switch hydrogen tanks in mid flight. Currently the max time on one tank is 1 minute. That's not enough to leave a planet. Bam... Problem solved.

    They just need to disable refilling of the hydrogen if the jet pack is in use. If you think about it, it even makes sense. Even in a car you should shut off the engine in order to keep it safe while refueling. It could potentially be dangerous otherwise.

    So all you would have to do is land or even shut off the jet pack (for a few seconds at least... At least if they are airborne to prevent abuse) and the system would eventually auto refill it again if you have extra tanks on you.

    Come to think of it, just disable refilling at all while airborne (if possible). Think about it, would it really be feasible to refill/reload the jet pack fuel while free falling? If you wanted to be really realistic about it you'd probably have to take the jet pack off, unscrew a canister, screw the new one on there, put the jet pack back on, etc. Even if there was an easy access to the canister, still gotta unscrew and screw it back on.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2015
  21. aluphoss Trainee Engineer

    Optional setting for now(off up to 60 seconds) but (after reading FlakMagnets sugestion) eventually I'd like to see different thruster types for the suit. Requiring different types of fuel/power. Atmos electric pack, ion pack and hydrogen pack. With the option of still carrying extra bottles or power packs. Also the option of replacing the pack with a storage pack would be great. But even if multi packs get added then I'd still want to be able to set the duration of a "full charge" of each type.
  22. Light_gemini Junior Engineer

    +1 Flagmagnets idea of making the jetpack an equipable item looks brilliant. I do love the idea and the flexibility for mods it would bring.
  23. Pfo Apprentice Engineer

    You know I thought about that, but I could still take off from a planet with inertia stabilizers off and once it runs out it's no longer in use and it would refill. The problem with trying to prevent someone from refilling in atmosphere or in planetary gravity is what do you do with people in space? It wouldn't really be intuitive or sensible that you could refill jetpack in space, but not in atmosphere. Up there it's a lot more necessary to do so otherwise you just get marooned in space.
  24. Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    This, or give us module slots on the suit, which includes 2 tank slots. Then we can decide which 2 tanks to install to extend the suit's capacity of whatever gas we need/want, without the need to refill constantly.

    EDIT: But still allow us to refill using bottles in inventory. :)
  25. entspeak Senior Engineer

    If Keen would allow free-look in 1st person so that you could weld underneath a ship without having to have your body go horizontal, you could have a more realistic atmospheric jetpack... two downward atmospheric thrusters.
  26. eviltek2099 Apprentice Engineer

    Other: jetpack in nat grav should just be jump assist not flight. IE: turning on the pack in high grav on planet wouldn't change to flight mode, It would just allow for much higher jumps. aka make it seem like .1 grav.
  27. roothorick Trainee Engineer

    I've been arguing for this for a while. One, as long as hydrogen bottles are a thing, allowing jetpacks to be able to cancel 1.0g will permit escaping the planet's gravity well on 10x or even 3x unless you make them stupidly heavy (like, can't hold one on 1x) unless you increase fuel consumption back to the 7-15sec range. Two, from a realism perspective, there isn't much of a reason for jetpack duration to be shorter on planets.

    How I'd balance it:
    • Jetpack duration is the same as in space
    • Go back to using energy (i.e. ion) instead of hydrogen, to justify
    • Jetpack is MUCH weaker in atmosphere. It can't quite counter 1.0g, instead allowing very high jumps and slow-falling. Platform/bucket vehicles are critical for building, since you can't hover in mid-air.
    • Jetpack should be weaker overall. It's a little ridiculous that traveling between areas even outside gravity is more practical in your suit than in a ship. Lower the speed cap perhaps, and/or slower acceleration
    • This would be in survival only. In creative, jetpacks would simply ignore gravity. It's creative, let them jetpack out of the planet.

    This would have the side effect of making reentry without a ship invariably lethal, as the slow-fall is simply letting you land without damage at a bit lower height than where you originally jumped. If you're coming in from really high, the jetpack can't save you; you're gonna plummet to your death at the speed cap. IMO that's how it should be. The game should overall be balanced so that having various utility ships is an outright necessity.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2015
  28. Starforge Trainee Engineer

    Of course everyone is entitled to have an opinion... But I just find this solution a bit too harsh. Without a jet pack on the planet, the game would be incredibly punishing for certain mistakes. Especially pair this with the nature of how buggy it can be at times and you will have a lot of people complaining... Including myself.
  29. Starforge Trainee Engineer

    True... But I'm betting they can tell when you are in a planet area vs space. Certainly in space it should refill normally... You've got the time to do so, you aren't falling to a potential death... Just floating there.
  30. mdenz3 Apprentice Engineer

    I like the duration, and it needs to be able to achieve flight (some tasks just require it, building ships on planets would be a huge pain to almost impossible), but the thrust should be greatly reduced.

    I also like the idea of refueling being done only while the jetpack is turned off.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.