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[POLL] What to add next to SE ?

Discussion in 'General' started by mongini12, May 17, 2014.

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  1. mongini12 Trainee Engineer

    Hey guys... i wanna hear your oppionion about what to add next to the Game.
  2. Light_gemini Junior Engineer

    How comes im the first to vote "new features"? :rolleyes: I think we could use some more things in game before settling it for servers/factions and do a big pass on performance and bugs.
  3. Drunken_doc Apprentice Engineer

    Bug fixes and stability updates, then the dedicated server.
  4. Krirub Trainee Engineer

    Stability updates - dedicated servers are not going to help if there is a memory leak in the game.
  5. DrVagax Administrator

    I would prefer a more stable game that they build on then a buggy game where they keep stacking features on. So stability for me.
  6. Tiger313 Apprentice Engineer

    I'm with Krirub and DrVagax on this one.
  7. Thunderbird Junior Engineer

    technically, memory leak and netcode is bugfixes, not stability :D
    (netcode is technically dedicated server software too)

    i guess this nicely shows the opinions of the community - let us blow each other up please!!! :cool:
  8. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    Stability all the way. I want everyone on my server to see the same thing, not me seeing a perfectly good vehicle and my friends seeing a recurring explosion of parts.
  9. Zhab Apprentice Engineer

    Like this poll, I was torn between dedicated server and stability updates. Like this poll, I leaned toward stability updates in the end. Mainly due to the somewhat recent catastrophic memory leaks issues and stuff.
  10. Vero Apprentice Engineer


    so i am alittle tossed what i wanna vote on on your poll.. either between bug fixes (landing gear) or new features (rails)

    i wouldn't really know how stable the game is because i mostly play with creative in single player.. and i hardly do that either as i'm waiting for the above two to be added or fixed so i can begin building what i wanna build
  11. Skeloton Master Engineer

    New features with a side order of stability and fixes please.
  12. SaturaxCZ Senior Engineer

    I would prefer give in game maximum number of new futures and fix only serious bugs, becose fix every small bug + stability after new future consume time and with every new update it can stop work again so you will waste time fixing it again and again after update in circle. Fix game bugs and game stability can come later in beta, when we get 90% of new toys :D

    ( when they release dedicated servers it dasnt mean all server bugs from multiplayer will just disappear, dedicated can crash offten too... so dont rush it :p )
  13. corinmcnerd Apprentice Engineer

    I agree thou I would change the order and put the bugs first since to my knowledge stability might be increased as well in the process...
    New features for mp should be given before the dedicated server to have a more ordered and organized gameplay this would mean things like designated targets and so on.
  14. Thunderbird Junior Engineer

    implementing new features can only break old features - at the moment we have serious issues with the core of the game (rendering engine, physics engine, netcode)
  15. Xygen8 Trainee Engineer

    Performance and stability optimizations. After that, maybe some new parts and/or other features.
  16. SaturaxCZ Senior Engineer

    I think we will break old features at some point ( lets hope im mistaken ), so why delay it ? :D And issues with game core will take longer then 1 week update. I see it realistic around 3 mounths ( again lets hope im mistaken ) without new futures get in game. So i would prefer play all alpha stage under this conditions and then start fix it. ( meybe it have smaller impact on me, becose i dont play multiplayer much and normaly in game i have no problems until i start buyld over 1Km long projects with +1000 details :D,but it was on purpose to find out where is limit for now ) http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/469810156415351759/944980259B81AAE8C31F2EEBB6017042B17C9E5F/
  17. Hawthorn Apprentice Engineer

    I'd like to be able to play SE in 60FPS.
    Stability, yes.
  18. Hatchie Apprentice Engineer

    I think with recent activity around turrets where on one hand they get more options but still are kinda clumsy factions should come early.
  19. DJ-Col7 Apprentice Engineer

    There are several ship in my shipyards that cannot be finished until the game is stabilized!

    So stability is key, otherwise you'll have dedicated servers dropping dead left and right from being so unstable and lagging to death.

    I can't even look at the not even 1/4 constructed Subversor without my frame rate dropping to 3.
  20. Fixer Apprentice Engineer

    1) I would ask for the code that controls visuals and framerate to be worked on. I want to be able to fly around in an asteroid field (>25 asteroids) without losing 30 frames per second. It keeps trying to render stuff that isn't in the FOV, which is a problem.
    2) I want additional in-game controls for those hosting the game to be able to adjust game settings, ban on IP, teleport (to player or relative position), and cleanup commands (ships beyond a certain distance, objects, etc).
    3) After these, dedicated servers, which would probably require that the location calculations be distributed across all connected computers, so when a player (or players) get closer to a ship, their PCs handle most of the location processing and just pass relative data back to the server until they disconnect or move away from it. That would eliminate the lag kills from capturing ships on multiplayer.
  21. thunderbird985 Trainee Engineer

    Multiplayer stability fixes and new basic building blocks, such as the different triangular block shapes (30-60-90 1x1x2) mentioned in another thread, or an improvement on rotors... I'd like to be able to use two rotors to rotate the same lever arm attached to a ship... right now the rotors are slightly larger than a normal 2x1x1 block.

    And as far as multiplayer...If I'm freely standing in a large ship driven by one of my clients on my server, I get thrown around inside whenever the pilot (remote client) changes direction, and often times killed, which I know you are aware of.
  22. Draygo Senior Engineer

    Stability and factions.
  23. Zhab Apprentice Engineer

    Seems like new features and bug fix have gained lots of ground since I last check this poll. Dedicated servers and stability fix still have a comfortable lead thou.
  24. MasterKane Trainee Engineer

    Factions are #1 on my list fo desired features, optimizations are #2. Without factions I cannot even turn on weapons on my ship without hell breaking loose, and without optimization space combat with enough missile and gatling turrets lags to the point of being uncontrollable. I think the game will skyrocket if we'll be able to have dreadnought vs dreadnought battle involving tens of fighters and hundreds of constantly firing weapons with playable (>=30) fps. The next big things are blueprints, 3D printer (welder block), automation and ship-to-ship communication, enabling ability to construct and control entire fleet, make auto-reloadable custom weapons and many more.
  25. Namdoolb Apprentice Engineer

    Well, I think they're doing the right thing for the moment, bugfixes, stability and optimisation.
    IMO dedicated servers can wait until the game can comfortably handle 8+ players in one game. And whilst new features would be really cool, getting the game to run clean and smooth with what we have now is probably more important. I expect optimising the game will only get more difficult the more things they put in it.

    But that said there are a couple of things I would love to see implemented in the future (as long as they're feasible within the game):

    1) Tethers.
    Planned use mainly in survival mode.
    Basically it would involve either adding a new small cargo container for small ships or modifying the existing one.
    The idea is that you could attach yourself to said cargo container.
    Whilst attached a number of things would be true;
    Your movement would be slower and you'd be restricted to a small radius around the tether point.
    Your suit energy would run off the ship just as if you were in the cockpit.
    You would share inventory with the attached cargo system.

    I think this would have an enormous impact on large scale welding & grinding operations.

    2) Build from blueprints.
    I'm not exactly sure if this is do-able in game but it would nonetheless be rather good.
    So you'd build a design in creative, and save the ship object as a blueprint. Then you'd go into survival and paste the blueprint into the world.
    The object would start as a single scaffold block in survival. When that block is welded 100% the adjacent blocks are added as scaffolds (your resources permitting). This continues until the design is 100% complete.
  26. Bulletattractor Trainee Engineer

    Dedicated servers seems like the way to go now. I trust the team will continue to make great gains in stability and innovative new content, but in order to take advantage of those I'm looking for continuous servers that don't require a specific person logged in to play on. Most of my friends refuse to buy this game until they can play on the dedicated server.

    It's fairly painful to make a decent ship on someone's server only to have it disappear because they need to eat dinner. I'm somewhat surprised that this hasn't been implemented yet since any other building/persistent world games I can think of have this as a default before alpha is released.

    Here's hoping you put in dedicated servers so I can get my friends to buy the game and see the great things you already have going on.
  27. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    Stability/optimization/bugfixes, please. I feel like they added a lot of new features recently and it'd be nice to squash some bugs before they continue adding more features, lest all those bugs snowball during development.

    Honestly though, if we do get new features, my #1 feature desired would have to be blueprints. I love using creative mode to design things, but I want to build them in manual. But I hate designing things in manual. So yeah: I'd squee like a schoolgirl if they added blueprints.
  28. SenorZorros Master Engineer

    i'd prefer an engine overhaul giving more realistic physics and higher max speeds. it might not be the most spectacular thing around but it is the base we should built everything on.
  29. Thunderbird Junior Engineer

    which comes along with SO MANY possible new features down the line, and stability and improved performance
  30. ramfire Trainee Engineer

    Stability is a must.

    I mean I cannot complain keen has been knocking it out of the park.

    So great job but getting the game not to eat through 14gig of ram would be nice.

    Even using a ram dump program to reset it seems other things go on where you just have to restart no matter what.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.