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Population, NPCs & Tasks

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Kieran, Mar 5, 2018.

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  1. Kieran

    Kieran Trainee Engineer

    I have read the topic rules, the only thing I can see that would conflict with this post is how big of a task implementing all the ideas at once, I am sure if you break up the ideas into several major updates with other content not involved around the idea it would work out fine

    I should also add that this idea would work fine for Space Engineers and I would love to see it in both games, it would bring more life into the gameplay even if it was an option to turn on and off in world settings.

    Now, this idea is to focus on server areas around NPCs I have broken it up into subgroups so that its a bit easier to follow.

    NPC Villages
    I will start with NPC villages, as it would make sense to find a village with NPCs out in the wild.

    Villages are self-sufficient NPC do the task to keep the population alive, tasks like farming hunting, and gathering resources like wood and more.

    Some buildings you may find in NPC villages would be farmhouses small cheap houses near farmland, shops where you can trade with NPCs, houses for civilians, guard towers, dungeons for prisoners, a place of worship, and some form of government small or large building, this would be where a ruler of the town work or live depending on how big the town is.

    NPC Travelers
    So we have villages you can come across randomly in the world that's great we know you can trade with them we know they have tasks they do and have some sort of ruler.

    But why not have outcasts too, NPCs that have been banished from places that randomly show up at your forts or bases may it be for work or they have been kicked out of a population due to some sort of condition.

    Why not allow you to create a village and control what jobs they do and what they can bring to your economics, this would be a large game changer and this is what I mean by how these ideas can work for both games.

    So I figure there needs to be a limit on how often travelers show up, to not make the game overpowered maybe also though in a world setting so people can choose how often they come too so players have more control over this game mechanic.

    Now we have a traveler we can recruit them to our town, maybe a UI to pick a from a group which I will get into a second but the group would define what the NPC offers and maybe have restrictions on how often you can change their group or if at all.

    NPC Groups:
    so one idea is to have a very basic group may be one for simple tasks that are local within the town like farming, shopkeeping etc, maybe also have it so they can populate the town with Small NPCs witch age over time, I will go more into this in a bit.

    Workers do a task that is passive short to mid-distance like mine ores chop trees collect items and hunt, they travel out of the town maybe even to more nee by towns if within range to do business with other NPC within the same kingdom.

    Fighters, Guards, people that will defend your base from other players or other Kingdoms that come to invade your kingdom sorta speak, they can also protect yours from barbarians that invade or try to kill you, you can use them in far ranges like take them to war in another kingdom but they are fighters and are loyal to your command.

    NPC Population:
    So now you can gain some npc though traveling you can find npc towns and assin tasks to npcs or eve declare war with another town in a kingdom you may find the need to gain worrieors works and civilans towords end game at this point and may need to build a army to buld bigger and better things maybe even a second town somewhere else, population would add a new mechanic to the NPC world of things it would be limited to civilans do to there local range area but it would be intresting to see how you can make somthing like this work in the game.

    My idea witch you can choose to go with is to have a randomizer to allow two civilians to like each other and if they have a delay of 10 days (in game time) to have a chance of populating 1 - 2 children NPCs witch take 20-40 days (world setting) to grow up to be able to pick a group on which they will spend there life doing.

    so the groups that I talked about will allow you to pick them for the new NPC after they grow up, also there should be a new option that allows them to relocate to a new town that you own, this may make owning more than one village easier and make it worth growing a population rather than just accepting NPCs into a town.

    Final Remarks
    Like I said large idea but not imposable to do, some of the best games out there on steam have had challenging ideas like this one, not my idea but mechanics and where successful at making it work by taking many updates to work on it, I am sure if you even break it up in to several updates and work on each part I mentioned separately you could get the job done, with other content being added at the same time.

    Also, I said before it would work for both games I can't see why you would not be able to implement something with NPCs in space stations and small ground bases, it just would be more tech related rather then
  2. Dan2D3D

    Dan2D3D Moderator

    Hi, I've deleted the Yes/No poll <> see forum rules.

    For suggestions = The Devs prefer ONE per threads and there is a new website where all can post one suggestion so all can vote on it.

    Here > https://feedback.keenswh.com/
    --- Automerge ---
    Oh! Sorry, ^^ that link is for Space Engineers.
  3. Kieran

    Kieran Trainee Engineer

    Ah yes sorry, that poll thing was hidden under another topic page, I am used to other forums that have added the forum rules to each topic, I just figured that all the rules were in the rules of the topic.

    Also, you machined that for suggestions devs prefer one per thread, but then provide a link for space engineers suggestion, is there one for medieval engineers or do they only have one for SE.

    If I come up with linked ideas based on one major idea like this one in the future so do I just break it up into separate pages like say have NPC villages as one then NPC Travelers as another and provide links to related posts that I made? would that be what they are looking for?

    Also thanks to you for being passive with the poll thing I have been on other forums and been targetted for small things like that, Minecraft forums mostly but some of there staff are very hostile, it's nice to be on a forum that is not so negative.

    when you have some time can reply to my question, no big rush, just need to know where to post this and how to go about with the sub idea of the main one.

    Thanks for your time!
  4. Dan2D3D

    Dan2D3D Moderator

    It's OK, you can keep this one since it's all about NPCs' I just wanted to share this information ;)

    And no website suggestions like SE for ME > just post in here or on the Steam forum :tu:
  5. Kieran

    Kieran Trainee Engineer

    Ok, thank you. :D
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