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Possible bug.

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by TechyBen, Oct 19, 2013.

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  1. TechyBen Junior Engineer

    It seems clicking to place a block where/on/in a ready to be placed block causes a freeze/crash.

    To replicate, try placing a line of blocks with Ctr. Then click the mouse immediately to place a block at the end of the to be placed line. The placement of the second block seems to interfere/conflict with the first, and the game crashes.

    The game might be trying to put 2 blocks in the same place, as the player can press the mouse button quicker than the game checks/places blocks. Thus they are able to send a request to the game engine to place 2 blocks in the same place, which has expected results.

    PS, here is a video of replicating the crash. It does not happen when the game FPS is faster than the players clicking. Also, clicking the mouse is natural and easily mistakenly done by the player, so easy to replicate and often occurring. But as many things can change FPS (security scans, disk caching, game content loading, etc), it's probably best to put a check for valid block placement, or (as a temporary solution) a limit on click speed (current multiple block placement tools should make up for some of the slower building this may cause).

    Hope this helps.

    PS, I like to break things, but have not broken your memory limit in the engine yet. Will see if I can do that! :D
  2. Evis Apprentice Engineer

    I've experienced this to a lesser degree. No luck on replicating it though.
  3. Makaan512 Trainee Engineer

    i Just hit the memory limit with one ship at 8,300,000 kg, one station at 1,500,00 kg and two larger fighters (i really don't know how to find the block count). Neither reducing the graphic settings nor moving away the ship, BUT a few ours before reaching the limit the game started crashing regulary when i switched from placing for example a slope to the light armour block. Seems related to this one. But not placing a block but just the prewiev seemed to freeze the game, especially when working on parts which exceeded former borders of the ship (e.g. Building a bridge on top of your ship)

    TechyBen how much RAM do you have? And do you run a 32- or 64- bit OS? Are you near your supership while this crash occurs? Is it reproducible on a new map on your specific computer, because to me it only happened with high block counts (I'm testing this further tomorrow, really too tired right now).

    I'm playing on a AMD FX-6100 six core processor, ATI RADEON HD 4800 and 8gb RAM on 32-bit Windows 7 home premium (yes i can only use 3,25GB RAM and am currently working on disabling that limitation since it is ridiculus, but SDK hates me)

    Note: Oddly reducing the graphic settings decreased the memory consumption by one-fourth of the used RAM, but the maximum block count didn't increase. What makes this odd (just in my opinion, i am no programming god like the devs :D) is that the maximum block count doesn't seem to be a fixed number but rather be dependent on the object in the field of view.

    Note2: The game seems to only load objects/part of objects only in you field of view. Before i hit the memory limit, when i turned fast around i could see for 1-2 seconds half my ship was missing and the engine lights began to shine through blocks. I think that this is intended, but as a question: do you guys work with chunks? Since everything seems to load simultainously, even high amoutns of blocks (which is pretty amazing).

    See you tomorrow, good night fellow engineers.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.