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protect from lightning?

Discussion in 'Gameplay Help' started by illogique, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. illogique Trainee Engineer

    i read that decoy protect from lightning... but how?
    i put one decoy on my crawler, but i'm getting it by lightning in the control seat each 5min!
    it destroy the control seat, and since i was driving, the handbrake is off and the crawler start going downhill... have to rush to my base to get spare part

    so how to protect from lightning?
  2. illogique Trainee Engineer

    this is getting annoying!
    in my base, i have beacon, antenna, 2 spinning decoy on a rotor
    and the lightning always struck me!
    and it's raining like 75% of the time in a yellow grass region??
  3. Roxette Senior Engineer

    If you are on a local game, it is best to disable it for now, it is very buggy and unreasonably frequent and accurate. If you are on a server, there is no easy solution if you are on a planet.
  4. NoThanks Apprentice Engineer

    Weather: Implemented.