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Question about save file sizes and cargo ships raining from the sky

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by travdoty, Jan 24, 2016.

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  1. travdoty Trainee Engineer

    On our server we had cargo ships enabled via the game files because we love to salvage ships :) We all know how this goes on planets..... ships practically rain from the sky. While this is nice and fun, each ship creates a small to large crater where it impacts the planet. As far as I know, the more you mine, crash, or alter the voxel object in any way, the save file increases in size. The more we've played, I see more and more files with names such as this:

    In that file name, you see "Thala". That is the planet we are on (it is one of Doctor Octaganapus' modded planets). I've never seen our save file jump in size so much until we had cargo ships enabled.

    Now, for the question: Part of our base on Thala is underground, and this underground component is 100% necessary to the function of the base. Given all these files that are piling up in our save file structure, is there a way to "reset" the parts of the planet that were cratered from shipwrecks, but leave our underground portion of our base intact? Perhaps with SE Toolbox?
  2. rexxar Senior Engineer

    Keen disabled cargo ships for a reason. Restoring vowels is an all or nothing process. Your only real option is to reset the planet completely, rebuild your underground base and save a backup copy of the planet at that state. As long as you don't expand the base, you can restore the planet to just after you built it.

    It's not pretty, but that's pretty much your only option.
  3. travdoty Trainee Engineer

    Let's say we decided to do that--it might end up being more feasible than I thought because of other unrelated reasons as well. How would we do it? Just delete all those extra files other than the main planet file itself?
  4. B0mm3l6 Trainee Engineer

    if you want to go sure, save the Planet file ,when the Planet is without holes or craters. If you want to resett all the voxels, delete all Planet files and replace it with your save from before (important: The Name of the file must be the same)
  5. kittle Senior Engineer

    Those *.vx2 files are the changed parts of your planet. Removing them will restore the plane to its un-modified state. but as others said, its an all or nothing.

    Its possible to restore some or most of the planet to its pre cargo-ship impact state by removing the right *.vx2 files. but figuring out what the "right" files are is going to be trial and error.
    Remove a file
    Load the world
    check base (or bases)
    restore file if bases are filled in

    Its also quite possible your base may span multiple files, so you will need to to a LOT of checking
  6. DuneD Junior Engineer

    "P(Thala-606350350d120000)S((42, -1, 84))A(StoneCoverageIronCore__1002).vx2".
    Thats not the planet, thats a boulder ( the small rocks that appear in planet surface ), you can remove those, it wont change the changes you made to your planet being.. "Thala-12345d19000.vx2", thats the planet, the more you dig on it, the more the filesize of it will increase, the only possible way to undo changes made to planet is to actually remove the planet (as far as I know, since if you try to undo holes using voxelhands it will only increase the filesize.

    So don't worry about getting rid of those, the actual problem with cargoships is, they spawn inside planets, so make sure you remove those.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.