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Questions about the game

Discussion in 'Gameplay Help and Troubleshooting' started by Kabukijoe, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Kabukijoe

    Feb 17, 2017
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    Not sure if this is the correct area to ask but ya.
    Me and my friend are thinking of getting Space engineers. But I have some questions.
    Are there enemy AI on the planets?
    How often is the game updated?
    How well is it optimized? (as in is it laggy)
    How is the multiplayer? (how to connect to a friend and is it stable)
    Can you completely build ships / land vehicles (I have played games that said you could Build your own vehicles but all it let you do is change the wheels, a little bit of body work and change the color)
  2. vorticone

    Feb 16, 2017
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    It's a great game you will spend hundreds of hours on.

    Enemy AI does exist but is pretty mediocre so far. On planets you have two sentient creatures that can and will attack if present, and you will have the random NPC/pirate base that will send attack drones after you. Also you have NPC ships fly through space that you can attack and that can retaliate. But don't expect too much of them.

    The game is updated weekly, give or take. Usually a mix of bugfixes and new features. But then again, a lot of people play on the development branch (can be selected via Steam) anyhow.

    The laggy part really depends. On my machine, it is very playable, doesn't matter if I am in space or on planets. A lot of people have issues on planets with framerates though. And it is definitely not optimized at all. Hence the beta status.

    You can build stations, ships, vehicles. In fact, you have to build them from scratch, unless you download blueprints from the Workshop and use other people's creations.

    I cannot comment on the multiplayer part though, as I never even tried it. Only thing I know about it is that it works, is very playable, but suffers from some additional problems instead of only the "singleplayer" bugs.
  3. bigsteve

    Nov 7, 2016
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    Multiplayer is playable for just 2 ppl. FYI, multiplayer is a game hosted by someone via their client. There is a dedicated server option too.
  4. Forcedminer

    Oct 13, 2016
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    Are there enemy AI on the planets?
    some of the starting worlds have pirate bases on them but at the moment they don't spawn bases only pirate ships and stations in space.
    earth start, mars start, alien start all have powerful pirate bases but you start with a base that has some decent protection.

    How often is the game updated?
    once a week.
    check their youtube wednesday and Thursdays

    How well is it optimized? (as in is it laggy)
    depends on your computer....
    depends on the size of your ship...
    depends on your foliage settings....
    look at planets you're near tends to reduce my fps......
    coming in for landing around 1000m's is the point where grass and trees load in you'll notice a drop in fps at that point

    How is the multiplayer? (how to connect to a friend and is it stable)
    depends on how long the servers running
    depends on how many ships/stations exist and are powered
    depends on how many players
    depends on how powerful the server computer is
    when creating a world you have the option of OFFLINE,PRIVATE,FRIENDS and PUBLIC

    Can you completely build ships / land vehicles (I have played games that said you could Build your own vehicles but all it let you do is change the wheels, a little bit of body work and change the color)
    Yes you can
    a standard space ship needs....
    1 cockpit for control
    1 power source....battery or reactor
    1 gyroscope for rotating the ship
    and a thruster in each direction for good thrust control and stopping power

    for land vehicles its almost the exact same but you use wheels instead
    when building the wheels though try to make sure the wheel suspension part is the same on each side.
    a decent enough wheel setup is 10% power and friction and everything else roughly around 50%

    Lastly I'd like to give you a great tip for new players...the types of thrusters

    you have ion thrusters....blue flame...space only thruster
    they are weakest thrust but only use a small enough amount of power and only work well in SPACE.

    you have atmospherics thruster...only work on planets!
    they are quite powerful but use quite a large amount of power...only work on planets

    and lastly we have hydrogen thrusters.....work both in space and planets
    yellow flame....most powerful thrust......but they need to be connected to a hydrogen tank or oxygen generator.
    they need a steady flow of ice from an oxygen generator or hydrogen from a hydrogen tank to function....
    its not really smart to build a ship dependent on hydrogen....I only build hydrogen thrusters for large ships to get them moving forward fast...