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Rain as erosive to some blocks and fuel to farm & More gameplay reasons to build enclosed buildings

Discussion in 'General' started by Thales M., Aug 24, 2018.

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  1. Thales M. Senior Engineer

    Why do we build roofs in game? Here is why:

    1. To completely hide our stuff from thieves. But we can close top of our buildings with floor blocks as well. Also with sword we can destroy floor blocks and roofs easily. So this is not a major necessity for gameplay.

    2. Aesthetics. This is a big reason but not for a gameplay.

    Idea Starts Here:

    This is an engineering game, roofs should have a real purpose: Protection from rain. How this would work? In my opinion all blocks needs a new feature called Erosion=Yes/No. And rain comes from sky to erode some blocks slowly. Erosion should be adjustable option in survival game settings.

    Also farms should grow after they had rain at least once. This would also make in-house farms inoperative which is not realistic.

    When rain comes, some blocks gets damaged (Erosion=Yes) due to rain erosion. Each rain period reduces 1% of these blocks' health. Some blocks have protection (Erosion=No) to rain erosion. And blocks under them are protected as well.

    Large blocks which are immune to rain erosion:

    - Roofs,

    - Stone blocks

    - Palisade blocks and wall-walks

    - Stick fence

    - Claim Blocks

    - Windmill

    - Large stockpiles

    - Gates, Drawbridge, Portcullis

    - Railing (?)

    - King statue

    - Wooden supports (?)

    Large blocks which are immune to rain erosion and also protects blocks under it:

    - Roofs

    - Stone blocks (arches)

    Small blocks which immune to rain erosion:

    - Planks, timbers, diagonal timbers, round timbers

    - Campfire

    - Mill Stone (?)

    - Harvester, Plow, Seeder

    - Flags

    - Brazier and torchs

    - Catch blocks, hand crank wheel, rope drums, rope ends, wheel, rope torsion string, catapult bucket, projectiles, weight

    - Sign blocks

    - Windmill blade

    - Skull

    Note1: Also voxels should protect blocks from rain. If you build in a cave, these blocks don't need roofs to protect from rain. Farm in cave is not an option anymore as well. Also in desert region rain should be rare.

    You can "Like" the idea in support forum: https://support.keenswh.com/medievalengineers/topic/rain-as-erosive-to-some-blocks-and-fuel-to-farm
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  2. Doom_Juan Trainee Engineer

    While I like the ideas here, gameplay wise roofs do serve a purpose: they act as cover and can hide things you may not want other engineers to see.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.