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Repaired blocks rollback to the same damaged state they were before

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by MaNemaJeff, Jul 15, 2018.

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  1. MaNemaJeff Trainee Engineer

    A section of a ship I was building fell on my base, damaging some blocks. I repaired them, but after a couple hours, they were damaged the same way they were before, as if they were never repaired. This also happened in another occasion: a thruster of a ship (big ship) got damaged, I repaired it, and it rolled back to the previous damaged state.
    So far, the current damaged blocks have been repaired and rolledback again 3 times: it seems the bug could persist indefinately

    Some more info:
    - Bug only happened in multiplayer
    - Both instances refer to events happened in the last 3 weeks (meaning it's a recent one: been playing in different servers in the past months/years, and never encountered it)
    - Small ships never got this bug; big ships/stations don't always get it (meaning that small ships got damaged, but the bug never occured on them; other blocks got damaged on big ships/stations, without the bug happening)
    - Bug only happened with collision damage: it never happened if blocks got shot by missiles, ammo, or explosions
    - Only (possibly meaningful) thing I know about the server is that it has 1Gb of RAM: it's a server with 8 slots, used by a couple of friends only

    This bug has been posted on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/app/244850/discussions/1/2860219962086471793/
    I tried to see if he posted here too, but didn't find anything, so here I am

    Only solution so far seems to be rebuilding the bugged blocks

    Thanks Keen <3
  2. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I’ve had it happen numerous times in single player, too. I found that the only long-term solution was to completely remove the block (a bit painful when it was a jump drive) and rebuild it.
  3. Casegard Trainee Engineer

    I can confirm this for single player as well and for small ships.

    My solution for this is a complete shutdown of SE. So not just Save and reload instead -> save exit to desktop restart. To me it looks like that a save to menu is not saving the repair state and if you reload the block is damaged again.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    Edit: hmm thinking of this again I remember that this seems to happen when you get out of render distance .. so repair something go +3km away and come back without saving. As side note - I never had to grind it fully down - somehow you get it working one way or the other.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.