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RGB - Lamina's Survival/Faction Warfare Server, is looking for engineers

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by SpaceDab, Mar 14, 2019.

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  1. SpaceDab Trainee Engineer

    My brother and I have created a dedicated server hosted by GTXGaming's best server they have to offer which is costing us a solid 60 bucks a month, but we love this game and we want new friends and enemies to kill to feel like we're progressing, and we hope there's a bunch of you nerds out there wanting the same.

    Server name: RGB – Lamina’s Survival/Faction Warfare Server – 64 players

    Can't find it? Direct connect:


    · Inventory size: 20x

    · Sync distance: 3km

    · Max PCU: 10 million

    · PCU setting: Globally

    · PCU per player/faction: 10 million

    · Assembler and refinery speeds: 3x

    Our block limit and PCU limits are extraordinarily high and factions are separated by planet, so we expect to see amazing creations, huge expansions and large conflicts.

    6 planets, several moons.

    3 player factions: RED TEAM, GREEN TEAM, and BLUE TEAM

    1 “NPC” Faction: Scumbag Admins

    Player amount: 64 (Yes, we’re aware that 1 faction will have an extra player but this was our only option)

    Server: The best one we could obtain for the best server quality which cost’ us currently about 60 US dollars a month but free to you. We will likely refresh the server once every 2-3 days to make sure everything is functioning.

    Disclosure: Sometimes the spawns can be wonky after you die (rarely), bear with us, we are working on this. Regardless, there are.. Lethal.. measures to those who attempt to spawn somewhere they're not supposed to be.


    · NOT ALLOWED: No admin ability’s whatsoever, not even from the us admin’s unless we’re fixing issues or addressing complaints. This is survival. This shouldn’t be available to anyone who logs in, but work-around's wouldn’t surprise me. This is an immediate bannable offense.

    · NOT ALLOWED: No bigotry, harassment, or griefing (Which includes re logging into an opposing faction and sabotaging from the inside). Depending on the severity, this can be a bannable offense.

    · ALLOWED: Steam Workshop blueprints. Must be listed as “Vanilla” because we do not run mods, otherwise your blueprinted ship won’t work properly.

    · ALLOWED: Everything else. Build whatever you want. Kill whoever, befriend whoever. Have fun.

    ALLOWED: Swapping factions. Yes, you can swap factions freely but we highly discourage it. if you abuse this mechanic, you'll likely be removed. If the behavior persists and seems fishy, we'll just ban you.

    Each faction is based from a different planet, each have their own pro’s and con’s and their own short story. Each base starts slightly different but is prebuilt with what is required to survive.

    RED TEAM will be based from Mars.


    A science expedition sent by the Admins for testing, but abandoned completely and now you hate everybody who opposes your views. Though abandoned, the Admins equipped them with the best refining and assembling technology and easy access to renewable energy as well as a small mining vessel. Mine wisely though, renewable energy is only so efficient for so long.

    This dry barren landscape has little ice to provide but plenty of stone to refine - so hopefully you like to dig holes. You are also closest to Earth which is the richest in resources and a bastion of prosperity just out of reach, but in the direct path of opposing faction traffic once they achieve interplanetary travel. It’s highly suggested to build your defenses.

    BLUE TEAM will be based on Europa.

    A military mining expedition in search for rare metals in a large asteroid impact zone while amassing as much ice as possible for reasons. Ice can be a rare commodity outside Earth, typically found on asteroids or polar ice caps, so Europa can be very valuable to other expanding forces because of it's abundance and ease of hydrogen production.

    You’ve been equipped with a small land rover to locate materials hidden underground as well as upgraded assembling and refining technology, two large containers to separate ice and stone, and a hydrogen engine for power.

    Europa, however, is an icy barren landscape; inhospitable with no oxygen and freezing temperatures with limited amounts of stone – not to mention the depressing short daylight hours. You have the capability of becoming a great force with valuable assets, but your early building decisions must be wise to defend it and expand simultaneously.

    GREEN TEAM will be based on an alien planet.

    A ship once used for military purposes recommissioned for exploration and diplomacy, the USS Trump was sabotaged from the inside: hundreds of warheads within its massive hull exploded while in orbit leaving just a hollow shell of its former glory crashed on the side of a steep mountainside.

    The planet you’ve crashed on is somewhat habitable, but nothing like Earth. You must cannibalize the large ship wreck in order to begin expanding. So far, the only thing built from the carnage is a small base providing the survival essentials with no hopes of your SOS beacon being answered and you have no functioning refinery, no assembler and no vehicle, however, furthest from conflict and the planet is rich in resources and natural formations for protection.

    “NPC” Scumbag Admin(s):

    Earth is inhabited by the scumbag known as Admin. The scumbags typically prefer to stay secluded and stick to themselves, but they own an almost impenetrable fortress with multiples large ships ready to deploy docked up, sheathed inside a mountain with multiple layers of heavy armor and blast door blocks with a fresh coast of gattling gun.

    If you want this base and its’ ships for yourself for a massive advantage against opposing factions, you must amass a powerful force to access the hidden and well protected control panel inside to swap the ownership... Or you can completely destroy it or ignore it and attack your enemy’s head on but risk another faction acquiring it and using it against you. The choice is yours. Scumbag Admin never goes away though. If you take his base, he will be a thorn in your side. He really likes that base. If you try to put a base on Earth to take advantage of her resources, be ready to defend it.

    Be creative, fly safe, and fly brave. 7o
  2. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    You want friends and enemies to kill!?! Uh-oh...
  3. SpaceDab Trainee Engineer

    Sandbox things
  4. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I knew what you meant, but I just had to ask. I had to.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.