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RIP Planks. :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Tenzo, May 23, 2018.

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  1. Tenzo Apprentice Engineer

    So... I only today needed the planks to do the finishing touches on my new fort...

    After the floorboard changes...

    I now see that the carnage has not stopped at the floorboards.

    You have completely destroyed the visual function of planks. They were used to add contrast and make a building look spruced up by having high quality touch-ups applied in order to increase visual attractiveness... (Hide those unsightly timber gaps.) And quite frankly, just to increase visual appeal. To increase the visual interest of the design.

    You could make your structures look cool by adding a little extra detail here and there. Adding contrast, so not every piece of wood blends together In no particular style. Now, am I looking at a peasant house or a rich mansion? Can't tell. Visually the wood is the same and you can't make anything stand out in any particular way.

    It all looks like it has been shoddily thrown together out of cheap wood that is rough, full of grains, and looks like it has seen a lot of weather. The floor boards have no rings on them, like proper wood has. It has grains. Lots and lots of grainy patches. That means the wood was never sanded in any way.

    The log pillar is a mess. In one particular section of my fort, all the log beam supports decided to grow visible, ghastly knots in very close proximity to each other. Enough to make my skin crawl. It's only in that region, for some reason. Other places using the log pillars don't look so knotted.

    And the icing on the cake, planks reduced to mere flat plane replicas of the timber and round timber blocks. The dark lacquer is gone. The texture differentiation is gone. It feels like I'm placing wooden timbers everywhere, but in flat forms as opposed to square or round timbers...

    I'm not even sure what to say.

    What possessed you to make such awful changes? It's horrid. Did you consult with anyone? Did you even look at pictures of old, medieval mansions and castle interiors? Because you will be hard pressed to find anything that looks remotely like this.

    But in practical terms... I can't paint the wood, so my entire fort is one single color. One hue, top to bottom. I can't even tell the visual details because the tones all blend together in one hodge podge brown. And the wood looks cheap, brittle and to top it off is full of grains.

    There is zero contrast in wooden structures because they all use the new bland, grainy wood texture for floorboards, planks and plank walls.

    You didn't even leave the old versions in game. To let people decide which set they wanted to use. You butchered the style of the game in regards to wood and didn't even document it in a single patch note. You mentioned an animation change, but didn't bother to tell anyone that you changed the floorboards, watered down the planks and changed every texture on a block that uses wood? Really?

    (Have I missed something??)

    There are games on the market now, that are clones of Medieval Engineers. Clones using the original style of the blocks, from the stone to the black lacquered wood. And yet, you make such changes without even thinking about the customer - what we like. We have stood with Medieval Engineers ever since launch. I myself bought two copies. And this is how you repay my consumer loyalty?

    Did you even ask if anyone wanted wood that looked abandoned before you decided to butcher foundations, stairs, floorboards and planks?

    Did you get complaints about the look of the blocks? I never read, heard of, or saw a single one.
    Ever hear the term 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'?

    The answer is of course no, and you didn't even document the changes. Not only that, but you replaced - you didn't leave in the old sets. I could have lived with these new changes, if I could still use the old texture versions of the blocks and most importantly, the awesome old planks.

    Would that have been so bad? To let the user decide between two sets of planks, two sets of floorboards? Instead of increasing the visual options as the game progresses, you chop them up, hit delete and make them worse than they were before.

    I could have lived with the floorboards. I can't live with the new planks. That is just a "no". Whose idea was this? Was this another Marek idea? Is that why everyone is so mum about it and doesn't say anything?

    Flabbergasted and speechless.

    Everyone loved the old planks. If you spent any time reading this forum, you would know that. At least it would make you think twice about turning them into a dull, bland, timber block variant.
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  2. Mirek Apprentice Engineer

    Such a wall of text and so much emotion for what? For a collour of piece of wood? Iam laughing my ass off.
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  3. Yurets Trainee Engineer

    I kind of understand this. It's like in Minecraft - there exist hundreds of texture packs, which change nothing but a texture of existing blocks and it's rather popular, exactly because of general attractiveness of whatever you build. So now, when basic game textures aren't attractive - it's a problem.

    A solution in the case above would be just giving old textures as a free texture pack, which can be swapped/replaced with current textures (if it is possible). If physical model changed, then it's much harder, but it also gives another opportunity - just give us old blocks (as addition, if possible), then there will be higher diversity of blocks which is always great for builders.
  4. Mirek Apprentice Engineer

    Wouldnt just some painting tool as in SE be better than texture packs?
  5. Yurets Trainee Engineer

    Quite often wooden surfaces are not painted, but varnished. In medieval times I think wood was just polished. And since wood generally has quite a nice structure and texture (in reality), then there is really no need for paint. Especially floors.

    Also, I don't know, how painting is done in SE, but if it just plain colour, then in ME setting it would look a bit ugly. In SE I guess it would be okay.
  6. Mirek Apprentice Engineer

    Oh no. Wood was often painted by single collour or even pictures or even gold plated in medieval times. The paint wasnt durable tho, so it lost the collour over time. Here are some example replicas of boxes made by my felow reanactors:

    Medieval people at least in central europe were wery fond of collours and decoration. At least thats what pictures and written historical texts tell us. unfortunately due to low durability of the natural colours they used only really small number of painted surfaces survived. Most of the relics you find now lost the paint oer time, or been repainted later.
  7. Yurets Trainee Engineer

    Then NOT painting is rather recent "invention" :D

    Though, the first chest looks like it is made from cardboard =)

    But on the second picture, the box still has some wooden texture under paint. Probably it is just one layer. But still, if in this case texture is bad, then paint won't help.

    But I still can't believe, that wooden wall can be painted inside:D Because in my parents' house inner wooden wall are not painted with colored paint, just transparent mixture, which slows down rotting.
  8. Tenzo Apprentice Engineer

    Yes, painting would be very nice. But I'm not sure that will ever happen for ME.

    Their textures are a little more problematic to color than the regular blocks in SE, I feel.

    (Or they would have done it already. But that would be a welcome change.)

    Until then, we are stuck with using careful alignment of blocks to create contrast in order to give buildings visual interest. To set them apart.

    Otherwise, buildings become very monotonous. When everything is in the same color, tone, texture grain, without any visual disparity between lighter or darker tones, it just feels boring. You lose the sense of space.

    Yeah, my post is in the realm of ridicule, but it's such a simple thing: If they're going to add new blocks in, with new tones, why not keep the old ones? Don't get us excited for new stuff only to find out you're taking out stuff we've been using for a very long time now, for this "new stuff"... That's just frustrating especially for how few updates we get with new blocks, or new combinations of blocks, nevermind variations of a material.

    It's like saying here is a new shiny, but first give us your old shiny. (Anyone play Wildstar?) What's the sense in that? How would you like it if they took out large ship window blocks in SE, in order for you to have small ship windows? What's the point in chucking out assets that players have used since the launch of ME, in order to replace them with something different? It's like saying, hmm, you know we've added blue blocks to the game, but we are taking out your red blocks because red and blue don't match. Trust me, you'll like blue and blue, much better.

    That is also silly as well. As for my over-reaction, yes it's funny but...if you don't play your games with any passion, you're better off finding new games. If you like a particular game, you have to have some reaction. Especially when they gut it like this. For no other particular reason but that some dev has a different taste in what looks cool, than you.
  9. Mirek Apprentice Engineer

    Well entire wooden wall dont have to be painted. Depends of the Social status of the owner, the wall wouldnt be painted at all, or parts would be painted, or entire wall would be painted white with lime whitewash, or it would be covered with more appealing material. Iam not expert on entire medieval time, nor i know customs of every nation, but in 14th century czech kingdom, wich is in my field of interest as a reanactor, people used to mask or at least somewhat decorate crude materials like leather or wood. Forexample belts, were usualy covered with nice cloth or painted to hide the fact that they are made from something as unsofisticated as leather. Another oditty: In poorer households the tablecloth might often be the most expensive piece of fabric in entire possesion of the resident family. And they wouldnt go to eat without celan tablecloth on the table.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.