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RP/PVP Loyalists VS Overlords videos and streams

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by tedward6, Oct 9, 2018.

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  1. tedward6 Trainee Engineer

    Hey there engineers

    Im pleased to announce a new server with an awesome storyline.
    We are looking for some great active players wanting to
    contribute to an amazing group of new Twitch Streamers.


    A Dictatorship has taken over the star system wanting to rule
    all who inhabit it. The Loyalists of the old government wish
    to restore a Democratic Council To the leadership. This will
    not be easy as The Dictatorship has a vast amount of weapons
    and ships controlling the system. Build, Fight and restore
    The rightful rulers of the system to power before it is too

    Key Rules more are on the discord. https://discord.gg/8mzTXPF

    1. Listen to your commanders they will be put into place for
    a reason.

    2. Do not build outside of the restrictions placed down by
    the Admins and Commanders as this will break the immersion
    of the server

    3. Loyalists Can Attack convoys and The other sides soldiers
    in designated areas however you are not allowed to attack
    bases unless okayed by your commander.

    4. Loyalists are treated as civilians unless under suspicion
    In this case they will be stopped and searched if you run you
    will be shot at and anything left of the ship will become
    Property of the dictatiorship.

    5. This one is very important if you wish to be part of the
    stream you must have and be the following

    1. Have a mic and be over 18
    2. Must speak English
    3. Must follow all stream Guidelines placed in by twitch and
    youtube which includes but is not limited to no Defamatory
    Language, Political Speech and Hate Speech.
    4. Must be able to play almost every weekend for the forseeable
    Future and must tell the Admins if you cannot make it

    6. If you are not playing on the server for a long time you will
    be contacted to ask if there is a reason. if it is because you
    do not wish to play anymore please tell an admin otherwise you
    will be removed from the server until further notice.

    7. This is a RP PVP server But it is also has alot of other rules
    People may not understand if you dont understand any rules
    please contact a mod or an admin on the discord

    Join the Discord Here https://discord.gg/8mzTXPF
  2. tedward6 Trainee Engineer

    Still looking for new players to join in its going to be epic
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.