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Rubberbanding Ships

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by bleakhead, Jun 19, 2019.

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  1. bleakhead Trainee Engineer

    I have a big problem - the rubberbanding ship. For those, who not heard from that fantastic feature, here a small explanation.
    If my Ship is connected to a connector and I will disconnect it can happen, that the ship disconnects but will always fly automatically back to the connector if you try to fly away.
    - Power off for base and ship does not work
    - even grinding down both connectors will not help

    - earth planet
    - I always set my batteries to recharge, if I am connected to my base
    - before disconnect, I set it to auto
    - it is happening on multiple servers
    - it happens in all of my cases at 0.6 sim speed

    My Question to you, how to avoid that? I need to connect to my base since I need at least power for my batteries or to transfer ores.

    A solution, wait for the next restart should not the way to go...

    PS: If someone does not tell you today, I will do it. You are great!
  2. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Sounds like you tried everything already. :(
    MP still has its issues it appears.

    May have to bite the bullet and place a small reactor and use it for recharging until the MP is optimized more.
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  3. bleakhead Trainee Engineer

    Okay so I should trade uranium from spacelings and hope they will drop it via parachute container (like a nice looking care package) on my GPS Coords :D
  4. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    My bad, I overlooked you were on a planet! :)

    There is a rumor Uranium can be found on planets. (Even though Keen said there is no Uranium on them.) However you could use a mod that produces a tiny bit of Uranium. Or you could use a Hydrogen engine instead, again just for the recharging of the batteries.

    I use that setup (Hydro Engine for recharge) on my survival truck.
  5. Phoenix-Avatar Trainee Engineer

    For me its not just my ship, its me also, moving threw my hanger I start to rubberband until I take a jetpack full throttle run at it, then it lets me in or out. but its only the hanger doors that do it.
  6. Malware Master Engineer

    The rumors are false. You won't find U on planets. You can get small amounts from meteors, that's the best you can get.
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  7. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    @Malware oh I know the rumors are false, but still it is going around that if you go to the poles... of course just by me putting it on here is kinda feeding the fire isn't it...lol
  8. Roxette Senior Engineer

    It's true. There are Uranium deposits in Poland that have been mined since the 1950's
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  9. bleakhead Trainee Engineer

    @Roxette, are there the stolen ships from raided bases too?
  10. Calaban Junior Engineer

    OP: sounds like your ship is "stuck" to a voxel. This is a side glitch from printing the small ship off the end of another existing ship, then cutting it loose to be its separate ship.

    What this does is glitch out the newly created ships' "pivot point", an xyz axis made visible in k-info tab. If turned on, you should see that the rubberbanded ships pivot point is way off center of mass, and embedded in a voxel nearby.

    That is specifically why you are stuck (most likely). As for how it got there, or how to get it out of there, or how to prevent it in the future... well, that is an endlessly variable case by case situation, with no easy answer- nor definitive one even possible. (I guess there IS the "build your own ship and stop printing" solution)

    It is fixable though, with admin cheat powers. Ask the admin (or alt-f10 creative mode yourself) and simply cut/paste the grid (alt-x, alt v). this will "fix" its pivot point with essentially a newly created, non-tumor-like growth from another ship version of itself. Failing an admin, try to wrangle another ship to merge block with it and disconnect, and see if that "manual reset" works as well.

    [insert insensitive polish joke here... something to do with screen doors on a spaceship]
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.