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Several Suggestions (With Poll)

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Styrkr, Mar 6, 2014.

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  1. Styrkr Apprentice Engineer

    Some may or may not have already been planned or suggested. Below are descriptions of the suggested features.

    • Pick Color (Selects color of target block)
    • Fill Color (Applies selected color to all blocks connected to and the same color of target block)
    • Custom Suit colors
    • "Tractor" Beams (Allows pilot to push, pull, or tow target object)
    • "Decorative Block" Object type (A block that can be applied to the face of another block. Does not occupy space and has no collision. Eg Pipes that can run along walls)
    • Movable cargo containers (Can be re-located while retaining contents using a large and/or small ship attachment [can be used on a "mule" or "crane"] or maybe landing gear)
    • Exposed small ship cockpit (For skiffs, mules, and the like)
    • 2-Axis Rail-Bridge (Example) for Large Ships (like on a claw game)
  2. iron_dinges Apprentice Engineer

    - Pick colour: Unneeded, press P while in construction to bring up the colour picked, and pick your colour.
    - Tractor beams: no. Once we have better and/or remote control of thrusters and other objects, you can make a remote control arm to grab objects with. You could even just put some gravity generators at the end and aim it towards your ship. Much more fun to have to engineer it.
    - 2-axis Rails: not needed, if we have single rails we can make our own 2-axis rails.
  3. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    Color Picker
    Well, sometimes you dont remember the color setting for a given block anymore .. hence why the color picker (pipette) would be pretty useful for some.

    Fill Color
    Hm, i dont see much use for it but why not .. simple "paint" abilities should be there ... and may come at a later stage of the game when the core elements work better.

    Custom Astronaut suits have been somewhat confirmed (I THINK) or at least asked for many times. You can however change your color from a small set of colors using the SE Toolbox.

    The tractor beam is imo very nice aswell as i had it many times that there are a few blocks floating around and i just want to bring them in a certain position .. move them in a direction or rotate them. And many times i thought "GOD DAMNIT just grab that thing and do it!".
    So yes .. do want! +1
    Yet it got suggested a few times already, i think.

    Decorative blocks will come when the variation of functional blocks has been extended i guess .. as functional blocks are more important right now and you never have enough decorative items anyway.

    Moveable cargo boxes ... thats a floating cargo box hauled with tractor beam.

    I dont get the "exposed" small cockpit .. do you mean that you want to see the people in there .. or that you can climb into it and then take a seat?

    The 2 Axis rails will be made by combining two linear actuators/pistons/rails as we get them.

    Also much more important .. you did a doublepost and should lock the other thread as this has the poll in it.
  4. Merinsan Apprentice Engineer

    Pick color already exists. shift-P while highlighting the block with the color you want.
  5. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    Oh thats nice to know, didnt see that shortcut in any changelogs so far ... thanks.
  6. Azi Dahaka Apprentice Engineer

    No tractor beams, just for realism's sake. Also, an exposed cockpit in space? Seems risky.
    Other than that... everything seems good.
  7. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    If you dont like the idea of a "tractor beam" just lets call it "grabbing items" .. dont make things too complicated -_-
  8. Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    Tractor beams may well exist in the form of grav gens if/when they affect small ships. Heck, they work on rocks already for much the same purpose.
  9. iron_dinges Apprentice Engineer

    If/when remote component use/scripting is enabled, here's how I'd make one:
    1. Build an arm with a few rotors and landing gear at the end
    2. Use the mouse to change the direction and pitch of the arm
    3. Use W/S to extend/contract it
    4. P or click to toggle landing gear
  10. Styrkr Apprentice Engineer

    Sorry, I didn't know I have any replies. This forum does not give me any notifications.

    Sorry about the double post, I was not aware of that. Going to look into it now.

    As for the pipette, good to know that there is one. I hadn't read about it either.

    As for tractor beams (for pushing, pulling, and towing), I don't really understand how "realism" is an issue. We have gravity generators, which, even in theory, are currently thought impossible. The reason grav gens aren't great for tractors is that they're planar. Meaning gravity is strictly +Z or -Z (or +/- Y) rather than pulling toward a median point (all objects are pulled towards the generator) or, preferably, a median plane (object below go up, objects above go down).

    2-rail: you got the idea. That's all that matters.

    Open-cockpit: Large-ship style cockpit for small ships. (Then I can make my "Flash Gordon" style rocket cycle!) As for "risky", you're perpetually stuck in a space suit. No more "risky" than using your MMU, right?

    Movable cargo: I mean cargo containers that can be anchored, then detached, moved, and re-anchored.
  11. BiggLou55 Apprentice Engineer

    Tractor Beams? While cool, I say no. It's not in keeping with the theme the devs have stated (near future with today's tech + some advancement like gravity gens). I would love some sort of grappling arm (think space shuttle) to pull items in and out of cargo bays as well as grabbing and towing small ships/objects.

    You can make movable cargo containers now. Small ship + <10 blocks + cockpit + gen + 6 small thrusters + one landing gear .... But I get what you are saying. You want to be able to pick up and move only the container from station to ship or ship to ship (large to large and small to small though since the blocks are different).
  12. ADM-Ntek Trainee Engineer

    we already have magical artifical gravity so why no tractor beams? gravity gun maybe.
  13. SinisterVin Trainee Engineer

    i really like the rail idea.. would make elevators and bay doors alot easier to build
  14. BiggLou55 Apprentice Engineer

    You can actually build both with gravity Generators. Once (if) small ships are affected by gravity, they will be effected. As it stands today, only you, ore and parts are affected by gravity.

    I have a working deflector shield and gravity guns already. Take a look as some of LastStandGamers videos on Youtube! ;-)

    As for tractor beams, I really don't care either way. If they are on the roadmap, they are most likely a low priority item. Things like small ship mounted welders and grinders, grappling arms, working conveyors and large ship weapons, and Factions are far more important, IMHO...
  15. goofy Trainee Engineer

    Tractor beam? NO Grappling hook as NX-01? HELL YEAH
  16. Leonhardt Senior Engineer

    Everyone take two shots.

    Because Tractor beams don't solve a vital and difficult to program gameplay mechanic, lol
  17. Styrkr Apprentice Engineer

    We have gravity generators. Surely the same fictional tech could be implemented with two units generating two fields. One you pull in and be just barely longer than the other, forcing the object inside to be caught and pinned between the fields.
  18. Styrkr Apprentice Engineer

    What's your point?
  19. Yenius Trainee Engineer

    Why not some sort of magnet, ores are magnetic right? ships would be magnetic.
  20. Leonhardt Senior Engineer

    Reread the thread.
  21. DoctorDeathDefying Apprentice Engineer

  22. Styrkr Apprentice Engineer

    The only ferromagnetic metals in the game are uranium, silicon, and iron. Non-ferromagnetic metals in SE are cobalt, gold, platinum, magnesium and silver.
  23. wankerstein Apprentice Engineer

    Please stop with the 'but we have gravity generators' argument. They are a special case and a singular exception to the quasi-realism the devs want to maintain. They don't want to make it more unrealistic.
  24. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    Point by point
    Already in
    Already in I think
    Been suggested multiple times, but agreed.
    Suggestion to do this by tow cables, okay. Doing it by magical tractor beams, no.
    Eh, I don't see this looking that good, because it would have to be 2-D and... eh... no.
    Can be done currently
    Okay +1
    There are going to be rails, we don't need a special object for dual rails if we have rails.
  25. Hatchie Apprentice Engineer

    On tractor beams - I think it's obvious something like this is needed, but not in form of beams I believe. Graphling hooks maybe?
  26. DemonFiren Apprentice Engineer

    Tractor beams you can build yourself, with artificial mass on ships and a tightly focused gravgen.

    Granted, their range will be pretty short, but that's the limitation given.
  27. EightyEighty Trainee Engineer

    If you want a grabbing-at-a-distance-and-then-reeling-in mechanic, I believe grappling hooks have been suggested elsewhere. Heck, you could even have different types of grapple heads. (magnetic to grapple armor blocks and such, a barbed spike for more malicious intents.)

    We must have some Firefly/Serenity fans in the audience. The bad guys (the ugly ones) used grappling hooks all over the place, even great big ship-sized ones. That would be fantastic, and certainly within the capabilities of 2077-era tech.
  28. Hatchie Apprentice Engineer

    I did not see any of those shows, I just tried to somehow tug an wreck of ship which was rotating and it was impossible. I think in game, especiall when PvP will be involved, you will sometimes need to contain remains of ships which are uncontrollable and not static to be easily land on.
  29. Styrkr Apprentice Engineer

    1: No it's not. There is no Pipette function.
    2: That's not either. There is only an unbiased cubic paint.
    3: Concur.
    4: No "magic" involved. Call it what you like, you can focus and channel a magnetic field. In essence, you can create a "tractor beam". People who say "Tractor beams are dumb because magic" sound like backwards geocentric morons. Grappling hooks can work, but can only pull, not push, guide, or manipulate.
    5: It does not have to be "2D". No idea why you think that, but it's extremely wrong.
    6: No it cannot. You can move them if not attached to anything. I mean ones that can be detached and re-attached.
    7: :)
    6: That was not known when this was posted.

    As for all "tractor beam doubters". It can be done with enough energy. In SE, we have all the energy we could want. If you don't like the term "tractor beam", then whatever you want. Every object in SE has ferromagnetic components, so this will affect anything.
  30. Styrkr Apprentice Engineer

    Still don't see your point. Looks to me like you're just trolling.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.