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Ship respawn please for server crashes

Discussion in 'Survival' started by crazymooseman, Aug 17, 2014.

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  1. crazymooseman Trainee Engineer

    Could you guys please implement a ship respawn mode in survival? Today I spent 2 hours building a ship and while I was out trying to set up a trap to lure people, the server crashed. I knew the coordinates but I didn't have my dampeners on because I was traveling to an asteroid. ("Well you shouldn't have turned your dampeners off durr." Shut up I was traveling long distances.)

    1. My idea is that you could create a block that would respawn/ teleport your ship back to its other linked spawning block. It could activate after a set time (maybe 10 minutes?) without anyone in the cockpit.

    2. In addition, it would obviously be a destroyable block to keep it fair for people who wreck your ship and are looking to scrap it. And obviously once it's destroyed you won't be getting it back ever but would have to start building all over again.

    3. This would not duplicate the ship persay in my mind but rather transport it back. This way you don't get multiple ships of the same type appearing out of thin air for people to scrap and get unlimited resources from.

    But basically my ship was lost due to server crash as I was drifting through space at 104m/s and there is no way I can get it back even if I follow its direct path as the dampeners were turned off for long distance travel. I want a reasonable system to retrieve ships lost in this manner since I put hours of work into it.

    Thoughts anyone?
  2. Kochean Trainee Engineer

    This will not help your current situation any, Sorry. But for future ships I would recommend placing a medbay in the craft set for you alone. That way you can just load up right on board as if nothing had happened.

    If a feature were to be implemented having a dead man switch would be something worthwhile to have. Small unit like a light or control panel you can mount on a ship. If you are logged off, server derps, etc. the dead man switch activates the beacon and dampeners so you can retrieve your craft. The teleport thing would not likely be implemented, at least not officially.
  3. fused Trainee Engineer

    Even if the ship has a medbay it will clip you through the ship and kill you.

    Dont turn off your dampeners ... problem solved / lesson learned. I too found that out the hard way.
  4. TehRoach Apprentice Engineer

    Really hope that this is not seriously considered a fix, lol :p

    I too have lost many a crap ship (although some of them were getting good) to the abyss of distance/Time. :(
    I really hope that a real solution comes to light, that would make it possible to salvage/save such ships :)

    If each map/sector had its own gravity well so that all straight paths are actually curved.
    would make it very difficult to lose a ship this way!

    These type of ships then:
    may not be in your current possession, nor may they likely to be in your possession for a period of time.
    But they are NOT lost and given the tools (or time to build them) the derelict is fully recoverable.

    As the game is now it is possible to set the game area to a limited size (ie 100x100x100) and anything outside of this limit just gets deleted. An option where it wasn't just deleted but instead was copied first, then deleted then pasted on the otherside of the bounding area could simulate an orbit.
    In the same way a 3-way interlocking donuts simulates a sphere, but good enough for the task :)

    and/or if it was possible to save and recover your ship designs in game!
    ie http://forums.keenswh.com/post/being-able-to-repair-crashed-ships-without-having-to-personally-remember-the-design-6980388?&trail=15

    I don't really like the idea of a teleport home block option, but feel your pain and hope for a solution too :)
  5. Cronos988 Junior Engineer

    I agree with this suggestion. Simply add a "Auto turn on dampeners" option to the cockpit's control panel. Whenever the cockpit is empty, dampeners will automatically turn on. In fact, this should be the standard behavior of any ship unless turned off.

    Until that time, if you cannot afford to loose your ship, don't turn on dampeners.
  6. delabu Apprentice Engineer

    In the topic in my sig below I give some tips on traveling large distances with large and small ships and how to recover them when you crash/disconnect.

    Specifically, there is a way to coast with damps still on - which means you can stop the ship remotely...
  7. TehRoach Apprentice Engineer

    This solution will work well for this scenario :)
    But will FAIL badly in others :(
    A friend of mine damaged one of our mining vessels:
    -he managed to rip off several thrusters and the gyro housing

    Having very few spare parts as we were waiting patiently for what he was mining.
    I jumped into the nearest small ship with landing gear and attempted a rescue.

    With landing gear locked and his engine powered down (Y), my ship suffered violent vibrations during acceleration, enough to rip two of my landing gear off and damage surrounding armor.

    Even with no power on in the ship it wasn't till he turned off the dampeners (Z) that I was able to tow him back fairly easily just a little bit of roll in his direction and with only 1 landing gear intact.

    Other times during building (I use 2-3 separate welding ships at a time) I often find it easier just to give one of the other welding ships a slight bump with the one I am in so it can finish welding large areas of armor.
    This can only be done without damage with the dampeners left off.
    I have a space station, which is actually a funny shaped large ship merged to 3 other large ships, that I usually leave connected to an asteroid with 3 landing gear
    it has landing bays for several small ships, the small ships use landing gear to attached to the heavy armor or purpose built landing gear on the space station and a connector.
    When I move the station with the small ships attached, funny things happen if the small ships have their dampeners enabled (even when powered off), where if I disable, turn off all the small ships dampeners the station move goes smoothly.

    Hence having dampeners auto on would cause more problems while actually playing the game.
  8. havok Apprentice Engineer

    you may have solved many of my problems.
  9. TehRoach Apprentice Engineer

    Great to be of service :)

    I do hope that this problem is considered a bug an ironed out :p

    But until then I will leave all my ships parked with landing gear locked, power off and dampeners disabled.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.