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Ship sizes classifications

Discussion in 'General' started by theuros, Jun 4, 2014.

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  1. theuros Apprentice Engineer

    Is there any "classifications" in SE for ships ? .. I mean like destroyer, cruiser, frigate

    I know that I choose / name anything, .. i'm just wondering what is mostly used between players.

    For measure I use large blocks .. so currently i have for example..

    Smallest frigates: max 3 blocks wide and up to 5-6 blocks in length
    Cruisers: max 5 blocks wide and up to 10 blocks in length
    Destroyer: max 8 blocks wide and up to 20 blocks in length

    After I build a new ship I'd like to say.. hey I have a new Battleship to show you .... so anyone would know that is large ship X blocks wide and up to X blocks in length and not a small 5x5 block ahip with multiple launchers stick to it.

    so .. is there any standard in SE?
  2. The Leftenant Apprentice Engineer

  3. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Here we go again....
  4. Light_gemini Junior Engineer

    You cant assign a class based on size, not at least traditional classes like "destroyer,frigate".
    I have a ship named "Werebat" that is 9 blocks wide, and should be classed as a destroyer using your criteria when in fact its a simple utility ship with 6 grinders, ages away of being even a fighting ship. I have a nearly finished medium HQ ship with hangars, a single refinery and assembler, several big containers etc. and its actually 21 blocks wide and 65 long (65mx162m) and I dont consider it a big ship and its not a ship for display only, I will actually use it to play and simulate travelling around using SE Toolbox.

    160 meters long (62 cubes) is classed as a Corvette more or less generally all over multiple games/ sci fi Universes. So no, you cant give a class based on size as a standar system to be used universally.
  5. Vahnkiljoy Apprentice Engineer

    Need a game to tell you something your imagination could easily accomplish?
  6. theuros Apprentice Engineer

    hm .. i thought so ...

    I just hoped foro some universal scale to define ships ... so if anyone tells me that he made a "mid-size" ship of any kind .... you would know how big approximately is :) .. if you don't have any universal scale then mid-size can be anything...

    ah no problem ..... just asking
  7. LFCavalcanti Senior Engineer

    The fact is... we don't even decided what is a Starship, Ship or moving Station... because most players have mobile Stations on Survival.
  8. Tiger313 Apprentice Engineer

    Ship size/weight isn't the only thing that defines the classification of a navy vessel, crew size does too. Since my ships are all controlled by just one person, I can't call anything a cruiser or destroyer or even a frigate.
  9. Tiger313 Apprentice Engineer

    I fully agree with that: as long as you can fit everything on a ship that you can fit on a station, why would you limit yourself to one spot in space when you can just haul all your stuff around with the same ease. :)
  10. mhalpern Senior Engineer

    save resources, build in astroid, don't use bullets to protect your stuff from storms as you have no care in the world if a meteor hits it as you didn't invest resources in the wall. reference point as to where "home" is, if you have multiple ships you can have a doc... energy to transfer if you have a dedicated cargo ship, you dont have all the refineries assemblers, small ships ect. to transport from point a to point b at once making it cheaper, faster, more manageable, once you have the resources, you pack up and move everything or leave the station as sentry and strip it of important stuff save power, guns and ammo (and other military requirements) and use it as a supply cache if needed, they provide a fixed logistical hub, which while they make high priority targets, are invaluable if managed right as they clean up a huge amount of logistics for war and general operations, and make a clear indication of territory
  11. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    One player came up with a ship identification code system that, to me, kind of resembles what you see on the tail of a plane. It was something like weight-role-armament-and I think possible crew. So one of my ships would be H17-M-15G-5. Heavy armor at 17 million ton, multi-role, 15 gun turrets-and 5 people would be needed as a minimum crew to run everything efficiently.
  12. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    The best classification is color. "Red ship, RED SHIP!!!"

    That might have been me
  13. Shiv Trainee Engineer

    I may have giggled a little to much at this...heh heh...

    Imagination is key, but if you think about roles AND size, it helps to establish the gist of an idea of what ship you're referring to. Such as:
    Carrier: I think everyone can agree that a carrier is a ship that can hold AT LEAST 3 or 4 small-ship designs, be they fighters or mining ships or what have you. Of course, there are many different classifications and sizes that can be used (Ex. A "Fleet Carrier" having the resources and equipment to maintain say, 8 fighters along with any defense turrets, but would have to be 300 meters in length to house everything. A "Recon Carrier" would be a third of the size, but only able to supply and support 3 fighters).

    Battleship (or equivalent): An enormous capital ship designed to take punishment. Gatling/missile turrets galore and the ability to supply all of them. Probably 500+ meters in length (to house all the support equipment and such). Maybe a small hanger bay.

    Cruiser/Destroyer: Smaller than a Battleship, but larger than a frigate. Can take more of a pounding, but not designed for slugging matches. I tend to think these are more to keep fighters and smaller capships off of the Battleship. Around 200 meters long.
    Frigate/Corvette: Quick, maneuverable, and designed to take out fighters mainly. Under 100 meters.

    Of course, the numbers are random and arbitrary, but that's kinda what I think of. Granted, the only cap ship I've built or even started on is about 75 meters long, 32.5 wide. I tried designing it after the USS Defiant from Star Trek: DS9, and it looks big when I'm working on it, but really fits more of a Frigate/Escort role and size. Main thing when designing ships, though, is making them self-sufficient as far as weapons/power goes. You can have a 50-gun ship and call it a Battleship even though it's less than a hundred meters long, but you gotta power and feed those hungry jackals of gatling cannons
    TL;DR Role is certainly important, especially when designing, but size very much plays into that role, too. Role would have the most influence when determining how you classify a ship, though.
  14. theuros Apprentice Engineer

    Basically we need to use 2-3 classifications. One is size, other one is purpose .. and maybe type. So you could say:

    - mid-size civil carrier
    - small battleship
    - large industrial something..

    heh .. is not an easy task. You can't mix war ship classifications with industrial or civil ships... except size...

    anyway i'll try to build "mid mining battleship" ..whatever that is
  15. Shiv Trainee Engineer

    About 650 meters long (260 blocks), 50% refineries/30% hanger for mining ships/20% Command-and-Control, and approx. 40 turrets (30 gatling, 10 missile)

    Sound about right? Lol
  16. Eruend Apprentice Engineer

    Classifications are for one faction to more acurately relay information on things such as ship types. As such, they can vary from one faction to another, so it doesn't really matter in the end. So long as your team gets what you're talking about. :p
  17. Tiger313 Apprentice Engineer

    Well, with meteor showers ALWAYS aiming for whatever it is you've built, AND slamming big gaping craters into asteroids, I conclude that it is only a matter of time before they break through the side of the asteroid and smash everything inside your station anyway. So I'd rather bring all my stuff with me so I can defend it when needed.
  18. Marneus Apprentice Engineer

    See my sig
  19. KriegsMeister Apprentice Engineer

    There is no definitive way on classifying warships and it truly differs from person to person, from time period to time period, from nation to nation, and from war doctrine to war doctrine. It is probably for the best that you try and develop your own system, look into the Multiplayer and Community Creation sub-forums to get ideas of how other people classify things. Go to Wikipedia and look up Frigates, and Battleships, and Cruisers and what not and see how the terms have been applied throughout history from the age of sail to modern vessels. Look at some of the naming conventions of various sci-fi lore (star wars is a pretty good one to see how the same names can be applied to several different types of ships, especially in the expanded lore of games and books)

    However the one real rule (more like a guideline really) that you should take note of is that classifying ships purely on size is generally a pretty bad decision versus classifying things based on role.

    and lastly, one of the things I have been striving for over the months is trying to get people to instead of calling things like Fighters and Bombers "small ships" we should call them "boats." I describe them this way because of 2 main reasons 1.)small ship vs large ship is very indistinct an gets confusing when you start saying things like a frigate is a "small large ship" and B.) because it follows modern terminology of naval vessels where a vessel that is large enough to carry another vessel is called a ship, while a vessel that is small enough to be carried by a ship is called a boat
  20. REDSHEILD Junior Engineer

    I'd prefer to divorce from naval terminology as much is practical. I don't mind "ship" as much, since it's been applied to flying vehicles long before manned space flight. However, I prefer vessel for large ships and craft for small ships. Only time a spacecraft should ever be called a boat is if it can land in water and run about the waves.
  21. Conradian Moderator

    I call them starships and spacecraft myself.
  22. KriegsMeister Apprentice Engineer

    Perfect example on how not everyone agrees on what should be called what. I have toyed with calling them craft but I just like the sound of boat better (Fighter craft vs Fighter boat, Bomber Craft vs Bomber Boat)
  23. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    Yes you! You are the perpetrator of a really good classification system.

    Reading on some if these I can still see how people can't agree. My biggest war ship was I think about twice the size of the red ship which I've always have described as a cruiser, but it still not 500 meters long. I think anything at that length would be considered a super capital.
    On the same note, I see a carrier as being a vessel that can hold 4-8 birds but my first one had 4 wings (each wing being 8 fighters and 2 support) with enough room to double that if needed. Though my current project will probably bring it down to 10 birds and a couple of support. It really does just depend on the user.
  24. Hatchie Apprentice Engineer

    Ships aren't generally classified by their sizes but rather their purposes. It's just logical for some purpose you need a ship big enough to be capable of fulfilling it well and for different purpose you need a small ship. So it should be more like:

    Agile ship made to give a hard time to even multiple fighters - Frigate
    Agile ship for hit and run strikes against big ships - Destroyer
    Ship with wide arsenal capable of fighting most types of ships decently - Cruiser
    Ship for transporting fighters and little or no other offensive capabilities - Carrier
    Ship with many long range highly destructive weapons - Battleship

    Still everyone can classify it differently...
  25. theuros Apprentice Engineer

    yea ... as I said .. to classify we should use 2-3 different classifications (size / purpose / type ... )

    I have my own classification and namming .. I'm just saying that would be cool to have an universal system to share between SE fans... So if anyone would post a ship in workshop with proper classification .. then anyone can know aprox. size, purpose .. how many guns are on it .. or whatever :)
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.