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Show off your creations!

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by David184, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Pressure, lack of water-specific propulsion, potential rust etc. One could of course argue that this Enterprise was designed to work underwater (hey, they've pulled stupider crap in the movie before so why not go ham?)... except they even have the chief engineer call the captain out on the ship not being designed to go underwater (right before he gets a repeat of the underwater-monster-scare from Episode 1 through the... lesigh... through the Screen WINDOW, if i remember correctly).

    Actually the plan was always to have them take the Shuttle but that was too costly. Observe how the ship has no landing gears. (The Saucer had landing struts for emergencies but that was never shown on screen and would only have worked for the Saucer alone, which was not easily re-attachable like the Galaxy Class's Saucer would be a hundred years later).

    They didn't do it that often. I guess they figured out how ridicilous it looked.

    To my knowledge there was never a real reason behind it from the initial designers; they moved because they wanted the Voyager to have something distinctive. They were REALLY afraid to put hero ships from other shows or movies into their own contemporaries to avoid "confusion" (you can make your own joke about american TV-culture, they're all good); that's why they couldn't show a Sovereign in the Dominion War (also issues with CGI). Every now and then it would happen (like the Belerophon, an Intrepid Class in Deep Space Nine, or the Enterprise D in These Are The Voyages) but overall they really wanted consumers to imediately have the viewer recognize what show they were watching with a single glance. The moving nacelles were just another gimmick to distinguish the ship more from the Enterprise. Normally someone would come up with an idea as to WHY they're moving, but Voyager, being Voyager, never really did that. Best i can find on that is some noncanon ideas thrown around by Mike Okuda and Rick Sternbach about how the moving nacelles avoid the rupturing of subspace that was discovered to be a direct result of warp travel in one of the later TNG-seasons... except that was found out waaaay too late to change something for the Intrepid Class (the Intrepid itself was probably already doing regular service at that time). Apparently the rupturing isn't so much negated by the position of the nacelles but by their movement during the establishing of the warp field. Personally that's good enough for me but to quote Vegeta: "This is so non-canon it hurts.". However, it would make sense if you think about it as more of a hackjob; take an existing design that's hot off the presses and fiddle with it's components to get a result that's in line with your new understandings, and fix it in any future designs from the start. We don't see many new ship classes after the Intrepid (actually only one, the Prometheus, unless we count the 26th century Monsterprise-J) and with the exception of the Delta Flyer we don't really see moving parts before or after (not counting the moving fins on the JJTrek-Enterprise, but i'm not even going to TRY to figure their shit out. Their ships' nacelles have exhausts at the end. EXHAUSTS.). They probably managed to fix it by designing new Warp Coils, either with hidden moving parts inside the nacelles or by using a new wave-pattern (the warp coils produce little ripples in space, they aren't continuously on during flight. Little ripples can make big waves.). That's the best i can do on the Voyager. Sorry :( But the tech got a little.... voyagery during Voyager.
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  2. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    Haha "Voyagery during Voyager" couldn't have put it better myself :101:
  3. Sinbad Senior Engineer

    this post doesn't really have a point. I just wanted to be on page 100.
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  4. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer


    Just thought I'd post this here to offset the Star Trekking chat

    On another note, Rotal do you consider the STO a good continuation of Star Trek or do you ignore that canon completely? I really thought they carried it well but I stopped playing it around the time of the Fluidic wars which I think was the start of this year.
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  5. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    I really need to get back into STO. The kick I got when I found out I could go to my ready room and arrange duty assignments was out of all proportion with what it should have been.

    In an attempt not to derail things, working on getting the Cobra planet-ready. Couldn't get wheels working, so I'm working on a hovering script for taxiing.
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  6. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    Ooh interesting, let me know how you get on with the hovering capability, I still found thrusters damaging the floor of my hangar after I tried it with sensors and rather archaic ideas. (Bringing it back off topic) Oh I thought I was the only one screaming like a little girl at the prospect of sitting with a cuppa in my ready room going through officer's files and getting them onto jobs. :eek:ops: I feel much better about my place in society now, thanks. :pbjt:
  7. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    On the topic of "Capital ships on planets" I'd feel awful if I didn't leave this here....

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  8. Bipin Trainee Engineer

    Created by Industar - "leaders in industry solutions for those among the stars" comes the latest in MRAP, rapid intervention and crew transport vehicles:


    Currently under development for expedition security, the preliminary model sports dual XM806 machine guns capable of firing .50BMG and automatically loaded 40mm rifle grenades. Each turret covers, respectively, the left and right flanks of the vehicle.


    The standard model, when finished, will have an open rear section. This allows for mission modules to be quickly exchanged, and provides solutions that reflect the demand for mission scalability. Support for even 155mm or railgun artillery is included.


    The vehicle's elevated, articulated suspension facilitates movement over uneven terrain with ease. Additionally, the added height provides protection from IED and mine blasts. Reactive armour in the form of ERA is standard and protects from at least one or two APFSDS-T, HEAT or HE tank shells. Additional reactive armour (e.g. slat or liquid hydrogen armour) may be added for protection from shaped charge, railgun projectiles and neutron bombs.


    I hope you enjoyed my little arms deal/sales pitch here. :p I based this vehicle off of the Humvee, Cougar MRAP and a certain LEGO creation I had been enamored with as a kid (the builder was mondayn00dle for those who are familiar with that hobby). Buy your expeditionary forces; your scientists and engineers, or even your peacekeeping forces the protection they deserve!
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  9. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Weeeeeeeell i wouldn't call it a good continuation. I like how they initially aligned the setting to the All Good Things events as close as possible (still waiting for Admiral Riker's inevitable cameo where he renames the Victory to Enterprise just 'cause he can) but the needs of being an MMO soon got the better of the story. It's all very Dragon Ball Z - you beat a guy, another guy comes along, he's worth five Raditz, you beat that one, another guy comes along, he's worth ten Raditz etc. For the second part of that question: the game is entirely non-canon so whether i consider it canon or not is completely irrelevant. I can enjoy it for what it is and the parts that i dislike have no impact on anything outside the game. My biggest problem with it right now is how much the game changed since i stopped playing. There's like three or four different new specializations and initially i stopped playing because the new faction system pissed me off and i never took the time to learn how it works. (Also i bought Space Engineers at that time and look how that worked out...)

    They recently flatout gifted me a T6 Cruiser, the kind that can use the breathtakingly beautiful new Galaxy model. The very first thing i do when the Tapping is finished will be to get ballsdeep into STO's new features to make this Torpedo-boat Galaxy happen.

    I... don't really have anything to say on topic, i just thought it'd be polite to answer and pick up the Dwarflord's post too while i'm at it. As a bit of a funny and to display a creation I wanted to upload a picture of two balls of steel i had laying around but...

    too big.png
    they were too big.
  10. Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    Did I hear "hover script"? Funny you mention that... :)
  11. Elfi Wolfe Apprentice Engineer

    So many nice things here.
    And I just make boring industry ships, mining ships and mobile stations.

    Here is some engine hammerheads you can toss onto ships.
    O.I.S. Engine Hammerhead,
    Modular engine pod from the MD300,MD310, MD210 design program.
    Variants: Armored, Reactor, Battery

    Mass: 222,195 to 1,115,139m kg ( 222 to 1,115 metric tons)
    Size: 15 to 25 m long, 22.5 to 37.5 m wide, 17.5 to 32.5 m high

    67,200 kw energy draw at max power.
    100,800 kw energy draw at Max inertial.
    2.4 mN thrust.

    Armored Option
    Armored Hammerhead to take several impacts from meteors.
    Engines only have a 27.5 to 45 degree aspect of vulnerable.

    Battery Option
    5.6 batteries required to power 2 large thrusters. 3 batteries per pod. 6 batteries per pair of pods.
    23.6 minutes at max power thrust while on batteries (for 2 pods).

    Reactor Option
    4 small reactors per hammerhead. 120,000 kw total power output per pair of pods.

    Armored, Batteries http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=511294823
    Armored, Reactors http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=511295075
    Batteries http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=511295366
    Reactors http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=511295586

  12. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    Ye Rotal I tried to understand the new system but considering I had just learned the old and was working it to my full advantage I lost the will to live. Shot up some Klingons in my Sovereign and then departed for Space Engineers. I like their ideas about the timeline but I must admit I'm in the same boa... spaceship as you when it comes to it.
  13. High Ground Apprentice Engineer

    Saw a few people on Reddit complain that some of the stock ship (like the Mining Carriage) lacked a Jump Drive. So after a little less than 4 hrs of work, here you go!

    Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=511955229

    With the addition of Jump Drives to the game its time once again to update the mining carriage.

    The goal as always is to keep the ship as close to the original as possible, with a few modifications here and there.

    Unfortunately to accommodate the size and shape of the Jump Drive, the rear section is 2 blocks wider than before. Since I had to restyle the rear end of the ship I looked to the other stock ship for reference. And I think it fits in quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

    What's New:

    - New Docking Collar w/ Camera
    - New Battery System to eliminate most power overloads
    - Ventral Turret
    - Two Rear Interior Turrets (Target: Character and Missiles Only)
    - Gravity Generator
    - Medical Bay
    - Complete Oxygen System (Tank and Generator)
    - Jump Drive
    - Plus Configurable LCDs

    As always if you wish to use this ship in a video feel free, just please post a link to my workshop.

    Thank You and Enjoy!

    Configurable Automatic LCDs
    by MMaster - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=403921671
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  14. Taranis Trainee Engineer

    Terran Space Defence Systems proudly presents the Merlin Weapon System.

    Merlin is a MLRS Turret, ready to be mounted on your super capital ships or bases.


    We had no super capital ship at hand for demonstration, so we mounted it to the next best thing at hand
    Needless to say, the Red Ship on the right survived, the left one not.

    The system is available as Blueprint or World since it is using a couple of mods.

    Order now and receive a 20% discount voucher for the next capital ship system released by TSD.
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  15. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    And now, for something completely different.

    FRI. Rapid


    Very much a work in progress. The "wings" as I shall call them on either side will probably be extended outwards.
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  16. Elfi Wolfe Apprentice Engineer

    I was asked for a single person prospector.
    this is what I came up with.

    Orbital Industrial Services, O.I.S.
    Presents a long and old line of industrial services since the start of the Second Space Race of 2029
    Mobile dry docks capable of moving to your location and providing all industrial services on site.

    O.I.S. LU200
    Large Utility

    Small utility ship.

    Changeable head for mining, construction, recycling.

    4 anti-meteor guns, zone air control. 3 internal guns for anti-boarding.
    Hanger bay for 1-2 small ships and drones. 1 external landing pads for small ship.
    Hanger bay can take 2-3 very small drones, 1 small drone and a SM107 mining ship or 1 EP100 emergency pod
    1200km jump range.
    Industry 2 refineries, 2 assemblers, 1 large cargo and 3 arc furnaces.

    Mass: 884,866 kg (884 metric tons)
    Size: 82.5 m long, 37.5m m wide, 32.5m high

    Main Ship Program.
    Configurable Automatic LCD(http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=407158161)



    And it was too big.
    so a one person stripped down almost to a respawn ship.

    O.I.S. LP201
    Large Prospector

    Mining/prospector ship for a single miner.

    2 anti-meteor guns, zone air control. 1 internal guns for anti-boarding.
    Rear connection to haul a single drone/escape pod.
    Industry: 1 refineries, 1 assemblers, 1 large cargo and 3 arc furnaces.
    Space to put a jump engine. (it will take up right 6 blocks of the bridge floor space to the starboard side.

    Mass: 535,381 kg (535 metric tons)
    Size: 55 m long, 32.5m m wide, 30m high

    Main Ship Program.
    Configurable Automatic LCD(http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=407158161)


  17. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    Vorona Gunship:
    Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=515633989

    Designed as a heavy ground assault craft, the Vorona Class Gunship is a VTOL capable troop transport with seats for 18 men, which is double the capacity of the Volok Transports. The Vorona is also equipped with dual rapid fire rocket launchers for strafing attacks against ground entrenchments, and has a sizable compliment of ventrally mounted anti-personnel turrets. Standard Volkhov tactics are to use a Vorona Gunship as the spearhead for a squadron of Volok Transports. The Vorona would hover just above the battlefield using her anti-personnel turrets and rocket launchers to cover the smaller transports while they deploy their men, and then landing afterwards with her sizeable crew. She also features a heavy armour plated belly to protect the crew inside against fire from the ground.

    While she excels against attack ground targets, she is only equipped with two large caliber gatling guns, and as such is very vulnerable to attack in space.

    The Ship is fully conveyor connected, with cargo access over the passenger bay for weapon and oxygen bottle storage. A medical bay is located in the bridge for wounded infantry, and the main compartment can be easily depressurized for deployment.

    The pilot’s seat is loaded with important functions, including pressurization controls for the crew compartment and controls for the main door.

    Full Features:
    2 Gatling Turrets
    16 Anti-Personnel Turrets
    Seats for 18 soldiers
    Medical Bay

    The Vorona!

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  18. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    Is it ok to show off a retrofit by someone else of one of my own creations? There is also one of my ships too.... it should be ok I think :woot:

    Video is by Marcelo.. he is pretty cool.

  19. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    Well some other WIP / PoC i currently am on.

    A 3D holodisplay using projectors.

    I currently am using a test setup with 21x21x9 = 3969 projectors that triggers a projector on with a probability of 10% and then randomly picks one of three colored blocks to project.
    This is merely a small testbed to later serve as 3D holo display for ships, ship damage, tactical maps for ships, asteroid/planet maps and alike.

    Test 1 updates all projectors at once once the display is updated. The display gets updated every few seconds.

    Test 2 updates a certain amount of blocks (5 in my test) linearly from the list gathered over all projectors creating a semi-random pattern due to how the blocks got gathered internally. The update intervals take place every game tick with good performance.

    Test 3 updates a certain amoutn of blocks (5 in my test) linearly with a stored information about the min/max position within the grid and thus maintains a recognizeable "scan line" effect. The update intervals take place every game tick with good performance.

    There is of course a noticeable performance impact on test 1 as it updates all ~3.7k projectors at once every few seconds. The other two tests however update just a few projectors every game tick and thus have a much more stable performance over time.

    The projectors also have a bug that newly added projected grids are not transparent when placed.

    The approach i initially wanted to test was a NxMx1 grid of projectors that each have an array of X positions to form a 3D display. The problem with that approach however is that the amount of blueprints needed is insanely high. In fact they increase exponentially as everyone understands. Displaying just four different states in a single block requires merely 4 blueprints, if you would want to display 4 different states in just 4 blocks however, you would need 256 blueprints already.
    On the good side though such a design is very compact, physically as it only needs one block for a depth of X blocks to display.

    My current approach however is a direct 1:1 projection. The advantage of that is that the amount of needed blueprints for projections are very small.
    The performance impact due to having a higher mount of projectors and projected grids however is higher, but the need to update projectors is lower as the probability that a single dot in a 3D display changes is lower than a single dot in a whole row to change.
    On the bad side though is that your physical setup requires at least as much volume as the actual projection due to the 1:1 projection.

    Lets see how far i will continue that project.
    Thanks to SE working rather well with that design so far, i guess that it will be easy to finish it though (unlike other tests).
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2015
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  20. Sinbad Senior Engineer

    @plaYer2k that is rather cool :D i hope you continue with it.
  21. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

  22. VanuBaguio Trainee Engineer

    Working on a 1:1 custom UNSC Paris Class Frigate.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2016
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  23. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    A little something I've had in mind for a long time. It's supposed to be a continuous-cycle light armor "extruder", making stuff in bulk. Something's a bit off, though.

    The projection comes out as a station, making the contraption (even more)useless. Am I missing something here or what?
  24. Kovendon Apprentice Engineer

    Is the blueprint you're using saved as a station?
    Is the projector on a station?

    If either of these is true, I would suggest trying to make them not a station. Or, you can use the "Station Voxel Support" option in the world settings to allow for this to work. It frees stations up from the "world grid" unless they are attached to voxels (asteroids/planets).

    @plaYer2k: Any chance the offset settings would help reduce the number of required projectors? Also, if there's an update every game tick would you be able to cover multiple locations with one projector- maybe by oscillating between them you would get a close enough approximation of your display without the 1:1 requirement?

    And my own contribution- late to the party, but still inB4 planets. Just gotta work on modules to drop in now (Turret, Troop Transport, Cargo, etc):


    It's got 6 independently-suspended drive pods, with 3 rotors (and 2 wheels per rotor). Small Ship grid. Adjustable ride height, by adjusting the wheel suspension offset. Forward turret with full remote/gyro control, ammo restock to the Gatling guns, but no elevation control. The headlight assemblies have forward and rear cameras for situational awareness. It's not exactly easy to reproduce, and most of it's built in heavy armor because I was just throwing it together; I'll likely end up with lighter versions for high-speed vehicles eventually if this ends up handling planets well.

    The suspension system uses a pair of wheel suspensions with a rotor on the end of the wheel to allow them to merge. Multiple tries merging just the wheels without rotors led to... things. Unspeakable incomprehensible mind-bending physics-breaking things.

  25. Lord DC Trainee Engineer

    ARGH, why can't I ever design neat looking ships?! most of them start with a nice idea but tend up looking like a cube. For this reason, other people's designs sort of depress me, simply because I look at it and think "I'll never design ships this good looking"
    I am creating some concept art for the Omniscient, my roleplay civilization's flagship. Although that is bringing me down too, as has a Star Destroyer's shape but with a changed exterior and frontal cannon.
  26. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    Just woke up and noticed my flaw. In an earlier version I had the projector attached to a piston. After sleeping in on the problem I feel kinda daft for not getting it.

    @Lord DC
    No worries, if you're enthusiastic and put enough hours in trying stuff out, you'll eventually see your designs improve. I've yet to see this happen in my builds, but in the meantime I let myself believe I'm a "true engineer", meaning things only barely work and everything looks like crap :D
  27. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    Trust me, you're hardly alone in this. We all feel this way sometimes. :D And don't worry if something ends up being reminiscent of something else; there's a world of difference between plagiarism and inspiration.
  28. Lord DC Trainee Engineer

    @Thermonuklear, you and me share the same idea when building: "functionality and thrusters first, aesthetics second" also, my flagship is inspired by the Star Destroyer from Star Wars, traingle is a logical shape, but the weird bridge and other things are changed in my design. I am currently changing the back to look more intimidating, one of them makes it look like the Executor Super Star Destroyer. but, another makes it look pretty intimidating.
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  29. Carrion Senior Engineer


    have the projector mounted on a rotor that is fixed in one position (limits and max breaking torque) makes it a ship even when it had been based on a station
  30. Fisk Hextail Trainee Engineer

    Here is a quick look at a ship I'm working on before planets come out.
    Here it is the "1 H"
    2015-09-12_00002.jpg 2015-09-12_00003.jpg 2015-09-12_00005.jpg 2015-09-12_00006.jpg 2015-09-12_00007.jpg 2015-09-12_00008.jpg

    Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2015
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