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Show off your creations!

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by David184, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Been gone a long while. Got 3 new ships and a remade ship.

    On the Left is a Remote AUGER. It attaches quite nicely to the under side of the SI Erinyes on the Right. Its more of an Explorer or Expeditionary Mining Support Vessel than anything.

    Next up. The Avalonian Rhino ( don't ask, I got bored and decided to ram random names together and see what stuck)

    Ive gotten a little mad with the Shutter mod and the retractable stairs mod. The latter works spectacularly well from an aesthetics point of view when used as shutters.
    I also tested Oki's guns on a Dryad drone....placement wasn't too bad to begin with but I had to change it up a little. This ship is a little funky as I decided to use detachable decoys. Which can be released in sequence so as to keep the enemy turrets distracted. No way to reload these countermeasures quickly in the field.

    They work really really good though. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=525770881
    Also has decoys hidden in the hull.

    And the last. My planetary landing ship forgoes planetary landing for heavy armour and heavy armament.
    I also removed all production from it so its carrying nothing but storage for fuel and ammo. The flight seat was moved from the front to the rear and 2 rocket launchers was place on the underside. Its a nice little cruiser.
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  2. Seff Apprentice Engineer

    Crossposting here cause I'm just a little bit desperate for feedback/critique.


    Working on a pirate encounter mod where the 'pirates' are some not-so-friendly miners that you can try to raid and steal from - and if you don't deal with them eventually, they may just mine out the local area and force you to move on to richer asteroids. I've just about got all the ships I'll need finished, but before I call them done and get all the scripting, spawn info, etc handled I'd like to know what people think of the ship designs and the encounters I have in mind.

    The world on the Steam Workshop
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  3. Kanazawai Trainee Engineer

    Okay, first of all i like your designs! Especially the big and the left one (reminds me of the rebell blockade runner).
    But you wanted feedback. So my first criticism is your presentation. The typical internet/forum user is lazy as hell. Go to the workshop, download your world, open SE, open your world, fly around, come back to this thread, write a review.... way to much :D. Make pictures of each ship, maybe 2-3 views...some cool details. At least in the Workshop. Of course a video is the best presentation (every likes to watch videos ^^), but much work.
    Second point is the list of needed addons. I mean, they are great and look cool (like kolts console pack, letter mod, armoured thrusters, minotaur turret(!) etc.-), but do you need them all? Why 2 new thruster types? Why the armored ramps, or the big ship small antenna? Why the laser turret and not the normal gatling? I would recommend to reduce the needed add ons (maybe in a second version), or make a vanilla version. Sure you have to make compromises in design, but i think it will attract more people.

    So concluding:
    ships: +
    mods: -
    only one picture: -

    cheers and keep up the good work :)
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  4. Timberwolf Apprentice Engineer

    Holy smokes! :O

    You guys make beautiful ships. My large ships always end up either looking like a borg cube, or way too cramped. :/
    How do you guys do it?
  5. Seff Apprentice Engineer

    @Kana, Thanks for chiming in. I'll see what I can do about more screenshots (maybe even a video) tomorrow. I thought putting up the world was best since it'd let people really get to grips with and understand the ships.

    As for the mods, the Autopilot mod is absolutely required. Without it, the miner won't mine and the Hauler (probably be renamed to Tender, now that I think about it and its duties) can't dock. On top of that, this will be a mod in and of itself, so if you're on the workshop and using mods, then I figure... hey, door is open? There's certainly something valid to be argued about just how wide that door should open. To that end, some of my thoughts on the mods, why I used them, and what reasonably can and can't be cut.

    As for what can and can't be cut at this point:
    Autopilot: Cannot be cut.
    Axlion's Custom Parts: I'm using thrusters from this on every ship except the corvette, and it also adds a table and chair that are useful for giving the Mackinaw a nice interior. However, it is not a very popular mod. It could be cut, but I'd look for others to cut first despite its lack of popularity just for its dual purpose and how well balanced the engines are. (2,284 current subs)
    Armor Thrusters: Could technically be cut, but I think this is the overall most popular mod on the workshop, so... why? (134,360 current subs)
    Laser Turret & Minotaur Cannon: Easy cuts, they are pretty much directly replaceable with gatling and missile turrets. However... I really like how they look, and I really don't like how the large grid gatling and missile turrets look. If the mod list is seriously offputting for people, they can be second to go. (68,467 and 46,087 subs respectively)
    Letters Mod: Another really popular mod, cutting it doesn't make much sense, and it helps to lend a unifying identity to all the ships. (85,144 subs)
    Armor Slabs and Reworked Armor Ramps: I've used these fairly extensively, and removing them at this point would involve significant reworks to three of the ships. They are not super-popular, unless you count the original version of the armor ramps which are not DX11 (11,138 and 9,085)
    Kolt Command Consoles: Popular but wholly unnecessary. It is in there only for visual appeal, an easy first cut. (36,552)
    Fredrik's Small Antenna: Can't really be cut. The spawning system requires antennas with specific names to spawn, and large grid antennas are just too large to be stuffing several on a ship. (6,157)
    Advanced Doors Mod Pack: Fairly popular, I figured a lot of people would have it installed already, has offset doors that I needed. Could be cut, but it wouldn't be pretty (10,945 subs)
    Automated Inventory Sorting: I need this to automate some aspects of refueling and re-arming. The industrial area of the Mackinaw is already a rats nest of conveyer piping. And it's also one of those hugely popular mods on the workshop that thousands of people have. Without this mod, things might get a little iffy when it comes to keeping the NPC ships flying. (24,568 subs)
  6. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Its black magic I swear.
  7. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    Without sounding all Leonardo DaVinci on you Timberwolf :eek:ops:, I usually fall asleep thinking about a current design or ship I've very very roughly sketched and then dream about it or Jennifer Anniston and wake up with something coherent that I can work with in my SE new builds map. Or a role I want to fill, start with what I need then work on that.
  8. Kanazawai Trainee Engineer

    @Seff: nice countered. You got me from looking at the picture to subscribing your world. :D
    Will leave a detailed comment after work.
  9. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

  10. Jones-250 Apprentice Engineer

    'Tis is what I've been up to lately. 100% hand made, no ship-welders have been used on this project (yet). I haven't had any time to build a welding-drone up until now.
    I'm currently considering building an sheltered dock for the mining-boat you can see floating below the mothership's piston-umbilical, some kind of rib structure around the "neck"-area perhaps, 'round near the unfinished hangar-bow.
    Decoration and detail (+additional armour + armament) will follow only after the basic hull is completed from prow to aft, starboard and port.
  11. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    Nice shape, keep up the good work.
  12. Timberwolf Apprentice Engineer

    Sometimes I think of a design, but most of the time the design is either impractical or simply unattainable due to the fact that SE works with blocks. Or, I end up messing it up without knowing where I messed up.

    Biggest problem I always have is, the bigger the ship, the harder it is to achieve a pleasing exterior. Hence I mostly stick to small ships these days.
    Even then, most of the designs I use are from elsewhere (Game, Movie, TV show, etc.).

    Tried to build a heavy fighter with a gatling turret and rear gunner mimicking the Bf 110. Ended up with a craft far too big, heavy and slow to even qualify as a fighter.
  13. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    A good shape, but why limit that shape to a fighter? Why not a welder on the tail boom, or a driller with drills on the underside. I see what you're saying but BECAUSE you are trying to mimick something in real life you will fall short in a game solely based on cubes. It might work for your way of thinking to mimic a shape you like in real life, get to a point and then just forget it and see where that ship goes from there. The 110 is a lovely looking craft. What would it look like with twin booms? What would it look like with a line of containers instead of a boom etc etc. All about the experimentation :)
  14. Timberwolf Apprentice Engineer

    Because I was trying to build a military craft, not a civilian craft. One might say a driller could be used it combat, but I don't see it like that.

    Well, I accounted for that, and really only mimicked the weapons, the number of crew and the fact that it has a rear gunner. Still ended up with a trashcan.

    Like a Fokker G.I

    Experimentation is no good when the airframe (spaceframe?) is useless to begin with.
  15. Kanazawai Trainee Engineer

    @Seff: Your thoughts are good and the fact, that you can explain every single decision is even better. :) Arguing with the popularity seems fair and after a tour around your ships i have to admit, that many parts had to be redesigned without the mods.
    About the weapons...the minotaur turret looks great, but could be a bit strong?! And yes, the gatling and missile turret look awful. ^^
  16. Seff Apprentice Engineer

    @Kanazawai: I'm open to suggestions on the weapons and balance. I went with the Laser and Minotaur turrets based on their looks & popularity, but also because I thought they were some of the more balanced (IE, weren't punching through several layers of heavy armor with a single shot) modded weapons. I could be wrong on that, though. Maybe they just felt balanced when I compared them to MWI/OKI weapons.
  17. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

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  18. Timberwolf Apprentice Engineer

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  19. Seff Apprentice Engineer

    @Timberwolf: SSGL = Small Ships Gone Large

    I've never had the patience for building them. They can look really good and detailed, like iN5URG3NT has managed, but the cost for that is needing thousands of small blocks where a comparably sized large ship would require only hundreds.
  20. Dante McFox Junior Engineer

    A little Side-Project, meant to be a testbed for the used thruster-mod and as an interior-layout-test... inspired by this sketch by AutoMcD
    FDI proudly presents:
    The FX-7 "Blackbird"

    Key Data:
    Dimensions: 47,5m x 37,5m x 15m (LxWxH)
    Weight (empty): 255t
    Acceleration: tbc (2 LTs Main, 2 STs other directions)
    Armament: 3x Gatling Turrets
    - Light armored Frame
    - O2-Ready (press. Interior, 1 O2-Tank)
    - Medbay & Cryopod
    - 15.625 L of Cargo Space (1 Small Container)
    - Airlock buttonfree
    - Uses Arara's Thermal Thruster Mod

    Click me hard!
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  21. Seff Apprentice Engineer

    I tried making a video as Kana suggested but, eh... the less said about that, the better. So I put together an imgur album instead.

    Edit: The PCF was a little too much Patrol Craft (Fat) and not enough Patrol Craft (Fast). It got a third reactor, beefed up forward engines (equiv 3.5 small to 5 small), and a bit of a makeover. Interior turrets removed, laser defense turrets moved to the sides, reverse thrusters moved to the bottom, a missile turret added to the nose, and a lot of the heavy armor replaced with light. Screenshots of the new version. Also, I think the Automated Inventory Sorting mod may only work for players since it's a client-side mod that only runs when the player who owns the inventories in question is online - so it's effectively cut from the list by being unworkable. I'll need some other way to manage refueling of the Extractors.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2015
  22. Skeloton Master Engineer

    This was originally going to be just a station but I think it might work well as a ship.
    Not finished just yet as its being built in survival. But I'm getting there. If youre wondering about the solar array. Its because I was too lazy to turn sun rotation off and build a tracking array so I made a mast that allowed constant power no matter the angle. Its temporary, need something to curb the fuel use with 2 assemblers, 6 refineries and 2 arc furnaces constantly going to churn out materials I need.

    Anyone else find it satisfying when you run out of the millions of steel plates you've collected?
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  23. Ravric Apprentice Engineer

    Been a while since I made a ship:

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  24. MisterSwift Apprentice Engineer

    This is great! I've been trying and struggling to make something like this for the last 3 or 4 days, but the smaller I try and make my large block ships, the worse they look :(

    And this is great too! I tried making something like this last week, and the picture I had in my mind looked like this ship, but what I ended up making... well, let's not go there :'D
  25. Aracus Senior Engineer

    Personally I think the left one looks more like the SWG Interplanetary shuttle or the Assassin Class Corvette Both of which admittedly (At least I think it applies to the former as much as I know it does the later)are based on the CR90 Blockade Runner.

    The big ship on the other hand reminds me of the Dreadnaught
  26. Seff Apprentice Engineer

    The Corvette definitely had some CR90 inspiration. For the Mackinaw, I mixed and matched elements from a few ships, but I was mainly looking at the Ishimura and Terra Nova from Dead Space (most visible in the cargo area and the ribcage-like frame). If I could get away with it, I'd run a tram through the center of it between the refinery/reactor monitoring room and the crew section. It's not quite wide enough for that, and I don't want to risk summoning Clang The Destroyer (you will hear his name before he arrives. clangclangClangCLANG), so no tram. The Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser from Star Wars and this one space ship painting I dug up out of my folder of pretty starship pictures helped flesh out the rest.

    Heard a few more concerns over the balance of the Minotaur turret, and from what I can gather people think the OKI pack is more balanced (even if I am not sure that I personally agree). So, out with the old, in with the new. I've had to reduce the corvette to two laser turrets and two OKI 122mm turrets - the two laser turrets on the hammerhead kept getting hit by the 122mm's/Minotaur turrets. I'm smart enough to attack at an oblique angle with the ship and give clear lines of fire to five of the turrets, but the AI just goes straight on in with it. In lieu of those two turrets I've fit a decoy, some extra armor, and two welders. I've also bumped up the top turret with a growth tumor hunchback thruster array to give it a better field of fire, and to try and give the corvette a little better maneuverability. PCF got further makeovers, it lost a little more weight, the missile turret was converted into one of the OKI broadside 122's for a forward swivel-mount blamcannon, the laser turrets were switched over to OKI 23mm turrets. I think the 23mm turrets are a bit of a nerf, since they're worse at shooting down missiles, which means the PCF should die sooner. Trying to differentiate the ships a little with the PCF being more on the glass cannon side of things and the corvette being a tough, mid-range brawler.

    Toying around with the idea of squeezing in a third combat ship, only to be summoned if you attack the Mackinaw when it's really brimming with ingots. Some sort of long-range sniper, using the OKI 230's to hammer the player from a distance while the Corvettes and PCFs keep them busy. I've got a basic idea put together, but I'm a little wishy-washy on finishing it up. It's a good bit of work for a ship that people may not see that often. Getting a little wary of feature creep at this point. What do you guys think?
  27. Skeloton Master Engineer

    My previous deployable landing gear was simply gear on the end of a piston. But I thought about a set of folding Landing gear. Though it was more luck than genius with how well it fits the silhouette of this particular ship. As to its usefulness, no idea. Just need to do more painting and then add lights to this thing before I can call it finished.
  28. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    Strange turret drones are appearing stationed around key asset perimeters.
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  29. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    Seems like everyone is making these things lately. Is your design printer friendly? It looks to be but doesn't have a merge block?
  30. Ralirashi Apprentice Engineer

    Well, just like IRL, losing a vehicle is cheaper than losing the said vehicle + pilot.
    On a different note, here's my first ship in forever now: a small base blockade runner (possibly planetary shuttle, depending on their implementation). Just a slight touch of assymetry (only top side).....well really, the only assymetric parts are the connector, thruster on the top, and the laser antenna.
    It's still very barebones, no fancy features. However, it's survival-ready. Includes oxygen generator, oxygen tank. Oxygen system, all reactors, guns and connector are interconnected via the conveyor system. Jump-capable.
    The ship currently weighs 185,276kg. 6 large thrusters provide good acceleration and 12 gyros provide good maneuvarability.
    4 CSD 8.8cm HEKC Battlecannons and 5 gatling turrets allow for good offensive and defensive capabilities.
    Carries a crew of 2 and 15 passengers.

    P.S. mods used:
    • Small Ship Megapack
    • Reworked Armor Ramps
    • Reworked Armor Panels
    • Boarding Ramp
    • Azimuth Open Cockpit and Passenger Seat
    • CSD Battlecannon