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Show off your creations!

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by David184, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Ralirashi Apprentice Engineer

    Too bad Okim abandoned his mods. If you're gonna switch to bigger turrets - go MWI by Mexpex
  2. VilniusNastavnik Apprentice Engineer

    If in doubt, go the MK3. :D

    Been hunting for a way to sync up multiple MK3s to a single console for precision pot shots or a full broadside salvo especially since KeenSWH has yet to add a fire control system/computer to the game.

    Issue is, no matter how many buzz words I throw into the almighty google I end up with the same result. Multiple small ship Gatling gun installations mounted onto a pair of rotors all synced up with a program block.

    Hell, what would be ideal would be to use the laser antenna as a laser guidance system.

    I am also hoping Mex encodes a toggle-able option for his MK3s when he finishes the mod. full triple barrel salvo, 30s cooldown, or 1 shot every 10 seconds. So you can switch between a full salvo and precision strikes on the fly. Would certainly be interesting; chuck a timer block in there, AP gun fires first softening the target, then the HE salvo follows suit seconds later. Soften the target, dig the blade in deep.
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  3. Bloody_Kain Apprentice Engineer

    Hi there.
    I'm new here, but not soo new to Space Engineers.
    Its for me like for most of you I think, something similar to "Lego in Space" and because in my Childhood I was a big LEGO Fan, this is exactly what I was searching for since I became an Adult... (but with a big child in my heart for sure. :woot: )

    I do not experiment so much like others here. I mostly try to build good looking Space ships, Survival Ready, but with Mods or course.

    (A little warning: English isn't my natural Toungle. Formating and spelling errors are normal. Sorry for that. ^^ )

    Okay, my last "Creations" was 4 Space Ships, 2 Frigates and 2 Corvet class.


    I used the wreckage from the Red ship in the Survival start "crashlanding"

    I cut off the side Thrusters, used some Mod Packs and then it was really easy to complete it... after I switched to Creative Mode of course. ^^

    After this I build the Sister Ship. (Blue one)
    Its a Frigate too, but it has no Hangar, but is a Missile Frigate. On the left, right and upper Side, it has big gates with phalanxes of Missile Launchers under them.

    On the Front it has the same Weapons like the Red one: 4 heavy double Canons and 4 heavy Missile Launcher behind Doors.
    It has only "Air defence Turrets" on it, but so placed that there is only a limited blind field on it.

    Both Ships have the Raffenery and Production Modules from the former Ship and the docking Ports left and right the Bridge.
    Sure, there could be better Places for them, but the Construction has only very limited Space for such Stuff in the inner Construction.
    Half the Bridges are full with small Cargo Containers. ^^

    (At the Moment I change them a little for the new Thrusters and the big Fuel Tank... not so easy... )

    The 3rd was the grey one. Its my first Corvete Class in this Savegame.
    It's fast, and has a good weaponload on it.
    It has one badass Cannon in the Front for Sniping, 2 Missile Turrets on the upper Deck and some Gattlings around the Ship for Missile and Fighter Deffence.

    I have Placed them in Steps, so the risk of "killing each other" isn't so big as before.

    The last, the Yellow one, is my first Civil Corvette.
    It has less Turrets and no heavy ones like the grey one.
    It has some Mining Equipment in a open Hangar on the Underside, were the Drills can be put down by Pistons.
    Around it are Grav, collectors, to catch the small recources Asteroids, that will normaly fly away bei drilling an Asteroid.
    It has only a Air Producer, but no Reffenery in it (wasn't enough Space in the Design for that), so it must store the Recources and bring them back to a Base or the bigger ships for this.

    The Corvettes wouldn't become the new Thrusters, because there isn't enough space for the Big Tank in them.
    (I hope some Modders will make some 2x1 tanks like the Airtank, because a 3x3x3 Monstrum is really hard to place in smaller ships! )

    All Ships have a Jump Drive (1 Block Jumpdrive Mod)
    The Red one has Hangar Space for up to four small fighters and has three medium Minotaurus Turrets, 2 heavy turrets, some Air Defence Gattlings and the heavy front Weapons and Rocket Launchers.
    It is called "Hope"


    The Blue one, as I said, Is the Missile Frigate RAGE:

    (The first and Second Bridge of the Hope and Rage:
    Main Bridge:

    Combat Bridge:
    [​IMG] )

    The Grey one is the Sniper Corvette GHOST:

    And the Yellow one is the Civil Mining Corvette MERINA:

    As next, I plan to make a Tanker for fuel transport, a Big Command Spaceship and some sort of free flying shipyard or so.
    Mostly for Scenery, but for practical use too. ^^

    As to say it again: All Pictures are from before the Patch and aren't actual anymore.

    I hope you like my Design and I will definitly post some more in Future. :D
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  4. Swanicus Apprentice Engineer


    Maybe this will help out.


    Haven't tried it yet. But I found it last night looking for turret scripts to stop them from shooting my own ship.
  5. VilniusNastavnik Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah, found that one myself. I have been meaning to test it, but at first glance, unless the variables assigned to the rotor names are the same as those assigned to the large ship turrets, I am not sure it will work. One way to find out though.
  6. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    Another Saturday Ship Bonanza!

    (No, I didn't buid them all today :D)

    Banshee UFAC


    Lich UFAC


    Ghoul UFAC


    Thanks to @Dwarf-Lord Pangolin for inspiration on that one, it's based on his Caracal FAC.

    And finally, the Viper Destroyer


    Thanks to @Whiplash141 for the Active ECM script. This is a lot tougher than my frigates with switched decoys, auto repair and lots of heavy armour.
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  7. Bad_Idea Apprentice Engineer

    Script author here: It wont work with single block turrets, only playermade ones.

    However, making a script that does a similar thing for said single block turrets shouldn't be all that hard. However, i can't remember if the angles are even setable using code.
  8. VilniusNastavnik Apprentice Engineer

    That is a shame. Guess we just have to wait for the devs to add a fire control computer.
  9. Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    It took me forever buuut...
    Presenting the Komodo Guided Missile Destroyer!
    [Workshop Link]

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  10. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    *whistles innocently*
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  11. erdrik Apprentice Engineer

    Well if you are you'll probably get away with it, since that image is too dark for me to even tell whats going on. :|
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  12. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

  13. VilniusNastavnik Apprentice Engineer

    You could sneak up to someone's base provided DB introduced a radar jamming block and camp nearby hidden in the shadows. Power down everything but basic life support err oxygen.. thrusters and interior lighting included and monitor activities.

    I say radar jamming because lets face it, you can be as black as night and camouflaged against the void but the minute a pair of turrets lock on, ya a goner.
  14. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    Umm ... all true, but not what I was getting at.
  15. Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    Are those thrusters recessed into the body? :D
  16. VilniusNastavnik Apprentice Engineer

    I know. I was just merely making an observation.

    Suppose what you were getting at is the fact that you used Hydrogen thrusters instead of Ion thrusters?
  17. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer


    Also correct!
  18. Bloody_Kain Apprentice Engineer

    Hi again.

    This is some Stuff I converted, rebuild and build myself some Time ago this year:

    First: I have found a Mod, where someone had Build a Jumpship, a Landingship and a Timberwolf from Battletech.
    The Ships was so big, they were more static objects as functional ships.
    In one Hangar, I found this Battlemech:
    (Without the Arm Weapons.)

    I was so amazed, that I had to have it, also I made a Blueprint and copyed it into one of my modded Test Savegames.

    There I had put some more Stuff in it. First, as to see here evtl. I had disconnect the legs from the Plattform, and put Motores there, to use he Battlemech as a Stylish Turret.
    Wasn't easy, and the legs came off everytime I copy / paste the Mech.

    Also I had taken this function again, and then rebuild the Legs, arms and give it a propper Cockpit.

    After some Time, it has looked this way:


    The left is the Upgraded Torso with the old legs, the right is the actual Model.
    I had rebuild the legs from the Food to the Torso connectionpoint compleatly.
    I have give him new arms and Weapon Modules, and nearly used weapons, that matches the original ones.
    Only the Missiles don't match the original.

    After I had vompleated the left one, I build a MK II Version and after I compleated the right one, I rebuild the MK II too:

    I replaced the Armor, make the legs thicker and give it more shape. Also I replaced the Missilelauncher a little, and used Mod Launcher, to connect them with the Conveyor System.

    Then, I Build a Maddog / Vulture from Scratch:


    The rights is in Primary config, the left is the Gauss Variant. Behind the Launcher are extra Cargo Containers and the small Window Blocks, are for reflective Armore. The other one has Armored Plates on it, for reactive Armor.

    After this, I became the Question, if I could make some IS Mechs too.
    I searched for a while and tried to build a Marauder:


    My first Try was the right one. I had problems with the Cockpit, so I tried to use a Vanilla one. But that wasn't what it should have been. So I deleated the complete Torso and began with only the Legs ready from start.
    After some Time I had it ready, even if the Cockpit isn't really the right thing again. (The Back Canon is connected with the Conveyor System, the Arm Weapons aren't.

    Then I tried a Scout Mech. I thought for Locust, but there are more then one in the Net. One more close to the Original, with the Legs left and right from the Torso, and another one with the legs on a Plattform, and on this the Torso, like the Timberwolf or the Vulture.

    I build the last one:

    The strange thing is, it is bigger then the Marodeur. :D

    It has 3 Gattlings (for the Heavy MGs ) on each side, and a Laser under the Cockpit.

    The Cockpit was some sort of a Problem. I couldn't use a prebuild one, so I have build myself one:

    It's interesting what you can make, if you can use blocks, that are normaly only for big ships, in small ones. :D

    But that wasn't my last one. My last one comes now, a Raven:


    The raven wasn't easy to build. There are more then 3 or 4 versions of this fella and SE gives not enough options, even with Mods, to build it right.
    So I have made the best of it.
    It has the Original Weapon slots.Med lasers and LRMs on the right, a SRM and a TAG on the left. (in walk direction, if it could walk. ^^ )

    Before the "Bugtracker" patches, the Torso could be moved left and right with the Mouse.
    After it can be made, but only with Hotkeys.
    They can't walk!
    Before, they breaked every Time I copy / paste them.
    After, I havn't tried, and I have no Idea to use or were I can build in Timer and Programmable Blocks, without warp the Designs.

    I have a Workshop Link for the left Timberwolf on the second Picture:

    The Missile Launchers are a little... missdesigned and look like Mickey Mouse ears. :D
    It has still the old Legs and they are fixed on the Torso Plattform. (No Motors between them.)

    If you like, you can try to rebuild it yourself. I have put a Link of the Original Mod in the discription so you can see it yourself. ^^

    Before you ask: I won't will make more and I won't will make one that can really walk. ;-)

    Last edited: Oct 26, 2015
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  19. Fenris Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks for the post, that brings back memories of 20+ hour gaming sessions :)
    You've inspired me to try to make a Griffon now (that was one of my favorite mechs back in the days of playing tabletop games).

    Right after the million other things I want to build :D
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  20. Bloody_Kain Apprentice Engineer

    You will become Problems with the Cockpit I think... and maybe with the Armor on Legy and Arms.
    For the Antennas you need a Mod as for the Weapons, and the Big Missile Launcher on the Shoulder... It won't be a round one because, as far as I know, there isn't a Mod that has a round Launcher in it. The rest is up to you. ^^

    (One of the Battlemechs that I would liked to build, was a classic Shadow Hawk. ...Maybe later, not today. ^^ )

    Oh and:
    All this Mechs are build out of small blocks, and the height... don't know if it is the Original height (I don't think so), but I think I'm really near:


    Some Tips I can give you:
    - Look for a small connector Mod. The Vanilla one is too big.
    - Build yourself a little lifter ship with a small connector, or landing gear in its front.
    - Extend the "Building Plattform" of the "Easy Start Base" a little. 2 - 3 more Landing Gears should be enough.
    - Build another of such Plattforms, so you can "Put aside" finished Parts.
    - Build first one Leg, then make a Copy and rebuild it Mirror like.
    - Put a Mass Block in its foot! So it will stand, even if you deactivate the magnetic field of the landing gears.
    - Build the Middle Part (groin) of your Battlemech and place minimum one reactor in it. (conveyors not needed because this thing won't walk.)
    - Put the left over Leg on the "Groin" Part (use small connectors and your lifter ship.

    - Now you can put it aside on the second plattform, or let it there and build the Torso on it.
    - After Torso and Cockpit are complete, maybe you must refit the groin part.
    (It is easyer to put a missing leg on it, if the Torso isn't on it.)

    - Never forget the 3 Block rule for Torso and groin Part.
    - The Legs and arms... the Bones can be one block thick, maybe two.
    - The outer Armor shouldn't be thicker then one Block.
    - Arm Weapin Modules can be up to 4 Blocks high and thick, depends on the Battlemech and which Arm Weapons it has. ( No Hands! )
    - You can try to build in a Conveyor system if you like for the Weapons, reactor and Ammunition Cargo, and a Airtank / Fuel Tank for Jumpjets. ^^
    (Don't use them, because they wouldn't work as if they would on a Planets Surface. :D )

    Oh and before all that: Look for good Pictures and Plans in the Net. Thats what I did every Time before I builded one of this Mechs and for the Weapons, as you might know allready: Battletech Wiki (Mark Sana or so )

    The rest is up to you. ^^

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  21. Dante McFox Junior Engineer

    Sarna.net is what you're looking for...
  22. Bloody_Kain Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks. ^^
    Yep, that was what I meant. ^^
  23. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    Endeavour class ship - Endeavour
    The rounded thrusters on this ship are place holders for atmo thrusters. These thrusters apart from the twin tail plane ones rotate 90 degrees so if I've worked it out correctly it'll have VTOL capabilities in atmosphere.

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  24. Hekutoru Trainee Engineer

    Hey there!

    Just wanted to show off one of my fighters...the AF-01H


    This is a design I'm very proud of, hope you like it!

    It has 4 gatling guns, 2 reloadable missile launchers, connector, ejector, medium cargo container, large reactor, 1 small reactor as backup, oxygen tank, fully functional conveyor system for easy reloading of ammo, fuel and oxygen (survival ready!), beacon light, antenna and 3 landing gears, I've also taken in consideration a proper CG location for this ship.

    Some specs of this fighter:

    - Blocks: 920
    - Non-armor blocks: 103
    - Mass: 47,051 kg.
    - Reactors: 3.60 MW.
    - Thrusters: 48 (4 large)





  25. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    My first use of Hydrogen parts so why not make it a special ship, and boy oh boy does that thruster give you some oomph. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the showcase of Sol Maersk. The first Maersk owned ship to arrive in Proxima Centauri space from Earth. She has fantastic performance on ion thrusters alone or if you're in a difficult situation or just have perishables on board then you can use the Hydrogen thruster to race to your destination twice as quick. For those long hauls in space she also comes equipped with not one but two jump engines! That's right ladies and gentlemen that is 5000km on 2 charges! The cockpit unit can be released from the cargo containers for quicker turn-around speeds at ports or if those troublesome pirates are gunning for you in deep space. This really is a very special ship.

    She is currently undergoing trials but will be available to all you cunning cargo pilots out there soon (TM). Visit our headquarters in OSS Jotenheim overhead Ganymide or drop by one of our 300 showrooms around Sol for more information."

    Last edited: Oct 27, 2015
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  26. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    So since I am back to work tomorrow morning and my SE days may slow a little, I thought I'd share a scale picture with you before the night is out. Everyone loves a scale picture :) us humans like to quantify things.
    Lets get a list of scale pics from you engineers out there. Here's mine to start off with;

    Give me a shout if you want the names of them or information.

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  27. wolverind Trainee Engineer

    Hey community, this is my first ever forum post so be nice to me.
    I've been working on a collection of ships called [SMI] for a while now and when I saw this thread I thought I'd show off an example of one my creations.

    This ship is called the Jackdaw and is a large heavy cruiser ship with a sleek shape and structure designed with firepower and speed in mind. It has two enormous engine bays for huge acceleration and deceleration and is survival ready with only a few mods such as industrial thrusters.

    Here's the workshop link which gives you a much better idea of the ship: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=533479328&searchtext=Jackdaw+

    Here's some pics:

    Not sure how you make it so pictures can be seen without having to click links but if someone could tell me that'd be great thanks.
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  28. Wellstat Apprentice Engineer

  29. Nyx Mulder Trainee Engineer

  30. Shiroko Trainee Engineer