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Show off your creations!

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by David184, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Timberwolf Apprentice Engineer

    Holy mods, batman. Those are a lot of them.

    I see a Jade Falcon

    Well, I ditched my first airborne carrier, and kinda mimicked the helicarrier from the Avengers. The avengers themselves suck big time, but that carrier is pretty damn impressive.

    I checked the workshop, obviously there are better ones in the workshop ranging from just as large as mine to about 6 times as large. I didn't really try to build a replica, rather I tried to give it a little flavor all its own. Not to mention I aimed for usability rather than looking nice.
    I'll probably tweak it some more in the future.


    Still better at stealing other people's designs than thinking of my own. :/
  2. VilniusNastavnik Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah, I know what you mean. My latest ship that I am working on, template is a couple pages back, I am trying to cut back on the mod used.

    Carriers these days are basically obsolete. You need enough room for your primary deploy ship/s and just add an automated factory to the ships to mass produce drones. The ship I am working on at the moment will have dozens of connectors located all over the hull behind the drop shields on each wing for drones, but the interior hangar is most likely going to be a factory or repair bay.. maybe both.
  3. XallZall Trainee Engineer

    The only thing I can recommend there is to start off with the factory/repair bay and make it super compact. Then build the hangar and build a basic form, combine the repair bay/factory and then plot the overall design.

    I usually build around 2 methods, one being the one I just mentioned, which is building around the essential gear/equipment or any special feature of the ship,
    the second style is firstly constructing the exterior and the filling that up.
  4. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    Beautiful Xallzall, you'll end up cutting back on the mods trust me, it's what I did. There is a perfect balance between building large stations vanilla and then sprinkling a few mods in the process =) Nostromo indeed.
  5. Wellstat Apprentice Engineer

    A very small and mobile gravity cannon with 10km moving target shot cababilities.

  6. artiedee Trainee Engineer

    D-Noble - An Explorers Favorite

  7. VilniusNastavnik Apprentice Engineer

    Way ahead of you. :)

    Spent the evening tweaking and finishing the blueprints. Started building it the other day but ran into a few issues with the exterior, namely the combat shielding. Found a mod that fixes that issue so I can get back to building next tuesday.

    Extra ribbing around the middle.
    Connectors for drones on the underside.
    Floors 1 through 4 layouts complete.
    Nose cone extended.
    Hangar doors now horizontal and not vertical.

    You will notice a lot of white on the third floor. Not sure what I am going to do there. Prob fill that area up with 40.. 50ish cryopods and add corridors between them.

    I do appologise for constantly only posting schematics the next time I post about this ship with images, it will be the finished product.

    So.. bit about the ship.
    The ship is the first in NS's line of Colony ships. It is designed to have all the necessary equipment on board to get settlers from their old home to the new spider infested worlds of the nope galaxy. During non combat conditions, the ship can run with a crew of 1, though 3 is ideal. During combat, up to 10 engineers can man the various combat systems on board. Once it reaches the new world, it maneuvers into a geosync orbit and provides assistance to the settlers as they begin construction of their new lives in nopeville.

    The vessel is around 150-200m longish and sports 36 Industrial thrusters.. 18 either way.
    It can run on a crew of between 1 and 16 engineers and house close to 50 colonists in stasis.

    First floor: Engineering
    The Factory houses 4 refineries and 2 assembers along with a 15 bit welding station for drone construction.
    The Engine room contains 6 x4 Arc reactors and a hyper drive. 4 Jump drives are located elsewhere in the ship. (Behind the stairwells).
    Why 4? Find it is useful to keep all 4 turned off, but fully charged, if you jump into a hot zone, you can always toggle one on and bug out ASAP.
    Basically a get me out of here button.

    Second floor: Combat operations and residential
    At the centre of the ship is the CIC. Fully functional with holographic displays and other flashy buttons. It has operation stations for 10 engineers.
    Crew quarters and mess are located at the front of the ship, whilst the read houses the factory command deck.
    There is also a little pathway between the Quarters and the kitchen that leads to the nose of the ship. Not worked out what I am doing there yet.. maybe a gravity cannon. If you require the use of the bathroom, find the nearest connector. Provides fertilizer for the plants.. and spare ammo if need be.
    Crew quarters are communal.

    Third floor: Environmental and the hotel suite.
    The third floor houses the ships Greenhouse for the ships oxygen supply.
    It also houses the Colonists Cryopods for people smuggling or colonist transport. I don't judge.
    It is primarily made up of the gangways connecting the second floor to the top of the ship.

    The top floor: Spacewalk
    The top floor is basically two rooms.. the recreational deck / Observational deck and the forward bridge.
    The Rec deck is a place where off duty crew members can sit, read a book, meditate.. or just watch things explode out the windows.
    The forward bridge just that.. the bridge. Extremely basic layout, Not designed for combat, that's the CIC.
    The windows of the various protrusions are a structural weakness.. and so instead of listening to legion and removing them, I have deployed combat shielding.
    Basically I am just using hangar bay doors as shielding as they do not warp when damaged.

    Exterior: The ship comes fitted with 8x MK3 main battleship cannons, 12 (so far) drone connection ports, and 4 Heavy drop shields. (those things labeled [g])
    The drop shields sole purpose is to protect the engine pods from fire, and if need be, disconnect to allow the ship time to engage a jump drive and bug out. The drop shields also contain connectors on the outsides to allow for the transport of larger vessels to the colony. Once a destination has been found, the hyper drive will provide rapid transport between locations.

    Still have yet to work out where I am sticking the Gatling turrets for missile defence.. Might tweak the ribbing a bit along the sides.

    1-2x Industrial Engineers (Factory)
    1-2x Power Engineers (Engine Room)
    1x Captain (CIC)
    1x XO (Forward Bridge or CIC)
    0-10x Combat Engineers (CIC) 0-2x (bridge)

    Utility: Drilling, Welding, Reclaiming (4+ of each)
    Transport: Drop ship in the hangar.

  8. Timberwolf Apprentice Engineer

    I can't wait for the finished ship. :)
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  9. XallZall Trainee Engineer

    Looks like we have similar ideas here, I will try combining your creation with mine in a while, I was able to hit a target (static) at 100 km, been also trying to hit targets at 500 kilometers. Maybe if I combine your idea into my Orbital Cannon, I can strike the 500 km target : D

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  10. XallZall Trainee Engineer

    Wow man, thats some serious planning!
    Looks like you planned everything to the smallest detail.
    Also looks like its going to be a massive ship. No lags so far?
    I look forward to its completion.

    It seems that it has pretty much everything, once in that ship one can go anywhere with it and resupply on the way, essentially living on it indefinitely.

    I never plan that much, I start off with just one single idea, for instance the Orbital Cannon above, I started off with the idea of making a gravity generator based weapon that can hit targets at 30KMs.
    Then I build the ship around the weapon, getting inspiration from the Zeus Cannon in Final Fantasy Spirits Within.
    Then I just have this check list that I go through such as:

    Engine Room
    Cargo Bay
    Mess Hall
    Gyro Room
    Captains Quarters
    Energy Shield Area (When using the Energy Shield Mod)
    Medical Station
    Escape Pods
    Oxygen Generator Area
    Drone Storage
    and Optional Areas for ideas like a Drill Crane etc. Or a Radar etc.
    This ship has all that I listed in a compact form.
    Its a WIP. 90% done by now (This is an older image)

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  11. XallZall Trainee Engineer

    I might "refit" the NOSTROMO using lesser mods.
    It was also using a Elevator design which is now dated compared to my newest elevator.
  12. VilniusNastavnik Apprentice Engineer

    Should be done if all goes well this time next week.
    Yep, spent days just on the planning stage alone, All evening yesterday I was working on the interior planning.

    No lag, It's total size doesn't come near the total blocks and ships on my primary world. She is only really 3x2x2 times the size of my monolith.. the U shaped thing in my signature of whom I need to fix because the containers add weight update made her slow as all hell. Though she is a large freighter.

    Yep, designed for long periods in space, Though she is heavily armored, she won't stand long in a fire fight, my ships are built for industrial purposes not military. The only heavy armor on here are the drop shields, the ribbing and the area around the CIC. Otherwise she'd just get way too heavy. Don't really like building military ships, already the majority of the community builds them it seems. So I focus on the industrial side of things. I get around that by having her escorted by a couple Broadsides. My only military ship, escort vessel and extremely light wall of guns. Fast and packs a punch. (the tube thing to the south east of the Mining Hauler in my signature)

    One thing I am going to need to look at is decoy blocks. Want to hide a number of them behind the first layer of heavy armor in the drop shields and have them turned off. Once the shields are required to be deployed, I activate the decoy block command. A timer block toggles them on and off like an LED runner every couple seconds to ensure the enemy is trying to target them and spread the damage around as much as possible.

    Looks like you have taken inspiration from star wars with a hyper drive ring. You got jump drives inside those narcelles?

    What's that shield mod like by the way?
  13. XallZall Trainee Engineer


    I started with Military ships as well, lately I been building more Explorer based ones.
    Mainly because I imagine military ships to be super large. Or being small blocked ships.

    I never actually used the decoy blocks, not sure what they are and I have been playing 300 hours plus haha.

    The inspiration came from a game called Armored Core 4. The booster unit being called in that game "Vanguard Booster Unit". Which is a throwaway booster.
    So as you can see its connected with merge blocks, you can discard it when needed.
    So they don't have jump drives on it. The jump drive on this ship was replaced by the "Hyper Jump Drive" mod, which allows for even further jumps.

    As for the Energy Shield Mod,
    Its interesting, it recharges to a limit depending on the amount of energy generators you have, then when damage is being taken, first the value gets subtracted from the total amount of energy left.
    When the damage is greater then the remaining shield energy, then damage can be done.
    Essentially, what happens is that you don't take any damage until the energy capacity is greater then the damage being dealt.

    However the power consumption for keeping the shields on, is massive. Say you have fuel for 2 days.
    With shields on it could last for 1 hour at best.

    I look forward to the release of your ship, from blue print to reality : D
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2015
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  14. VilniusNastavnik Apprentice Engineer

    You and me both. It will either be a great success, or a terrible failure.. depends on whether the blocks want to work with my madness.

    The only issue I see is the nose cone. I cannot work out a good design for it. No matter how many times I look at it..

    The current plan is to make it like the ME1 Mako nose.. should have round a 5 block flat surface on the front..

    Thinking about using sektan's retractable tunnel for ship to station transit. At the moment the only way to exit is via transport. Could still easily put a Gravity (chase) cannon on either side. And then ribbing the front for decal. It will be the last part that I work on anyway.
  15. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    Whew it took me quite a while but it finally is working in the first steps.
    I make an ingame program for Ackermann Steering.

    Currently any car with suspension wheels and not too low friction and steering angle with lock in place when you try to steer and accelerate.
    That hapens because each wheel and their friction try to move the wheel along a line. However as these lines are often parallel and dont have the same focus point, the friction prevents the wheels from properly turning in place around their up axis in persective from the ground.

    To solve such issues there is the good old Ackermann Steering.
    The idea is essentially that your wheels focus the same point around which the vehicle turns.

    Thus with that idea in mind i made a program, which sadly took way too long, and came up with a working prototype that can steer any amount of wheels.
    I initially tested it with four wheels as that is the typical case but later with fourteen wheels aswell.
    In both cases the right turn worked flawless but the left turn had a little inprecision still causing some bumps.

    As an end result the four wheeled car where the front right wheel was steering with ~40°, the rear right wheel with ~23°, the front left wheel with ~22° and the rear left wheel with ~12°. With that configuration aswell as two passive gyros and four small thrusters pushing me down, i could do turns with 70 - 95 km/h.


    Here a small overview of the 14-wheeled car:


    I hope to fix the left-turn bug rather soon aswell as i will hopefully upload the WIP video tomorrow.

    Alright i fixed the left-right steering difference aswell as some other things and it now works flawless in most cases.
    There is another inprecision so far and its cause should mainly be the wheels rotation axis offset from the current position i fetch.
    The infrastructure for that change has been done already though i didnt gather all offsets yet aswell as test and correct them.
    Now that really is a task for tomorrow and not this night :D
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2015
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  16. Dante McFox Junior Engineer

    Almost embarrassing to post here after those creations, but i could use another opinion...
    FX-8 Mako-Transporter (left)
    ~700k L Storage Capacity, 2 Docking-Ports for Small ships (e.g. Miner), 2 Gatlingturrets
    FX-8 Mako-Forge (below)
    Reffinery- und Production-capabilitys, 2 Gatlingturrets
    FX-8 Mako-Escort (behind)
    Weaponcarrier, Defensive Ship, enclosed Bridge with some LCDs, 4 Gatling- und 4 Missleturrets, Misslelauncher
    FX-8 "Loveless" (mid)
    Attack-Ship, Piratehunter, enclosed Bridge with some LCDs, enclosed Thruster-System (besides up/down, didnt wanted to make it bigger...), 7 Gatlingturrets, Misslelauncher

    All Ships use a Jumpdrive (2 on the Loveless) & oxygenised Interior, Mako Variants got Medbay & Cryochamber, autom. Airlocks (just 2 of the new Doors on the Loveless, a bit ... loveless :p, just the bare necessities) and LasAntennas...

    No finished Blueprints yet, still fiddeling on Details... and if someone got an opinion about using Hvy Armor on the Loveless (Preview here) if, and if, where(?), i could use a fresh look or different opinion... Comments on the others are desirable, too...
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  17. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    I think they look good
  18. Ronin1973 Master Engineer


    I've built a couple of these things. I found that stacking all of the grav generators behind the launch chamber and accelerating them in the shortest distance to 104m/s to save a lot of space. I'll guide the projectile by placing four grav generators on their sides facing inwards and creating a virtual guide rail in front of the ship. The result is a much smaller ship in terms of length. I was hitting targets as far away as 50km. Which for all practical purposes is more than enough.

    The problem with an orbital cannon IS natural gravity. Unless you are absolutely perpendicular to your target, natural gravity will cause your projectile to deviate off course. If you are perpendicular, then there's no reason to accelerate your projectile with gravity generators. At a height of 40,000 meters, by the time the projectile reaches the impact point, it will have already maxed out.

    I think a better device would be one that saturation bombs a target with multiple projectiles falling down like rain.
  19. Clunas Junior Engineer

    Physics can help you out with this one. I'm sure someone could include the calculations into a script. The trick would be how to obtain the planetary gravity data necessary. If you can get that, the math is trivial.
  20. Bad_Idea Apprentice Engineer

    Those look wonderful! The three ships closer to the edges almost look organic, a very, very neat look indeed!
  21. WhiteWeasel Senior Engineer

  22. XallZall Trainee Engineer

    Point taken, however this Cannon can be used against any target, planetary of not : D
    I also wanted build a large ship. It has many stations, my video of a 30km shot shows the interior design.

    With this size, it will also allow me to construct via the projector massive shells. Currently it is capable of firing shells of the following dimension:
    3x3 width, and a height of 9 blocks. With the current length of the construction area of the shells, it can be increased in length by another 9 blocks.

    I am also aware of the atmospheric effect, such as air friction and other planets surface gasses.
    While orbiting around the planet, if future updates or if in general the planets are rotating around a Sun and/or its own axis,
    when firing the friction should throw the shell off target, depending on the density and height of the atmosphere.

    I was well aware of the fact that, hitting targets on a surface would not really need gravity generators since, there will be already existing ones.
    The ship itself is efficient, the gravity generators are turned on only for a second or two, they then automatically turn off, so there is no energy being wasted, the only thing it does waste is wight and space.
    But with such an amount of gravity generators, you can target anything, and hit accurately at 100kilometers.
    I been trying to hit targets at 500 kilometers as well, but as such a range I think I will need to implement a self GPS Guiding Shell.
    Which unfortunately means the shell itself will be rather expensive.

    Right now, you can hit targets accurately with nothing but heavy or light armor blocks, with a generator and a artificial mass.
    For surface targets with an atmosphere, a gyro with 4 boosters pointing north east south and west is additionally required.
    And for targets beyond 100 kilometers, an additional Antenna with a Remote Block is also needed.

    If you want scatter shells, it should be possible as well, you can construct any shell type, with a 3x3 dimension in width and a maximum height of 9 blocks which can be extended to 18 blocks.
    The shells are created on the spot via the projector and the materials are supplied from the storage boxes feed into the welders.
  23. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer


    I can also add that these ships are tough as nails in wood :cool:
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  24. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    For scatter-shells, I would use merge blocks, two timers, and a gyroscope. Timer one sets the shell spinning, timer two releases the merge blocks. That way you won't need any kind of thrusters to gain separation between each warhead.
  25. CptNuts Trainee Engineer

    The middle one breaks a bit with the others as it has no "neck" part as the other three ships, which in my opinion is a bit alienating since they share the same color scheme and seem to be meant to operate together, the other three ships look very cool, just the right amount of detail for these smaller hulls. It is always good to ask for opinions :D

    [shameless self advertising]
    Also, if anyone wants to give my Vera class Baseship a spin (and maybe somekind of feedback on handling and design :woot:) she is now available as a blueprint on the steam workshop and can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=549569092&searchtext=Vera+Class+Baseship
    [/shameless self advertising]
  26. mhalpern Senior Engineer

    I see a notable design flaw if ever it were taken into survival- all those hydrogen thrusters would need loads of tanks for extended use and lots of ice.

    Edit I see it has some tanks but with that many thrusters, they will only last MAYBE a couple minutes, and take a good long while to refill from ice.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2015
  27. mhalpern Senior Engineer

    actually unless you are directly above the target- hitting a target on a planet will be rather difficult, and you will need to provide enough initial velocity to offset the planet's pull if you are trying to hit anything within the gravity well, the planet doesn't have to be moving, nor does the target, it is very likely that an orbital cannon will only be able to accurately target a limited area of a planet's surface unless the projectile has its own power, thanks to the speedcap, honestly I don't think orbit- to ground weapons will be as great as they are hyped up to be- first you have to actually see your target from your preferred distance (far enough that any no matter what orientation you are in your cannon's thrusters can keep you in place) then you have to account for you, your target and the center of the gravity well NOT being in line, or you could decide you want to transverse the outskirts of a sphere with a diameter of 150km (for a 50km planet) just to line up with your target, then you have the painful wait of a 104m/s projectile traveling at least 50km- that's over 8 minutes, which is not an ideal delay for a weapon, a lot can happen in those 8 minutes, and getting much closer may put you in range of air-based orbital defense, where they just need to take out a few thrusters to put an end to your ship.
  28. WhiteWeasel Senior Engineer

    I made a lil' David rotor turret. I'll show the Big Bertha one later.
  29. artiedee Trainee Engineer

    Well if you check out my workshop link you can see for yourself how it works. I think there is no design flaw there and this is why:

    1) You have 4 Hydrogen tanks and a dozen oxygen generators. Mostly you will thrust for 5 seconds with these until you are at max speed. Most notable use for hydrogen engines is to interplanetary travel.

    2) In space for acceleration you can use the cheap gravity drive which takes care of most of your needs.

    3) As a backup you have Ion thrusters. THey are weak but they will dampen your movement.

    I do now think of increasing amount of Ion thrusters however...
  30. MisterSwift Apprentice Engineer

    Busy building a new home base/non-combat/refinery ship. The greebles (greebling?) and detailing are heavily influenced by Tyriosh and Zerberus' work!

    So far most of the exterior is done, the paintjob is mostly sorted out and the interior just needs to be double checked. Still need to add the docking bays/hangar and all the production/refinery/storage stuff.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2015
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