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Sim-Speed Issues

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Joseph Caleb Martin, Jan 4, 2018.

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  1. Joseph Caleb Martin Trainee Engineer

    Basically my friend is hosting a server on Space Engineers and we have been having sim-speed issues. he upgraded his rented server to the highest of specs and we are still having issues. I believe he has atleast 32 gigs of ram(im not sure what processor the server has, i just know it has a high-end CPU)in the server from what i've heard. The server's host is "Pingperfect.com". There are no mods currently installed.

    Note: I was tiered while creating this post so if i didnt spell some words correctly i appologize.
  2. mccorkle Trainee Engineer

    Hi Joseph. Ask your friend to reach out to pingperfect. They have helped me track down settings in my world that slowed down my sim speed. I now run using Torch and keep a solid 1.0 simspeed with ~30 mods.
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  3. Muttly (Muttly's Pirates) Trainee Engineer

    Has he tried turning it off and on again........ But seriously your not gonna get an answer from that post because you have given us no information about the server other than its hosted on ping perfect.
  4. The Falcon Trainee Engineer

    I have a rented server with Nitrado. I have already spent more time than I care discussing the poor performance of the game with them. At the end of it all they tell me they are providing the necessary resources to run the game and the problem is the game itself.

    So.....here we have a game where you build with "blocks". Just try and play a multi-player game and you get the following warnings:

    1. Rendering world geometry. Lower your voxel quality. (already have it on the lowest settings possible. The only other possible option is to not play.)
    2. Update of individual blocks. Too many blocks in the world. (I guess I need to learn how to build a ship using a single block.....in a block building game. Go figure)
    3. Update of oxygen systems. Too many or too large pressurized areas. (another useless feature it appears)
    4. Executing programmable blocks scripts. Too many or too complicated scripts. (Only use TIM and have never had an issue using this one and only script before the latest updates)
    5. Too many individual objects interacting with each other. (Build anything more than a small ship in a "block" building game and you are screwed.)
    6. This mod is slowing down your game. (A simple mod that does nothing more than increase the "detection" range of the ore detector by 50m.)

    But it has great visuals!!! Too bad you can't play the game to actually enjoy them.

    I have 2200 hours in this game and love the idea and concept. I just wish the development staff would get a grip on priorities. What is the point of a "visually appealing" game if you cannot play it?

  5. ale. Trainee Engineer

    I'm experiencing the same problem, on a different host (GamerZ Factory De).
    Actually I've tried all the possible things:
    - restarting the server
    - incrementing the backup delay (5 min. --> 20 min.)
    - changing lots of parameters in config file
    - changing hostility from NORMAL to SAFE (this actually helped due to the fact that, of course, meteors showers, were adding lag to the already present lag)
    - ...

    Nothing helped, just a bit the fact that I changed hostilty from NORMAL to SAFE.
    This is my Shift+F1:
    PS: We have very very very few blocks!!

    A lot of times it also shows "Too many individual objects interacting with each other." and sometimes it happens that if my friend (we're 2 guys playing on the server) digs a hole in the ground, when I login I can't see it and I fall into the ground (like if the hole digged by my friend didn't exist but was a "way to hell"/glitch). Thus, when I login it takes a lot of time to load respawn points (we just have 1 medical room in total) and, when you press Respawn, it takes a lot of time to actually spawn you on the moon.

    I've never have had these problems with older versions, what is happening?
  6. Mikaila31 Trainee Engineer

    I am also experiencing the same issues with 'update of individual blocks. Too many blocks in the world.' and 'Too many individual objects interacting with each other'. The game will run fairly smoothly then either sim speed starts to drop or it will completely lock up for 1-2 min then come back suddenly. It is a new updated world hosted on a server in our house and is only played by members of our household over LAN(3 people Max). We have a small base and a few ships, nothing much compared to what I have built in previous versions of SE. Server specs are Xeon X5660(x2) 2.8 GHZ- 12 cores total/ 24 logical processors and 72 GB of RAM. There is not a single processor that runs over 20% and we have 65GB of free RAM while the game is running. Still it is basically unplayable and giving us way more problems then previous versions of SE. We were really looking forward to playing the game and exploring the updates after not playing for ~8 months.
  7. KawaiiBoy Trainee Engineer

    yeah sim speed is a issue.....even with no mods.
  8. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    heh heh ... i enjoy that too many blocks in the world.
    i'd get that error on a fresh spawn. think its a bit misleading. :p
  9. KawaiiBoy Trainee Engineer

    i don't mind bug fixes is there a better server fix, i know it take some time to find the root of the problem. but i hope it be solved soon.
  10. Fengist Trainee Engineer

    I mentioned this in another thread that got deleted. SE is like a Ferrari with a blown engine sitting in your driveway. You get to sit in it, you get to dream about it, but you don't get to drive it.

    Multiplayer lag has been an issue since they introduced planets. And they know this. Briefly, they had their own public servers, they promptly crashed them and then they vanished. Keen doesn't care if servers lag, crash or not run at all. That's obvious from the fact that they updated graphics but did nothing to improve server performance. Let's be honest, multiplayer stability doesn't sell their game. "Stunning visuals" do. Kinda like selling a Ferrari with a blown engine, just don't tell the buyer that it doesn't run. That, and the fact that art majors need to somehow justify their continued existence.
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  11. Malware Master Engineer

    There has never been official servers, only test servers during the last big multiplayer patch... never servers meant for general play. Criticise as much as you want, but stick to the truth please. They're working on the next big multiplayer major right now. They're actually running another batch of public tests as we speak, but a little more controlled and limited than last time. Will be open until tomorrow (May 17th) at 1800CET. More information pinned in the #multiplayer channel of the discord for those interested.
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  12. Roxette Senior Engineer

    I'll just leave this here...


  13. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Unless you're getting a full server from your host and paying something like $100 a month, you're just urinating in the wind. You're better off finding a spare machine with a 4gHz+ processor and setting your server up at home if you're on broadband.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.