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Slow Motion ...maybe this helps

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Gamer_62, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. Gamer_62 Trainee Engineer

    I started getting Slow Motion in my multi player game after 7 hrs of play.And could not for the life of me sort out why...

    I had built a small base/platform with the usual requirements...refinery,reactor etc. And had captured 2 ships ... a 1,655,856kg Military Minelayer And a 1,319,442 kg Mining Hauler with the ship you get at the start of the game.... but had added a landing gear on the front to attach and capture these ships

    But before i could start breaking them down,I started getting Slow Motion...

    I went into task manager and put space engineers to high priority ...no help
    I did a google searched... and only answers that others got was they had a old computer
    I thought it had to be the amount of ships and with the base and reactors etc.contributing to the problem.

    After a day i thought i would just unattach the ship that had the landing gear attached to the Mining Hauler and send that into space and see if that helps.

    To my amazement,Just by disconnecting the 2 ships and not even moving them ...my Slow Motion went..

    How ?...Why ?....Is it the Landing Gear a Bug ?.... Or Just a Bug of some sort ?

    It seems to me the landing gear is the problem some how..

    These are some tests ive done with the slow motion bug, See if anyone can make more sense of it all

    1 ship connected by landing gear to Mining Hauler .........Slow Motion

    2 ship disconnected by landing gear to Mining Hauler ......No Slow Motion

    3 Mining Hauler connected to base by landing gear .........Slow Motion

    4 Military Minelayer connected to base by landing gear ....No Slow Motion

    5 ship connected by landing gear to Military Minelayer . No Slow Motion

    6 ship connected by landing gear to the base next to Mining Hauler with landing gear showing yellow (not connected) = Slow Motion

    7 ship connected by landing gear to the base on the opposite end to the Mining Hauler..Mining Haulers landing gear showing yellow (not connected) = No Slow Motion

    8 ship connected by landing gear to the base on the opposite end with the Mining Hauler reversed and backed away with no colours on the landing gear = Slow Motion

    ...Maybe someone can fathom out whats really happening here and come up with a real solution ?

    I really hope this helps others in some way to enjoy there game again...Mine for now runs great and if slow motion returns again ill look to what landing gear is attached to what
  2. drats666 Trainee Engineer

    i noticed this happen in 2 cases with my friend, we came to the conclusion that it is caused by 1 of 2 things or both.
    1: loose rock and ore collecting on the ground, perhaps phyix going nuts with them colliding with eachother who knows.
    2: when mining in general even with a ship driller, when the ship is spinning its drills or using hand drill and the ground is being transformed, it causes slowmo for my friend the server host. if your single player you are the host so maybe this is your issue. is your miner running? if not try collecting all the loose ore and rock around the area
  3. Gamer_62 Trainee Engineer

    drats 666 I'm playing online in multi player ,but thanks i added that to my first post.

    Nothing happens to me when i collect loose ore's ...all seems good for there
  4. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    Usually slow motion is from to many blocks moving at once. The Babylon 5 maps show this very clearly.
    Also there is a lot of lag associated with collisions and STATIONS, this will cause huge lag at the moment even with smallish ships.
    So maybe your ships landing gear is being treated as a collision I dunno seems odd.
    Loose ore is not good, no matter what that is using a lot of vital threads if its floating and not at rest. Ore not at rest, bouncing into other ore ect, is using even more threads to calculate its collisions.
    Are you located near a large asteroid ?
    That also takes a heavy toll on the physic's engine, remember all the different ores in the asteroid are just like different blocks you might have used in a ship, big rock, big ship, same toll on the physic's engine.

    To test properly use SETOOLBOX and put everything into a new map with no asteroids.
    Then go see if its lagging.
    Setoolbox you can drop and drag easiest thing since sliced bread, thanks Midspace.
  5. radam Senior Engineer

    For some reason my i5-661 is loaded to 70% and the game being slow mo (12 seconds to 40ms with a jetpack which should take 4s usually) thats a multiplayer map with lots of stuff.

    The other computer with grapghics card half as powerfull and i5-2300 cpu runs smooth with maybe 10% cpu load.

    Altho 661 has variable frequency enabled so it fluctuates at about 50% while 2300 has frequency maxxed out all the time. Need to get a cheap non stock cooler and try to put 661 into stable frequency.
  6. Gamer_62 Trainee Engineer

    I've also noticed that when i've been breaking down a ship and a loose piece has floated and settled on to another part i've had the slow mo return for a split second or so,so piddlefoot might have something there in what his saying.

    I don't get slow motion anymore so far,as i'm always checking my landing gears and any
    parts that may have broken off and has floated and settled else where
  7. Lancar Senior Engineer

    I've suddenly, and for seemingly no reason, started getting a slowing effect (no idea if its FPS issue or not) when mining with my small mining ship. As soon as I stop touching the rock with my drills the slow effect stops.

    It wasn't like this before the Hazard patch.

    I've tried with both Hazards on and off, no difference.
  8. Klemorius Trainee Engineer

    I have this effect too, that happen when a lot of rocks (item -> gravity) rise the ground of the asteroid. This effect take place as there are rocks and seems to be localized when there is less rocks (from pick up) That happen to me when there is more than 5 tonnes of small rocks in a same place o/
  9. leguvan Trainee Engineer

    I'm not sure if this is the same thing, but. When I go mining and come back to unload at my station, my astronaut moves like it's still has the mass and speed of my mining ship. So, when I am first moving around before I go mining, my astronaut has the speed and acceleration it normally has, but upon returning he is very slow and cumbersome. Saving to Main Menu and reloading the save file fixes this. Will be doing more testing to see if it's a framerate/CPU issue.


    I used a video recording software to monitor my FPS and had Task Manager open on another screen to monitor CPU/RAM usage. While mining my FPS was 28-32 and CPU usage increased about by 5%. There was no noticeable increase in RAM usage.

    Returning to base FPS went to high 30s and CPU usage dropped by about 10%. Once again no noticeable difference in RAM usage.

    Astronaut still moved slow and sluggish after mining. Using the cockpit on my station did not help. Emptying my drills on the mining ship and flying it around also did not help.

    Normal CPU Usage: About 45%
    Normal RAM Usage: 1.79 gig

    Setup: AMD X4 955 3.4 Ghz, 8 Gig Ram, Geforce 760 2gig, Windows 7 64bit, SE Client is using 64bit
  10. Phand Master Engineer


    I managed to finally reproduce this. It should be fixed soon. Please let us know, if it is working without problems.
  11. leguvan Trainee Engineer

    Another update on my issue...

    I was mining and I reversed too fast and ended up hitting the asteroid hard enough to destroy my large thruster. I returned to my station to repair and rebuild and when I left my ship expecting to be slow, I was not. There was one of difference in previous tests, this time I was mining on the outside of an asteroid instead of inside one of the swiss cheese ones.


    After repairing and returning to the exterior of the asteroid and successfully returning without damaging my ship, I still had no problems. So, my personal fix is to no longer mine inside the large asteroid with a large hole through the center and various pits on the inside.
  12. Gamer_62 Trainee Engineer

    Excellent news Phand,So glad you could reproduce the problem and are working on a fix.

  13. steve5041 Trainee Engineer

    I find slow motion to be an increasing problem too. I've been a single player player mostly but have started to dip my toe into multiplayer.

    I have an ageing but capable laptop - Intel i5-520M, Geforece 330M, 8Gb Ram, Win 7 Home Premium 64bit. It runs games like Skyrim and XCOM (the new one) quite well.

    I have all the settings dialed down to minimum. I do get a bit of slo-mo in single player, but very little and I barely notice it a lot of the time. It's much worse in multiplayer though.

    Firstly it seems to get very bad when I am close to a very large asteriod, as I enter the asteroid it starts to becom unbearable. I'm not entirely sure but it also seems to get worse as more people join the game. When I 1st joined it was just me and the host, later on a couple more joined an it was down to a crawl. I didn't understand why as this was almost a new world, file size was only around 2-3Mb. Next time this happens I'll try to do a SHift-F11 screenshot

    I was back and forth between my starter ship and the asteroid, and I was frequently overshooting my ship's door as I was actually travelling a lot faster than it felt and had a much longer stopping distance.
  14. Thunderbird Junior Engineer

    started encountering this often recently, related to both mining operations and large objects, sometimes totally at random, seems to have several causes but its most likely a result of the physics engine

    few cases where i had trash around the base i cleared it by turning off the grav gen or getting rid of the trash, i notice the problem OCCASIONALLY return as i was working on a drillhead (small ship drill slapped on a big ship, fairly big contraption, 60+ drills and heavy) but i cant put my finger on it, its unpredictable to me

    taking a big miner and digging for a bit seems to be a fairly reliable way of lagging the hell out of the game though... which i dont get, my i7 should be able to handle this game 3 times over and small stones tumbling around occasionally bumping off a wall are hardly difficult to calculate, but it seems their mere presence is enough
  15. Amerikanovich Apprentice Engineer

    This happened to me too, was playing with a friend last night, I was hosting (The .010 hotfix came out while we were playing, so this was last version), and we built a base inside of an asteroid.
    Every time he started drilling in the asteroid with his ship I would start running like I was standing in honey. First I thought it was because I was carrying a lot of weight and thought it was my inertia, which I thought was kind of a cool feature, but then it continued after I emptied my backpack, and I noticed it only happened when there was a lot of loose ore flying around because someone was drilling.
    Doesn't take much either, I set the multiplayer map loose objects limit down to 64.
  16. Phand Master Engineer


    we are trying to optimize these performance issues, but thing is: we fix one and break two others. But we are slowly, very slowly working on it.
  17. ViperMan Junior Engineer

    I hate it when that happens... :)
  18. Urenic Trainee Engineer

    has anyone try testing inside and outside a gravity field? I have noticed a difference in slowness around "Floating Objects" (as SEToolbox says) inside and outside a gravity field. Maybe not keep calculating the effects of gravity on an object with no velocity?
  19. Phand Master Engineer


    this is an interesting suggestion. I will try!
  20. Thunderbird Junior Engineer

    confirming what Urenic said, there is some weirdness with loose rocks and gravity fields

    also, during a play session yesterday, slo-mo every time i looked into the asteroid field (we have a base on one of the outer asteroids) - the friend that was playing with me as a client (i was hosting) said i started lagging like hell every time i did that, and my FPS dropped to about 22
    if i looked away so only "our" 'roid was in view, it was completely fine, no lag, good FPS and no slo-mo

    please note that that was 2/3 hours into the game, i suspect a memory leak
  21. Bohdan Trainee Engineer

    I've noticed this slowing effect the last few days as well. My update lag is pegged up around 630k-680K. I thought this issue was fixed already :(
  22. Urenic Trainee Engineer

    Not sure about anyone else, but i have not this occur again since the last patch (1.032). Even after loading a save with ore objects.
  23. HitryiPryanik Apprentice Engineer

    perhaps slow motion can appears when the base just started to build, there is a lot of grids and too much shadows counted together
  24. Cyber Cheese Apprentice Engineer

    If I am reading the dates correctly, this thread was dead for a month before you posted, so I am guessing the issue has long since been resolved.
  25. Phand Master Engineer

    Yes this has been resolved. There is another source of lag, however. It has probably something to do with building. But I cannot figure it out. :( I am investigating.
  26. Crotaro Trainee Engineer

    Hey there, I just googled around to see if this slow-motioning is just my imagination or an actual bug and I found something out (tho not sure if it helps you in any way)
    The slow-motion issue happens, for me, always after a few minutes without playing. When it happens the screen freezes for a second or two and after that not only there is the slow-motion effect but also all my custom set colors on my P palette are switched randomly. Then after some more minutes of play (this usually takes around 10-15 mins for me) again the screen freezing happens resulting in no more slow-motion but again my custom colors being randomized.

    And yes, most often it happens when I'm building (doesn't matter if Survival or Creative).
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 30, 2014
  27. Spiz Trainee Engineer

    I'm still getting this slow motion on the only multiplayer server that I want to play on. The map size is only 5mb. It's usually full with about 24 people, but I get this slow motion effect even if no one else is in draw distance. I'm not sure what metric correlates with this, but my "simulation speed" is about .4 and "update lag" is 600-800. I haven't played in two months because this server always runs in slow motion for me, even though it doesn't for most other people on the server.

    I've also seen it suggested that it might be an issue with client cpu, that my own computer might be lagging behind in calculations? Even set at high process priority, task manager only shows 60-70% cpu usage (960t @~3.8GHz)...
  28. BioDerm Trainee Engineer

    I had this slow motion thing happen in my world as well what caused it was that the cargo ships timers must have gotten off or something because I had three visible at the same time and one was out past 10,000 which I have never seen up until this point. Anyway I was able to fix it be turning off cargo ship spawn and deleting the ones flying around.
  29. benmiaou Trainee Engineer

    Yep there is a bug with NPC ships, there was like 40 of them, i had to clean them with tool box to remove the lag
  30. benmiaou Trainee Engineer

    Yep there is a bug with NPC ships, there was like 40 of them, i had to clean them with tool box to remove the lag
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