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Small Ship Large Thruster Damage

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Webserfer, Nov 1, 2014.

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  1. bigbangnet Apprentice Engineer

    With the latest patch of today on the 3rd jan 2015, I confirm that this bug still happens. I did a heavy fighter with 4 big thrusters on the back and only of the thrusters (bottom left if you look from behind) has disappeared. No damage, no explosion just completely gone. And some blocks where deformed like they received damage and its the lower left blocks on the left side of the thrusters.

    I can't seem to reproduce the bug on purpose as it happens in random time. Sometimes I sit in my ship (in creative mode btw) and after 10 secs I go out and the thruster is not there anymore ?!? Also, replacing it doesn't seem to fix the issue as it disappears again and again over time.
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  2. Sumiko Trainee Engineer

    For the first time, I'm experiencing this issue as well, but in a select case. I'd installed temporary large thrusters on my ship I'm building - two for each direction - and after saving and loading back into the world, my upward two thrusters vanish the moment I fire them. (none of the others do this, and it does it every time I load into the world, not after I remove the thrusters and reinstall them)
    There is extremely light damage to two of the light armor plates on which they sit, but no other damage anywhere. I can provide my save file to a developer if it would prove useful.
  3. BladyPiter Trainee Engineer

    Same here in all small ships with large thrusters.
  4. lancearmada Trainee Engineer

    To those who think this is not a bug, we are not experiencing thruster damage behind the thruster, we know how thrusters deal damage. This is SERIOUS.
    Now i have experienced this bug a ton, and its annoying as hell. I have noticed it usually occurs on thrusters that have blocks all around their base, while thrusters that have sides of their base open dont seem to do dmg to other blocks around them. Then other times i have seen a ship that is mirrored only have a thruster on the left side get destroyed while the exact same thrusters on the opposite side are fine.
    It is not debatable. This should not happen! I dont know why the developers havent fixed this, because this has been present for a long time. Do they think this is a joke? Do they think we are just stupid and are putting blocks in the wrong spots? I hope they don't think that, and i hope no one thinks this is a "feature" either.
    sigh. This bug...
    Well enough of my mad ranting. Fellow space engineers, please post more details on this. As much as possible. Get the developers attention if we don't allready have it. And devs, please let us know if you guys are working on fixing this issue.
    So without further ado, here are some photos.

    Here we see a thruster that is positioned fine. Do you see any problems with placement? I dont.


    Well guess what. There are no problems with the thruster above. It dealt NO damage to the blocks around it. Why does this one deal no damage while others do? Why?

    And here we have the actual problem. These thrusters should not be dealing damage to blocks, yet the blocks that are 1 block above the base were bent. And not only that, the thrusters themselves had been damaged too.


    Now why is it that the bottom thrusters were dealing damage to blocks like those when the above thruster did no such damage to the blocks to the side of it?
    This is just one instance of the issue. I have experienced similar problems with thrusters destroying each other, and sometimes if i have a large thruster near small thrusters the large one gets destroyed and some dmg is done to other thrusters, but then i moved the large thruster forward one (which technicly is putting it more in the way of the small thrusters fires) and it was fine. Unfortunatly i couldnt get a image of this anomaly because when i placed the thrusters back just now they didnt seem to be having the issue. All of the images and the example i just mentioned were experienced on the latest version of space engineers and today is 1/7/15. This has been Armada. Signing off.
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  5. bondematt Trainee Engineer

    Having this issue too. Reloading the save fixed it for one thruster, but made another start bugging out and blowing everything around itself up. Nothing in the line of the exhaust or even around the tip.
  6. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    This is the largest of the 5+ similar threads, so I thought I would bump this up and link some of the others:





    Personally I tried to reproduce this bug in 01.064 single player, and have not been able to reproduce so far. I think the bug does exist, just the conditions to get it are odd.

    Considering the bug has been around for 6+ months, perhaps we should stop creating more threads about it? (most recent reply in another thread was a few hours ago)
  7. Phand Master Engineer


    I was not aware this is still happening. Creating ticket. Thank you for report.
  8. Mattk50 Trainee Engineer

    Uh, this bug has started happening to me again. It appears to be related to blueprints and copy/pasting. I did some testing with the debug models on and i found some interesting results, you should probably add this to the ticket phand.

    This is my ship's physics models after i've pasted it into the world from a blueprint:

    This is the physics model after replacing the problem thrusters with new large thrusters:

    The ship to the right is the one from the above screenshot, the two to the left are the result from copy pasting it and then taking it from a blueprint (after re-saving it to a blueprint) and then pasting it

    So copy pasting or using a blueprint to paste it in both mess up the physics models somehow.
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  9. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    good find.
    also, is that just a test ship or a legitimate mess of thrusters? looks wild.
  10. Mattk50 Trainee Engineer

    Totally legit, very high acceleration fighter design. Most of my fighter designs look similar, there's heavy armor on the front and flanks to deal with gatling fire but most is intended to be avoided through high speed orbiting of targets and that requires a ton of rear and side thrusters.

    better view: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16970274/Screenshots/SpaceEngineers%202015-01-13%2017-05-58-30.png
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  11. Webserfer Trainee Engineer

    Ok it has been months and this issue still persists. If their is still proff needed of the glitch I have a fighter that can replicate it anytime. No matter what I try it's thrusters detonate.
  12. Lukas Designer

    Hi, thank you but we know all we need about this bug. We are working on a fix.
  13. codetodi Trainee Engineer

    Hi, this bug is happening for month in survival and creative, SP and MP. Hope to see a fix soon...
  14. codetodi Trainee Engineer

    Nothing has changed... what's the bug status? @Lukas: do you have some good news for us?
  15. [ATC]Snoman Trainee Engineer

    Is anyone else still experiencing this bug besides me? I seem to be experiencing exactly the same thing described above. Amazing that such a game breaking bug has persisted for a year if this is the case.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.