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Space Engineers Server hosting- what you suggest?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Space_engie, Aug 12, 2015.

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  1. Space_engie

    Space_engie Trainee Engineer

    I just love this game (i had to say that!).
    I would like to create my own server and i have no idea where to start, i made a small research and most of the people suggest a dedicated server. I CAN NOT AFFORD ONE!
    I found some hosts like game servers, multiplay and some more.

    Where should i go? What should be aware of?
  2. Space_engie

    Space_engie Trainee Engineer

  3. Ronin1973

    Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    If you are going to run a server there are three main variants.

    1. Purchase an instance of a game server (there are plenty of companies that host these).
    Easy to manage
    Lots of up time.
    Easy to find one with a low ping relative to you.
    Usually no way to add additional tools to the server.
    Traditional FTP may or may not be available.
    Manual editing of your cfg files.
    Many are VERY clunky and frustrating to manage with poorly integrated interfaces.
    2. Purchase an instance of a full server or true physical dedicated server.
    Lots of tools availabe (like SE Server extender)
    Easy to schedule events like auto-cleanups, auto-backups, player logging, in-game server commands.
    Difficult to set up unless you have some working knowledge of servers
    Expensive (though purchasing an instance of a server sharing a physical server is less expensive)
    Easier to hack since it functions as an actual server.
    3. Host a game on your own at-home dedicated server
    Ping time of less that 1ms for you.
    Full access to the machine.
    All of the pros of 2.
    Difficult to set-up, though there are work-arounds to having a dedicated IP address.
    Expensive (you have to buy a machine or press an existing machine into service)
    Even easier to hack than a true server
    Uses your at-home bandwidth both up and down

    I am renting two game servers at the moment. My public one is about $10-15 a month. Which isn't that bad when you think about what people are paying for online services like EA has. If you have a decent faction you might find some guys who want to share in the cost of a dedicated server. Older players with disposable income rather than allowances are great.

    My second server is private and used a development server for faction members to experiment and community build ships/stations via blueprints.

    I have a dedicated at home server that I'll bring online soon to replace one of these other servers. The build cost was around $800. I've overclocked it from 3.6gHz to about 4.6gHz. I'm figuring that planets will be CPU crushers for most instances of game servers. So the faster I can get a core to run the better.
  4. SirLANsalot

    SirLANsalot Apprentice Engineer

    I have been using https://www.bluefangsolutions.com Bluefang Solutions for over a year now for my server I run. They are great, prices are good, and the servers they use are quite powerful, to the point where any "LAG" that happens is cause of the Netcode of the game, and not the machine its on.

    They are FTP based for configuring your server, you can either use there own built in FTP via web browser, or use something like Filezilla for SmartFTP. It takes a bit of learning as to what files you can config and where they are ect, but once you know its quite easy to maintain a server, uploading and downloading the map to and from your computer is needed (with any SE server) to change the mod-list.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.