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Starlight server is back online.

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Snakepit, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Snakepit Trainee Engineer

    Server is back and all players are welcome.

    You start in a planetary system on the edge of the galaxy. A journey of 200 years with a seed ship from the earth has brought you here. In this planetary system are 3 planets and 3 moons. The earth-like planet contains all resources except uranium and Platinum. All other planets contain more or fewer types of raw materials. Depending on which raw materials you want the most, you can travel to the planets and moons. The planets have a diameter of 120 km. There is exotic ore for building better blocks but that is very rare.

    IP Adres:
    Server name: Starlight
    World: Outer planetary system
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  2. Snakepit Trainee Engineer

    A new planet has been discovered but not yet located. Who helps finding this planet?
  3. rottielover Apprentice Engineer

    Thought I would leave you some feedback. I tried your server for about 30 min tonight, but I just don't have the time to make your server a home. Your start is pretty hard-core as the player has no choices, at least I was only given 1 choice, to start on earth like with your default safe-zone pod, which cannot be ground down for parts to create a new ship because - safezone. So you have to mine out stone and use the limited range on your drill to try and find resources. For me the nearest iron was a rock 1.2 KM away... on foot, cause no extra hydrogen bottles.

    It's seems very restricted and locked-down, for example, the 3 scripts you do allow (after you somehow get granted the script role, which is not explained in the help on how to get that role), are good ones, but you also state you're only allowed the use of 1 PB and therefore 1 script at a time. Automatic LCD's 2 and Isy's Solar Alignment for example - these two scripts generally need to both be running, otherwise for your LCD's to be updating your solar panels aren't tracking, or if your solar panels are tracking you're not getting LCD updates so you don't know what your power situation is.

    Overall I just feel like this was not fully thought out and through. I understand you are concerned with server performance, but I would hope that you are paying for a server based on slots, not based on compute cycles?

    During my 30-45 min I was the only player on the server as well.

    Just some feedback for you that I hope is useful for you.
  4. Snakepit Trainee Engineer

    Hello .. thank you for your response. The survival kit at the start now also makes silver from stone, so you can make your own survivale kit (respawn) faster. You are right the beginning is a bit difficult but if you have your own base refinry it goes very quickly. There is also a basic refinery at the base where you start respawn, making the start of the game even faster.

    Players who continue to play on the server for longer and are reliable will receive a scripting role. We do this in order to prevent someone from trying to mess up the server. Scrips are very dangerous for the server. Thanks again for your response and we will improve things where possible.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2020
  5. Snakepit Trainee Engineer

    Starlight Expansion version 1.0 installed.

    Update: 3 jan om 16:52
    In this update the exotic ore, ingot and parts have been added to the buy and sell orders at NPC stations. The Drop Container can now also contain exotic parts.