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Stats Bugged Out

Discussion in 'Gameplay Help and Troubleshooting' started by Avalon, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Avalon Trainee Engineer

    The other day, I was playing on our dedicated server when it restarted in the middle of gameplay. When I came back, I had died and was running around with 0 health. I couldn't interact with anything or respawn using backspace and reconnecting via F5 did nothing, etc... We eventually found this thread and following it, manually went in to my player file and reset my health from 0 to 1.

    Well that did the trick in that I could interact again and my health was back to 100. Played on and off over the next few days and then today, played long enough to realize that my hunger was no longer dropping. It had been at 50 something for the last hour. So I found a mountain, jumped and.... running around at 0 health again.

    So this time I went into my file and manually copied the stats section from my player file on my single player game, thinking that that would reset all the stats and any hang up would be fixed.

    Yeah... I'm still sitting here with non-depleting hunger. Yay for unintentional immortality?

  2. CptTwinkie ME Asst. Producer Staff

    The only suggestion we have at this time for a fix is to set health to 1 and set respawning to false. This should bring your character back to life, but the bug that causes it still exists. Fixing it is one of our top priorities right now. We hope to have a solution soon.
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  3. Avalon Trainee Engineer

    Thank you! I'll give it a go if this reoccurs.
  4. Avalon Trainee Engineer

    So my admin and I have both looked... We're not able to find a "respawning" line in the player files.
  5. CptTwinkie ME Asst. Producer Staff

    	  <Component xsi:type="MyObjectBuilder_DeathComponent">
  6. Avalon Trainee Engineer

    Ok so, my admin and I have both gone through all the player files saved onto our server. That line of code doesn't exist in any of our player files.

    However, my single player adds that line into my file just fine. So for whatever reason, our dedicated server doesn't seem to be adding it into the player files.

    Since our admin is the most recent player to have died, we messed with his player file. He went and changed the health back to 1, like you stated above, but that didn't restore function to food or stamina. So he went back in and tried adding that section to his file, but that crashed our server. "Server host has left the game" was the error message that he got immediately upon loading the game.

    Well we figured out that he had added the line in the wrong place, so we went back and added it to the right place (after looking at my single player player file.) At this point, the he was able to get into the game, but his food and stamina still weren't depleting. This time, when he died (falling off a roof), the game tried to respawn him, but before the countdown had finished, the server crashed again with the same error.

    In both cases, the server had completely stopped functioning and we had to go back and restart it for anyone to access the game.

    I've attached both my player file (mine is player name kzweyr and won't have the respawning component) and his player files (his is player name gwin and will have the respawning component), so you can look and see what's going on with our player files. Maybe that lends a clue as to what's going on.

    Player File For kzweyr

  7. Avalon Trainee Engineer

    Actually, we have found the solution!!

    It turns out that it has nothing to do with our player files at all, and everything to do with the fact that our hosting provider is uploading outdated game files. We found this post through the steam forums and following the second half of the solution (removing the files listed) has solved our problem with not respawning correctly and not using food/stamina.

    I'm not sure if this is something you guys need to contact Gameservers about or if we need to let them know. Either way, this has solved the problems we've listed above. (Not only that, but it's fixed our issues with looting barbarians and deer too!!)