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Stuck In Place A never ending bug

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by lyle sonders, Aug 2, 2014.

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  1. lyle sonders Apprentice Engineer

    I started a new world, then copy and pasted my station to that world to see if I could continue building it, the bug came along with the station. The station is just basic vanilla blocks, nothing exotic or extra. I have a couple of pistons and rotors, glass, blast door blocks and interior walls, surrounded by light armor blocks. I do have a rotating mast on the top of the station that has numerous antennae, solar panels, spotlights and a beacon. It rotates at a really slow rate.
  2. lyle sonders Apprentice Engineer


    Using your observations on my GC memory I started a new game, and turned on my stats [shift F11] to watch them. As you stated there was a slow leak, nothing to bad. I exited the game, opened my world that I have been working on copied my station then reloaded the new game. watching the stats, i pasted the station to the new game and immediately the GC memory began increasing at a substantial rate. Thinking that I did not have this issue early on in my build i decided to start deleting componets, starting with the mast. about half way through the process, not sure what it was that i deleted, but I think it was the beacon, the GCmemory dropped from 900+ to 717 + and remained there This corrected the GC usage, so I will play the game for a while and see if the bug is gone. Make of of mast was{ small wheels, Antennae, solar panels, and spot lights.
  3. lyle sonders Apprentice Engineer

    Well that didn't take long, returned to the game after the last post and my astronaut was frozen in place so the GCmemory wasn't the culprit
  4. Phand Master Engineer

    Yes please, you can share world here. I would like to know if it is happening constantly. Thank you guys.
  5. lyle sonders Apprentice Engineer

    I played around with it again this afternoon, eliminated the auto save feature as the cause as well as most of the other settings. the game played fine for about 10 minutes then as I was placing a block, the astronaut froze up.
  6. Cyber Cheese Apprentice Engineer

    For the record I also get this issue, but far less frequently than the OP --like once every couple hours. I have had it as a client on dedicated and as a host on default multiplayer. I really couldn't guess what to do that would reproduce the problem.
  7. DGR8T35T Trainee Engineer

    My character stuck in place too. turn jetpack off nothing build a platform underneath so maybe when jet pack off I can run nothing. built a control station to be able to fly my ship nothing. checked my system and is running fine. Really annoyed spent a lot of time building this ship and to have this happen kills the game for me. Dont want to waste my time building something I then cant use or look at due to glitches.
    Is there anyway of copying the ship and pasting in a new world?????
  8. lyle sonders Apprentice Engineer

    You can but the bug will just follow, I have tried several ways to copy and paste, through the game and the toolbox. Each has the same results, the bug follows.

    Don't let it discourage you from playing though, I had more than a month invested in my game when it happened so I lost a major build so I know it can be frustrating, this bug seems to be random and only pops up when exact conditions are meet, what those are is any ones guess. I have started 3 other worlds and neither of them seem to be affected by the bug. If you remember your build try doing it again in a new world, it sucks I know I have had to do it a couple of times now one was a major build the other was a brand new world only had a few blocks in place when the game froze up.
  9. Vicomt Trainee Engineer

    We're seeing this as well, at least I think it's the same thing. Symptoms and situation are as follows:

    two players in a non dedicated game
    World has multiple large ships, no asteroids (ships total ~60k Ton)
    Host has been placing blocks/is about to place block
    Host reports stuck and can't move, can rotate view and place blocks, access to menu is fine.
    Spectator reports that host character is rapidly spinning randomly

    When host attempts to move, velocity readout increases but host still reports no physical movement.
    Spectator reports that host appears to be jerkily rubber-banding away from his position, the faster he's supposedly going, the further away he gets before he rubber bands back, still spinning randomly.

    as said by others, the only solution is to completely exit and restart.
  10. lyle sonders Apprentice Engineer

    Yep Same bug I have it in some worlds others seem totally unaffected by it, can figure it out, cant even copy and paste any of my ships to a new world because the bug transfers along with it.
  11. TheDeinonychus Trainee Engineer

    I've been dealing with this bug for a while, though not as frequently as the OP reports. And it doesn't seem to be related to any particular build or world file, as it will just happen randomly in any of my saved games.

    It usually happens after I've been playing for a while, but sometimes it will occur after only a few minutes of game play. Other days I can play for hours and it doesn't happen.

    Im guessing it depends on system memory. SE chewing up more than it should, and if some of the system memory is already devoted to something else, it'll bug out faster than it would if nothing else is using resources.
  12. Dragon-Raptor Apprentice Engineer

    Hmm... so I'm not the only one.

    had this too, but very rarely. I normally play only at weekends, dawn to dusk style. The most I've had it happen has been 2-3 times a day, while most days it doesn't happen ( and the one world I'm really pushing the games engine). As it is totally random I didn't post a bug report as there appears to be no rhyme or reason for it.

    Most of the time, it's not been a problem. Only one time did it effect my ships (small ship land vehicles with mass cubes in grav field. on reload, they were partly/completely inside the asteroid 'plate'. Boom. Sigh. Clean up time.)
  13. JayCo2013 Apprentice Engineer

    Brinigng this back into the limelight for the Devs this has started happening to me in the last couple of days since update 1.046, I spent a good 8hours a day on this game lately due to being off work currently, and hadn't been getting this issue, but now its continually happening avery few hours.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.