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Suggestion: a merge-block or connector with camera

Discussion in 'Questions and Suggestions' started by J-Cataclism, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. J-Cataclism Trainee Engineer

    So, people who´s got the MOD!

    While watching, for dozens of times, recent videos from Space X´s Dragons automatically docking with the ISS, I have been thinking: would it be possible to create a merge block or a connector with an integrated camera? Yeah, I know the current contraption uses that pantographic/retractable system, which make things... less difficult.

    Would the VRage engine allow it, or it would probably fail due to that one-ceiling block limitation?

    I have installed one of the mods which allow you to turn your cameras... and this idea became even stronger after I download that mod of a conveyor which has an air vent (both straight and diagonal) attached to it, because I realized the multifunction is real. Just like in the new survival kit.

    Do you know how does the "camera-point" works? Would it be like that in-game config for the internal lights that let you chose the offset distance, or is´s mandatory that the camera point of view is a physical point?

    Let´s say someone makes it... what could go wrong when "the camera" connects to the other block? A dark-lag or even a game crash, as the game could not understand how has the camera just "disappeared"?


    No, I´m no onto programming and I have long gave up on trying to learn it again, so I let this suggestion for people who actually know what they´re doing. ;-)
  2. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    There was at one time a mod out there that had a camera built into the connectors....not sure if it was before or after the DX11 upgrade and may be out dated. I will see if I find the link.

    Found it :

    LyleCorp Optics
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  3. Malware Master Engineer

    Not really. Those blocks only utilize functions available for all blocks. The camera mod just alters the rotation of the viewport already present. The air vent already has a conveyor port, the mod simply adds more. The survival kit is specially coded to support the various functions and some of these are indeed now made into components but that doesn't mean everything is.

    Sorry to be such a killjoy...
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  4. J-Cataclism Trainee Engineer

    Not at wall! The same "killjoys" avoid us to hit the head into useless pins on the walls.
    --- Automerge ---
    That´s gonna do it just fine!
    Thank you, Mojo!
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  5. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

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  6. Spaceman Spiff Junior Engineer

    Now that is cool! Why didn't I know about this!?!
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