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The case for fuel consumtion

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Ur-Quan Lord 9, Mar 15, 2014.

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  1. Ur-Quan Lord 9 Trainee Engineer

    Hello all, i realize this has been brought up several times but i think i have some opinions on it
    The issue is FUEL or more specifically, its rarity and consumption levels, currently ships that we created in creative and transferred over to Survival have no fuel, ok add some and then find out that your ships uses it all up in 5 seconds...O...K...? Scratch that design and create a new ship to find that you need to spend a very long time to get your average sized ship from one asteroid to another, as it stands there is little use for transport/Large attack/breaching ships as using your Jetpack is much more effective (you waste what 2-5% of your energy going the same distance as it would take to empty the tank of your ship? Ok...i realize that this is a Beta and this will likely get patched but I have a few suggestions.

    1. Decrease fuel consumption to only engines and gravity gens.
    Analysis: Fuel is required for almost everything on your ship limiting it to these two could help
    2. Give all Reactors 1/2 a stack of Uranium in the reactors at beginning (unless set specifically otherwise)
    Analysis: this would allow ships to be actually used after you built them, not flying around in your Jetpack trying to scavenge for fuel for your ship
    3. Allow access to all reactors via control panel, reasoning? We need a easier way to supply our ships besides going to every part of your ship, uncovering some you might of hidden and supplying them all with your limited inventory
    4. Allow for a 'Fuel' setting
    Analysis: this allows you to determine your consumption rate, much like the current inventory space system
    5. Decrease all fuel consumption by 75-90%,
    Analysis: can be changed of course

    Please share your own ideas and add your constructive criticism
  2. Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    Fuel consumption rates will almost certainly be tweaked, but some clever engineering and piloting (such as abusing the hell out of inertia) can go a long, long way.
  3. Willhu Trainee Engineer

    For me, fuel consumption it's really fine

    Isn't hard or easy, it's in the point

    Fun too see how people wants one easy game
  4. Ur-Quan Lord 9 Trainee Engineer

    Really? Errr...it kinda sucks for those of us who are making large ships, a 'evenly distribution' button would be useful though
    Edit: responded to the wrong person, derp
  5. Zethariel Trainee Engineer

    Thing is, you can't have a super ship fly on inertia, since it would require too much fuel to even get to a decent speed before you run dry. Either the processing speed of uranium needs to be tweaked, or the subsystems need to stop being energy hogs.
  6. radam Senior Engineer

    Make do with a smaller ship?
  7. Amancalledme Apprentice Engineer

    Fuel consumption (and management of energy) is a fun challenge as it is, I found it enjoyable managing my uranium supply with care, rather than getting "BIG SUPER TANKER BOOM BOOM".

    As said above, learn to use inertia, turn off your ship's power while traveling from asteroid to asteroid, manage your energy levels, mine for uranium, I like it.

    The only thing I would agree with from the OP, is allowing you to place uranium in the reactors from the control panel (and making the refineries more efficient fuel wise), but not so you can take it out from the panel though, I mean, say if someone just dropped onto your ship, then took every drip of uranium out of your ship, that would be terrible!
  8. DJB Systems Trainee Engineer


    My survival large ship has barely any engines at the moment, I think that the uranium consumption rate is ok as it is because it forces us to compromise. I turn my inertial dampeners off when moving also.
  9. Gheiter Apprentice Engineer

    I find the fuel consumption rate be just fine.
    Once you manage to build an additional refinery and a small mining ship, uranium just sorta starts flowing in. :p
  10. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    3 small thrusters is enough to propel a decent-sized ship at a decent-sized speed. Use your inertia dampeners wisely (It's called "Skill") and don't zerg everywhere.
    There is NO reason whatsoever to be moving a large ship at over 30m/s. This is not a race, there is no prize for reaching the next asteroid, uranium is not rare.
    Your average large ship will be light armor with anywhere between 2 and 5 small thrusters per side. Leave super-ships for creative or end game survival on a dedicated server (in the future).

    If anything, fuel consumption needs to be increased... For small ships only. 0.5kg of uranium will last a small ship a week. Large ship consumption is fine if you know what you're doing and that's the point.
    Fuel Consumption is meant to be a CHALLENGE. Not an occasional inconvenience.
  11. PB-DK Trainee Engineer

    well i find that the uranium is a little inefficient compared to what it is in real life, it definetly needs a little boost upwards in regards to how much energy uranium produces relative to it's weight since Uranium is used to fuel nuclear power plants and in high-density penetrating ammunition. A single kilogram of uranium-235 theoretically could produce ~80 terajoules of energy, which is equivalent to the energy that could be produced by 3000 tonnes of coal.
  12. Ur-Quan Lord 9 Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, I was typing on my phone so I couldn't add everything, if you could put Uranium in their from a control panel (but not take it out) and have a little bit of Uranium in your reactors at the beginning (say a whole KG) then you could access all you engines (if you hid them for raider purposes) and have something to last you a bit in the beginning, also a "divide all Uranium to all reactor" button would be nice
    so those of us making a fleet will only have to spend a few seconds refueling a ship
  13. Valdemar |FIN| Junior Engineer

    Usage of conveyor systems would be the best answer to this. For example, you place the uranium to a cargo container and there conveyors could transport and evenly distribute the uranium to all connected reactors.
  14. Ebil Piwat Trainee Engineer

    Sorry but I am in the Fuel efficiency needs to be increased camp.

    We spawned a new 2 platform game. I spawned on Platform A, and a friend in an asteroids map ship.

    By the time I had found my first uranium deposit via my jet pack, and mined up the rocks ( chasing EVERY SINGLE random floating stone ) to a full inventory I was at 32.5% energy.. in less than a half hour.. OK hop into his ship, and refine, and recharge.. His ship is now outta outta juice.

    In under an hour both platform A, and B were dry, and his ship was gone as it ran outta juice again and floated away..

    Survival mode is meant to be hard I get that, but it also needs to be attainable. Having a multi-player map. Where players are committing suicide to simply re-spawn in with a new ship simply for fuel... May be a way to turn people away from this game.

    Look at the youtube where Levitating games is testing out survival.. and running outta fuel. He was dead in under 13 minutes. And all he did was move to an asteroid and start to mine..

    Uranium is not in enough supply to run ANYTHING anyone has made for any time frame. And with no option to refine new uranium to fill your fuel supply when you're outta fuel means alot will keep many new players having to restart.. That looses it's fun quickly.

    Uranium does not need to have the fuel economy of a '78 Cadillac...
  15. Donut64 Trainee Engineer

    For the starter ship, increase the stock provided fuel supply and reduce the amount of engines that thing is wasting. Seriously, WHY does it have more than 1 thruster in any direction?

    As it is now, I am fine with the fuel consumption rate. I've never ran out, because I was prudent enough to shut off my ship whenever I wasn't using it. Also note that at the moment there is a bug with fuel consumption that in multilayer makes it less efficient.
  16. Ice Forge Apprentice Engineer

    Just for reference how many players are playing at the same time and on what setting?

    I just tried out a 10x survival with around 8-12 ppl on i was playing by myself and i could barely get enough uranium to run 1 small reactor to fuel 1 refinery doing ONLY uranium ingots.

    Where on my regular 3x survival with 6-8 ppl on i have 1 uranium refinery fueling 3 small ships, 5 refinery's 1 large reactor( on the station ) a crapton of lights and 4 assemblers without a problem

    So it might not be the efficiency of the fuel that is the issue, it might just be some game breaking bug in the works.
  17. mastpayne Senior Engineer


    Really. First thing I did was shut down all but 6 of them to move. I was in no hurry, heck, new map, need to explore.

    Fun part was remembering which 6 it takes to cover all the axis' when I tried to move again.
  18. MagmaBurn_NL Apprentice Engineer

    I think that the fuel consumption doesn't much tweaking, the trick is using your inertia and when you start the first thing you need to do is searching for the nearest uranium deposit. After you have started a base its easy.

    Giving us more fuel in start ship will give player more reasons to suicide and respawn with a new ship and use it rather then searching for uranium.
  19. Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    That's more an issue with the current ship-respawn mechanic rather than uranium depletion.

    I like the current rate in general, but Refinery power consumption could use some tweaking.
  20. Jikanta Apprentice Engineer

    Inertia! It is your friend! Turn off your dampeners and glide. I drifted from one rock to another, taking about 10 minutes before I found a spot I liked. Which was inside an asteroid with uranium. But seriously I could of drifted around the whole mess of asteroids without even turning thrusters off, or shutting down. Drift and tap those thrusters. It should only take you 3-4 pulses to get your ship moving another direction if you keep your speed low.
  21. radam Senior Engineer

    Refirery power consumption is buggy in multiplayer with more people. Basically it refines slower and slower...
  22. Conradian Moderator

    Erm though I think some things need tweaking, you're wrong.

    I started a server in survival with about 7 or 8 guys, we've been playing it for several hours most days. We have a sizeable base now and the whole thing is powered by around 70kg of uranium, and we haven't even exhausted the uranium on our asteroid...
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.