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The Dominion PMC

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by bacondeity, Oct 28, 2013.

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  1. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer


    Well, I'm glad that my idea to have factions started getting around so quickly. And since everyone is posting their's here, I'll post mine here too. But I will shamelessly say that I had the first one. ;D

    Feel free to join my steam group as well;


    The following is a cut and paste from my other thread linked here;


    "Is mining difficult? No! You've been doing it for most of your life! How about using the automated refineries and assemblers to get your gear? Of course not, they're automated for a reason... But you know what is hard?
    Getting the dang ore and materials safely to their destination. Or riding around in that sweet ride of yours that you just worked hard on! Space is a treacherous place, and not just from the environment.


    Please give your attention to the very first company in space mining protection, military prowess, and engineering!

    The Dominion Private Military Corporation!

    The Dominion PMC was founded by Space Engineers and miners just like yourselves! We strive to be the best in military tactics with the help of our ex-military personnel. No pirate or other faction would be able to stand in our way. And what kind of space military corporation would we be without some of the most advanced star ships known to man? Our engineer corp is among the finest from all over the Solar System. We have small personal craft, ranging from personal protection to fast transport, and of course, capital ships ranging from small Leviathan-class frigates to Gorgon-class Battlecruisers that rival even the most powerful government military around!

    And none of it would be possible without asteroid miners like YOU!


    The whole point of this is simple; Once we go out into the vast unknowns of multiplayer, a lot of players will be in these few groups: Loners, griefers, and the few people who come on with friends to just play with friends, or an unlisted faction here and there. Like a club in a college, I just wanted to give people an umbrella to go under in case they were too shy or too afraid to interact with other players (this happens a lot). If they're part of the Dominion, they have people that they can get to know and be friends with. They can have a flag that they can wave in the face of the unknown. And more importantly, ladies and gentlemen... There will be a time where we will have to fight. And when that time comes, there needs to be a faction that can unite the people in need. (Basically, I'm just offering up the idea of a faction or a side people can take when playing multiplayer. :p)

    If you guys like, join up on my steam group that I started just for this reason. Stay in touch, get to know each other, share your ideas etc. This game is going to be huge, I'm certain, so why not get a head start! :D I'll be adding requirements and guidelines for what I expect from the people who join... I envision this to be a mature and at the very least interesting faction of the Space Engineers. I'll try my hardest to keep the group active and stuff like that, just need the participation of anyone interested as well! I think that's quite important... Of course, that's only if anyone is interested in the first place. :woot:

  2. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer


    Added a bunch of information on this thread post, as well as the Dominion steam group.

  3. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.