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The Kind of Music Space Engineers Should Have - And a Little Bit on Sound Design

Discussion in 'General' started by Vaskadar, Jun 13, 2015.

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  1. Vaskadar Apprentice Engineer

    I feel that Space Engineers should have dynamic music based upon what's going on in the game. It should have several different dynamic tracks that shuffle in between lulls in the action and such. High tension, vs. calm, etc.

    I also feel that some of the music in Space Engineers is unfitting, particularly the one that sounds like Dead Space 3's soundtrack. I can't put my finger on which one it is, but it doesn't feel appropriate. The overarching themes of the tracks sometimes don't mesh well together. I'm not sure if this is a generally shared sentiment I have or not.

    What feels appropriate while playing Space Engineers?


    The very ambient and spacey sounds of Boards of Canada?

    It also feels like there just isn't enough work being on the sound design overall. Its framework is in place, but it's very rudimentary and isn't fleshed out as it could be. They should probably hire more sound engineers for Keen.

    Within oxygen, or compressed gases, sound should travel correctly. Vibrations should also travel through solid objects very well, so dependent on where you are, even the vibrations of your weapons should be felt and 'heard' through your body (I feel as though hand-held weapons could use a lot of work). The whirrs, hums, and clicks of various blocks should also be present. Sound should be optimized a little better.

    Explosions will transmit sounds as well, if the gases from the explosion reach something that can reverberate. I just don't think that you should be able to 'hear' things while in a vacuum, since the auditory range of the human ear just wouldn't pick up vibrations caused by solar wind, etc.

    Is it supposed to be orchestral? Or should it be ambient?

    *at the time of writing this, I may have been a bit incoherent and may have not gotten the point I'd wanted across*
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  2. Valiance Apprentice Engineer

    I was under the impression the current music was from miner wars, and is used as a placeholder? (confirm?) They could always add tons more music, but I'd rather them rework the sounds first. They're pretty basic.

    That all being said, it's on their to-do list. There was a couple files or code awhile back discovered by some people called "REAL" sounds. So it may not be far off.

    Besides, I tend to listen to a lot of music with my itunes in mega builds. That or I use some of the huge music mods in the workshop (very good btw).
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  3. picklerok Junior Engineer

    The fast-paced music doesn't mesh well with the laid-back building. After listening to the first few minutes of PA music, it sounds much more fitting for building, while some of the current in-game music would be better for fighting music.
  4. Samsonguy920 Apprentice Engineer

    Why put this in general discussion when you could put it in suggestions?
  5. hellatze Apprentice Engineer

    sometimes, the music didnt good, sometimes good.

    idk, i dont care about music anyway, since i can modify sountrack (alt tab use + mp4).
  6. Wizlawz Master Engineer

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  7. ATalkingRock Apprentice Engineer

    Completely agree. The music is unfitting. The first few tracks of the game (when it was released) had the eerie space feel. Now its just too upbeat and seemingly everything's about to explode into action. I very much appreciate those songs which are calm, relaxed, but maintain a space feel. Things like:

    As these videos even advertise in their own descriptions/titles they are meant to give a feeling of space and awe. I appreciate that fully and even find myself building to some of this music. Though it would be extra special to have this type of music going on quietly in the background.

    It would even be extra special if the music would change based off of location. For example, if a player were around the orbit of a planet a preset list of music would play. Then if the player were travelling in the void of space another preset list of songs would play. If they were by an asteroid field, yet another list of songs. I think that could increase immersion.
  8. spacecadet Trainee Engineer


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  9. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    Ever since Sabiroids were shown, I can't get this out of my head! :D

    Remember your training, and you will make it out alive!
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  10. jhorro Trainee Engineer


    This is the music of space engineers.
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  11. chrisb Senior Engineer

    I always turn music off in games. :p

    Unless its guitar heroes, but I haven't got that anyway, but if I did, I would turn my guitar playing off. Makes no sense, I know.. Keep taking the tablets. :rolleyes:
  12. Malware Master Engineer

    At the very least some of the music most definitely is from Miner Wars.

    I grew tired of it a long time ago - I too use external music these days.
  13. chemicalscum Apprentice Engineer

    Boards of Canada is perfect for SE!

    But honestly SE doesn't need a soundtrack, that should be up to the player. Unless there will be some epic scripted singleplayer campaign.

    Here's another excellent tune that goes well with engineering in space :)

  14. chemicalscum Apprentice Engineer

  15. Spets Master Engineer

    upon what is going on in the game? like... epic action music for mining, and epic battle music while you are waiting for construction components? or... something happen in game and I didn't notice because I don't play Survival since a year ago or more because there is nothing to survive to begin with?
    I just put a playlist from youtube of whatever music...
  16. Neverathome Apprentice Engineer

  17. Repo Mann Apprentice Engineer

    To my mind space engineers do not need soundtracks, they need better sound immersion engine:
    -no sounds in space
    -if you touch something you hear some noise
    -if you are in a pressurised environment you can hear all sounds
    -if you take off the helmet you hear everything CLEARLY
    -if you are in a spacesuit you can hear your breath sometimes, grunting if jumping or falling and that funny sound when your head bumps on the helmet
    -if you move you hear rubber cloth stretching(you inner suit stretches)

    Well, I hope we'll get this feature. for now I'd like to have some kind of a radio(even as an in-built audio player) with these tracks:
    1.something relaxing

    2.something like this, even vocalless

    3.some slowdowned shop music. WTF not?

    4.Some stoner metal for space dreaming.
  18. jhnwgacy Trainee Engineer

  19. Dr. Novikov Apprentice Engineer

    I like the current music, by the way. Also, some EVE Online tracks. Also:

  20. Mix-martes86 Senior Engineer

    I love the style from Mass Effect, the first one, I love the others too, but they progressively went towards a more "epic-orchestral" style that wouldn't fit Space Engineers.
    For those of you not into Mass Effect, here are some of my favourites:

  21. Echillion Senior Engineer

    I like the current music but I am open to added scores but what you have to recognise is that if keen bring in outside music they have to either licence it or pay royalties under copyright laws and that could add too much expense to be affordable for keen to do?
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2015
  22. chemicalscum Apprentice Engineer

    Another space age classic:

  23. Lrj52 Apprentice Engineer

    I feel a combination of orchestral and ambient would work well, as it fits the supposed time frame (Sometime around 2070, if I remember correctly) by using a form of music that is very common today while also providing the space age ideal. A bit like some of the more ambient tracks we already have from miner wars, just a bigger focus on them.

    Sorry for over evaluating :p
  24. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

    I personally like Captainshack's playlist he uses in XPGaming's let's play series. I think it's the Firefly soundtrack.
  25. D3Seeker Trainee Engineer

    If they would expand on what they have on that general theme that would be good for me. I tend to run winamp in the background with the bigger builds.

    As far as an advanced sound system tha'ts up in the air. I'm not obtuse about realism like some seem to be.
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