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The List of Multi player Groups with links

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Dune Drifter, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    Hello folks and fellow Space Engineers, I notice there are quite a lot of groups (factions - never liked that word) and alliances starting up (have been running for quite a while), but there isn't a list of groups that is kept up-to-date. Is there any chance that heads of groups could list there groups under here (with a rough guesstimate of members) - feel free to do a little advertisement - tell others what your group is all about ( a sort of good, bad, pirate, engineers only, miners only, private - invitation only) and what sort of members you are looking for, when are your peak hours of play, as I asked, how many members you have - ish, where can newbie's find your forum and join, a contact for other multi player groups to contact etc. None of the details are compulsory, just a recommendation.

    The Groups name (if highlighted in blue) will take you directly to their own Steam community. Most of the groups have their own websites, forums and Wiki Page.

    A List of Industries - that is a list of Industries that build, design and sell their blueprints (hopefully people will start to add them ready for when the blueprints come out) to improve your designs.

    The Space Engineers Factions List

    [24G] Alpha Wolves - Recruiting Website Wiki Request to Join
    Advanced Avionics Corporation (AAC) - Recruiting Website Forum Wiki Request to Join
    Advanced Space Commandos - Recruiting Request to Join Wiki
    Aevum Entitative - Invitation Only
    Amalgamated Industries - Recruiting Wiki Request to Join
    Araulin Engineers - Recruiting Wiki Request to join
    Araxes Federation - Recruiting Wiki Request to join
    Asgardian Space Alliance - Recruiting Wiki Request to Join
    Astro Dynamics - Recruiting Wiki Request to Join
    AuraTec - Recruiting Website Wiki
    Bad Company - Recruiting Wiki Request to join
    Beck's Privateers - Recruiting Wiki Forum
    Binary Tech Coalition - Recruiting Wiki Website
    Black Talon Mercenaries - Recruiting Wiki Website Recruiter
    CUE-Corp - Invitation Only
    D3RP - Invitation Only Website Server

    Deep Space Corps (D.S.C.) - Recruiting Wiki Request to Join1 Request to Join2 Keen Software House Forum
    East Andromeda Company (EAC) - Recruiting Wiki
    East Coast Survival SE (ECS SE) - Invitation Only
    Emerald Immersion - Recruiting Forum Website Recruiter Dedicated Server
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Euroasian Dynasty - Recruiting Wiki Recruiter1 Recruiter2 Keen Software House Forum
    FUR-TEC Combat Technology - Recruiting Wiki Request to Join
    Galactic Military Empire - Recruiting Wiki
    Ibara Security Corps - Recruiting
    Imperial Concordance - Invitation Only Wiki
    Imperial Tahei Mining Operation ITMO - Recruiting
    Interstellar Building-Commerce Association (IBCA) - Invitation Only Wiki
    Ipsum Caeleste - Invitation Only Wiki Website
    Junkers - Recruiting Website Request to Join Keen Software House Forum
    [​IMG] [​IMG] LGN - Legion, Engineering & Warfare - Invitation Only
    Last Stand Gamers Empire (LSG) - Recruiting
    Magni Navigati - Invitation Only
    MEC Enterprises - Recruiting Website Join Here
    Mine Co. & The Equestrian Alliance - Recruiting Wiki Request to Join
    North East Consortium Shipping - Recruiting Wiki
    Novus Romanorum Empire - Recruiting Wiki
    PISdOFF - Recruiting
    Wiki Forum
    Rheus Engineering Project Omega (R.E.P.O) - Recruiting Wiki Join here
    Santuary Base - Recruiting Request to Join
    Shadows of the Sun Consortium - By Invitation Only
    Shivan Industries - Recruiting Wiki Forum Request to Join
    Sicaria (S.C.R.A.) - Recruiting Request to Join
    Space Engineers Advanced Research (S.E.A.R.) - Invitation Only Wiki
    Space Engineer Pals - Recruiting
    Space Engineers University SPE-U - Recruiting
    Space Racing Society - Recruiting Request to Join
    Stargate Engineers - Recruiting Website Forum Wiki Request to Join
    Team Aftershock - Recruiting Wiki Forum Keen Software House Forum
    The Dominion PMC - Recruiting Website Main Forum Keen SWH Forum Wiki Recruiter 1 Recruiter 2
    The Fleets of Khaordum - Recruiting Website Wiki Request to Join
    The Hostile Paradigm gaming community - Recruiting Website Wiki Forum Recruiter(steam) Recruiter(this forum)
    The Imperial Navy - Recruiting Wiki
    The United Cybran Nation - Recruiting Request to Join
    TuaniFur Gaming - Recruiting Recruiter Website Dedicated Server
    United Earth Space Corps (U.E.S.C.) - Recruiting Wiki Forum Request to Join
    United Nations Space Command - Invitation Only Request to join Wiki
    United Space Empire (USE) - Recruiting Wiki Forum Join Here Space-Engineers.net
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] UNSC United Nations Space Command - Recruiting Forum Request to join Wiki Constitution Guidelines
    Valence Coalition (VCL) - Recruiting Website Forum Wiki Request to Join
    Vanguard Imperium - Recruiting Wiki Request to Join

    Yoke of Alarming and Rambunctious Rebels (YARR) - Recruiting Wiki

    Some Factions haven't got anyway in being contacted - how is a potential new member supposed to contact you?

    I realise that some of you are closed groups and are seeking members by invite only.

    But, it will also enable heads of groups to contact each other and (if this multi player is going the way I think) enable server link ups and host larger multi player games.

    Space Engineers Wiki Faction pages are now available here: http://www.spaceengineerswiki.com/Factions

    If you need a hand to fill out the wiki just ask - Draygo - pop a comment at the end of this asking for a hand with wiki, or if you want me to enter your details here.

    I have been asked about spoken languages of groups - so I've added little flags to represent the preferred spoken languages of the group. Those that don't have flags haven't yet stipulated a preferred language (or it is the default English or variations of) - but you'll soon work it out when you click on their group names.

    please help to keep this list up to date, it only stays current when you send in your information. Even if it is only a pm with a link to your steam community group.
    We can help you set up the rest.

    We are here to help out.


    New Edit updates:

    The latest update done on 30th August 2014 at 11:30 GMT

    I realize the Space Engineers game is still in Alpha - but don't you want the same chances in recruiting as the other groups?


    Single Player harder Scenario's

    Interested in having a go at playing single player?
    Here is a good steam community with scenario's / adventures and challenges for the single player.
    Hopefully if you have a single player world, we can collect them all under one roof, so people can find them.
    Give me a shout if you'd like your single player challenge / scenario / world adding the the Space Engineers Adventures, or add them yourself, let everyone enjoy your great creation.

    Single Player Scenario's and Adventures

    Space Engineers Adventures - perfect for single players and solo challenges. Just click on the name to join and get them. Everyone is welcome. or you can help by sending in your own Scenario's, so others can play them too. It helps to have all the challenges under one roof (or even just a link to it on that site), so people can find it.

    Who knows, they might even get used in the final game.
    If you know of other single player places - please let me know and I'll add them here.


    The Industry List

    Below is a list of Industries, that aren't looking for members at this moment in time, but they would like to show you what they have built, designed and modded. Their names link directly to a place in this forum, any other links they have will be added next to their names. If you would like your name adding to this list, let me know. Please specify either faction list (if you're looking for members), industry list if not - or both (if you're an industry looking for members). I'm creating this list ready for when blue prints become available (I presume Industries will be able to attach their names to the Blueprints they have made.

    DeadTech Industries
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2015
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  2. KriegsMeister Apprentice Engineer

    We already have similar threads, but they have been poorly maintained (Links Here and Here)

    But other than that

    I have my own private little faction with a couple of my friends called Warrior Engineering
    We will be going public in another month or so when multiplayer is released and once we have more background stuff such as a website and/or Teamspeak and what not
  3. Thalion Apprentice Engineer

    Well, i'm the CEO of the Icarion Corp. - at the moment it is just me, the CEO. Icarion Corp. is basically a neutral corporation fullfilling contracts in R&D and Engineering in both civilian and military branches. More information are for sure classified except for high ranking manager ;)
  4. The_Director Junior Engineer

    Good morning Gents,

    I am the CEO of STAGE Productions, and a member of the AAC
  5. DarkGhost Junior Engineer

    Would you like a page per alliance on the wiki ? Something looking like :

    Industry-based alliance :

    Alliance A > Linking to the alliance page on the wiki, maintained by the alliance leader OR a contributor designed by the alliance leader (in case the leader himself doesn't know/want to do it himself)
    Alliance B > Linking to the alliance page on the wiki, maintained by the alliance leader OR a contributor designed by the alliance leader (in case the leader himself doesn't know/want to do it himself)
    Alliance C > Linking to the alliance page on the wiki, maintained by the alliance leader OR a contributor designed by the alliance leader (in case the leader himself doesn't know/want to do it himself)

    Military-based alliance :

    Alliance D > Linking to the alliance page on the wiki, maintained by the alliance leader OR a contributor designed by the alliance leader (in case the leader himself doesn't know/want to do it himself)
    Alliance E > Linking to the alliance page on the wiki, maintained by the alliance leader OR a contributor designed by the alliance leader (in case the leader himself doesn't know/want to do it himself)
    Alliance F > Linking to the alliance page on the wiki, maintained by the alliance leader OR a contributor designed by the alliance leader (in case the leader himself doesn't know/want to do it himself)

    Alliance pages would be in a common format too, to avoid being toooo messy.

    A summary bordered on the right.
    History for alliances doing RP and such.
    Member list, if you want to.
    Videos, construction photos, etc etc.

    If a majority likes that idea, I'll discuss it with Rhine as we're constantly communicating with each other.
    If you feel like your page will be "griefed", don't worry, I'm reviewing the recent changes nearly hourly to be sure every single edits are legit.

    PS : If KSH ever uses NPC alliances, it would have its own category on that page, too. So no worries about pages having the same title/name as another page used for something else. :)
  6. DutchVictim Apprentice Engineer

    Although i don't have an Alliance myself, i'm the CEO of Duviction Industries, producer of small spacecraft, turrets and drones.
    I'm a 200% for a page per faction or industry with a short summary and info for what they do, who their buisness partners are and who their enemies are or with whom they are at war with. And ofcourse a list of what creations they own or what they have to offer. To prevent spamming of too much factions, industries, etc; there should be a list with minimum requirments which players should meet before their group can be offically recognized and added to this page your thinking about.
  7. DarkGhost Junior Engineer

    Those requirements could be discussed with Rhine via PM if most CEO/leaders accept the idea. :)
    Guess we could also add an inactivity clause, after x days of inactivity on forums and/or on the wiki, the page is deleted or moved.
  8. TheFurNinja Apprentice Engineer

    Include FUR-TEC. We are new but we are catching up in technology.
    I cant wait for MP, when either huge alliances or battles will take place between corporations/groups/clans
  9. Carrion Senior Engineer

    a single player calling themselves mynamecorp, isnt a faction. a faction or clan is a bunch of players who work together for a common goal. .
  10. DarkGhost Junior Engineer

    Industries done by a single guy, going on with only one guy and remaining that way isn't, indeed, a faction. But then, there is the rest. The ones who WANT to get people but can't due to not being found by the ones looking for an alliance/faction/group (whatever name you give it)
  11. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    Thank you for bringing this up again, Ive asked before why there is not a thread like this. There is a scent in the air that multiplayer is not far so it mite be right time to kick this ball rolling. Wiki page would be great as well. :cool:
  12. paswert Junior Engineer

    All for this, we need to monitor the factions, their leaders and their motives. I feel pirate factions may be plotting against me.

    Wilhelm Pas, Head of PasCO space dept.
  13. Leon026 Apprentice Engineer

    There should also be a thread for these solo industrial/design entrepreneurs (like myself) to publicize themselves so that they may get recruited.
  14. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    You guys and CEO's have no doubt got this sorted. I love the ideas from Dark Ghost and DutchVictim - a wiki page with details of the Faction, links and a list of friends, neutral or foe.

    But may I also suggest a link that CEO's can join and chat on (a sort of CEO's only type of page where you can talk with each other to sort out rules, regulations and problems (server related or personnel related) - just so we are all ready for multi player.

    Personally, I have no problem with a one person faction (isn't that how we all started) - but their wiki pages will have to be kept up-to-date - same as everyone else's.

    We still haven't even got a ship classification that we are ALL using
    (some are using LtTwinkie's http://forums.keenswh.com/post/show_single_post?pid=1280251173&postcount=11, some homeworld, others are probably made up)
    (you guys can vote 'n' sort once and for all please).

    I just wanted everything ready to go for multi player - so we are good to go - no messing about.

    For now, until you guys have come up with the wiki bits and CEO chat room, why not use this opened general discussion page to discuss.

    Right, Chocolate biscuits are on the table tea is in the pot - help yourselves I'll leave the CEO's to chat .. ;)

    (just pm me if you need more)

    When you've finished just add at the bottom of the pages - now closed - thanks
    P.S. remember to turn off the lights when you've finished ;)
  15. davesoft Apprentice Engineer

    I have no company, I'm just a miner makin space ships.

    "Have drills, will travel"
  16. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    I feel I have to apologize to the community. It seems there has been a topic for that awhile. I forgot to look under something again :rolleyes:

    Faction Introductions

    [Faction Compendium]
  17. DutchVictim Apprentice Engineer

    Those threads died a long time ago, or 2 months to be specific. I think you are being guilty of necromancy! :p

    Regarding the solo industrialist or researcher, i think they should be all put on one single page with the same minimum requirements as an clan should meet. If that isn't feasible, than a clan could opt to mention with whom they are acquainted with on their personal page.

    I don't know if this all works out, but once multiplayer comes online and we can use the Space Engineering wiki or some other seperate website, we'll see it soon enough.
  18. DocTanner Junior Engineer



    We are S.E.A.R, or Space Engineers Advanced Research. I believe Sears is copyrighted. :p
  19. GDFKingTigerTank Apprentice Engineer

    But not for long, that company is about done. :)
    [​IMG] Then you could be "Space Engineers Advanced Research Syndicate!" and grab a little organized crime/evil megacorp flavor. ;)

    No offense intended by the way - In all seriousness, you guys from all outward apperances have a solid group and have flown more under the radar than others. (Hence OP calling you "Sears".)
  20. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    Before you go burning me on a stake...

    If I have any "magic" in me its due to Midi-chlorians :sneaky:

    It made me sad to see I was last poster on the other topic before it died. And I have claimed not to know these topics exist. I must have an evil twin, yea thats it! Evil twin did it!! :eek

    Yea it would be nice to have a topic with just the faction leaders or someone 'keeping up' posting info, nothing else. But it mite be near impossible mission. Unless we can bribe a moderator to delete any extra stuff out of it :comp:
  21. Dune Drifter Apprentice Engineer

    Doc Tanner and the rest of S.E.A.R. have my sincerest apologies for me seeing S.E.A.R. as a name and not an Acronym. I've amended the first post to read as such. ;) no offence intended. (Dune goes and sits on the naughty step).
  22. DocTanner Junior Engineer

    Don't worry... we won't be under the radar for long. *menacing laugh* :p
  23. Grim Apprentice Engineer

    I'm even more under the radarest.
  24. Cyrus Deacon Trainee Engineer

    Good! I have been curious about your group.
  25. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    I think I've made it clear on multiple occasions on how my faction works. And we had two different threads discussing my faction in particular, it was before you were around, OP. We try not to repeat threads. But at the same time, we try not to jack other people's threads about recruitment. Instead, I find it simpler for someone to click on my forum signature and find out for themselves, all of our information is available for public perusing. We have lore, ideas, ships, a hierarchy, regulations, etc. But I won't keep reposting the same thing over and over again just so other people would join, it makes me seem pretentious and a dick who is only out for his own interests. It's a game.

    I stay in touch with a few faction leaders. And vice versa. Way before this was suggested. That's the first thing a faction leader should do anyway, get in touch with allies/competition/fellow leaders.

    The original thread is http://forums.keenswh.com/post/dominion-pmc-6591893

  26. Cyrus Deacon Trainee Engineer


    in case you dont want to click the link.

    This is the exert. I just want to say..... ZING! No offense I just had to do it! Sorry Bacon :p
  27. Carrion Senior Engineer

    Yes S.E.A.R. will be letting the pet evil genius and his creations out of the basement real soon.
  28. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    I said "we try not to jack other people's threads about recruitment." Won't deny that its been done.
  29. Caesar15 Apprentice Engineer

    May you add the "Imperial Tahei Mining Operation"?
  30. CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    Regardless of what our crazy members say, we keep them locked in the basement after all, S.E.A.R. is not a faction. It says it's not in our rules. It also says our members are free to join factions or, I suppose they could create one that's associated with S.E.A.R. I would ask only that you not annoy them with repeated recruitment offers.

    Having said that, what S.E.A.R. is is a research cooperative. We work together at designing stuff. I am proud to say we have some of the smartest and most creative people around. We have accomplished a great many things at S.E.A.R. however as the game continues to develop and change some of it is crap now and some of it is still usable but out of date. We had planned to release a good many things at the end of December but that keeps getting pushed forward. When we get around to it I'm sure you will all see it.

    As for joining we do not take applications. So far we have not taken anyone who has asked to join or has tried specifically to impress us. What we are looking for is people who are already designing cutting edge 'things' and who are active, upstanding members in the SE community. Basically that's what we want in S.E.A.R. active participation and innovation. We know that many people can make the effort to come up with innovations and can participate here in the forums but we want the people who do it all the time because it's just how they play the game.

    Thank you for reading, gents.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.